Changes to programming!


By Coach Meriah

What’s in a name, that which we call a WOD? By any other name would it still make thee sweat?

Ok, programming might not be on the same level as Shakespeare, but it is definitely an art! As you may have heard or experienced by now, I have taken over programming! Yes, that’s right you are all at my mercy! I take bribes in the form of cash, expensive jewelry, gourmet coffees, food and more!  I used to program back in my Montana days and am very excited to do it again for MBS!   At our recent coaches’ meetings we’ve been talking a lot about our goals. Goals as a gym, goals as a coach, goals as athletes. Among the group a couple of themes that keep popping up, to keep improving ie. be better humans, and to change people’s lives, and I actually think about that a lot as I program. While I like to make jokes that workouts are to punish you, the opposite is actually true. Pat and I have been working to come up with plan to keep you improving, make you a better human and keep changing lives for the better! Keep reading to see that what means for you!

Structure, Standard and Stretching:
You’ve probably already noticed a few of these in classes already. Lots of class interaction, new standardized warm ups, and time to cool down and stretch post workout! Pat and I both could write another 2 paged blog post on the benefits of stretching and cooling down post workout, but we’ll spare you the details for now. In the mean time take this time to stretch it is truly good for you! Your coaches will help guide you to what specific movements, and stay tuned for more sandwich board stretches!

Level Programming:
You’ll also see more specific details for the Levels and modifications to help get you the desired stimulus from the workout.
L3: Rx’d is for the experienced athlete. They do the workouts Rx’d and in the designated time period. Performance focused
L2: Is for the athlete that can do some workouts as Rx’d but often have to scale back reps or lighten the load to keep up. Can be performance or fitness focused.
L1: Is for those still working on building a base level of fitness and confidence with the movements. Fitness focused.

10 Week Cycle:
Now onto the really fun news! In addition to our normal metcons, we are excited to announce that we’ll be spending the next 10 weeks to focus on three specific movements and their outcomes. CrossFit is known for being constantly varied, but it is also important to practice. Our goal with these 10 weeks was to help better guide you to be able to modify or focus your workouts and make progress. It also gives us coaches the ability to help you get the most out of your workout. We see this as an opportunity to get you more consistent focus on specific movements that will lead to changing lives and being better humans!

What do you need to do? Show up and keep working! We’ll be dedicating at least 3 of the 5 days in the next 10 weeks to focus on improving three specific movements. The movements will rotate days throughout the cycle and the movements will fall on varying days each week. We will not be following a specific training cycle. Meaning if you miss front squats the week prior you won’t fall behind on your percentages the next week. There will be variety of movements and rep schemes offered during the 10 weeks and there will be a chance to test/max at the end.  Read below to see what you can expect over the next couple of weeks.

Training Cycle Dates: July 6th – September 4th

Cycle Movement Focuses:
Front Squats
Strict Pullups

Cycle Goals:
Proper positions and strength in the font squat
Improving upper body pulling strength
Improve of technique and speed under the bar

A rotating schedule of front squats, strict pullups or jerks. The focus will be posted with the workout.

Workouts will continue to be on the longer side, Heros, or team/partner workouts.


Test Week: September 7th-11th

After we finish testing and celebrating PRs and learnings, the new cycle will start the following week. We’ll be announcing the new focuses and cycle dates then.

We are pretty excited to see what happens and we hope you guys are too!  Here’s to being better humans, and changing our lives!  If you have any questions shoot me a line at [email protected]  Happy training!