Have you seen this article going around Facebook?

Why I don’t do CrossFit.” by Erin Simmons

It’s yet another person’s opinion about CrossFit and we all know what they say about opinions… right? Ms. Simmons adds to the every growing list of CrossFit bashing articles floating around out there on the interwebs. What they all fail to discuss is the amount of personal responsibility required to successfully remain engaged in the sport. At MBS  your WOD will be posted at 3 levels… L3 (Rx’d), L2 (mid range) and L1 (easiest).  These are by all means recommendations and NOT absolutes.  You and you alone must decide how to scale to your ability level.  Your coaches may guide you and make suggestions.  Take those into account along with…

  • Are you nursing an injury?
  • Are you just coming back from time off working out?
  • What kind of work have you been doing the last few days?
  • Your stress level.
  • Are you feeling overly fatigued or under the weather?

Also, be aware of your skill level.  If you’ve never done overhead squats before, don’t go loading up the bar with 45# plates just because you see other people doing it.
Please leave your ego outside the hangar doors and work smart.  You’ll be in the gym with more regularity and longevity if you do.

CrossFit does a body good….


 Workout of the Day
Part 1 (9 min cap)
Row 500M
then, 12-9-6-3
strict press (from ground)
strict pullups
rest 2 minutes then..
Part 2 (9 min cap)
Row 500M
then, 12-9-6-3
thrusters (use press weight)
burpees over bar

L3 95/65
L2 75/55
L1 55/45

Extra credit:
3 rounds for max reps:
AMRAP 2 minutes of  kipping toes to bar
rest 1 minute between rounds.


Post your scores to the whiteboard