Sugar Detox Challenge- Details

Duration: 25 Days
Nov. 1st-25th

Costs: $25

Mission: We have created the sugar detox as a starting point to optimizing the nutrition and performance of our athletes, by removing toxins from the body.

How it works: First you sign up.Click Here Once signed up you will receive an email with details on what will be excluded from your diet with purging instructions. Sugar comes in many forms from actual refined sugar to alcohol and condiments. We will be excluding these items to give the body an opportunity to reset and stop sugar cravings.

Through out the challenge you will be asked to report daily on your progress. We will use a point system, which will include extra credit using good lifestyle habits, which may not directly correspond to detoxing the body of sugar. Examples would be a daily workout, meditation, etc.

Is there a winner? We have designed the challenge to be a supportive community of like-minded individuals wanting to make a real change in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We believe all Detoxers should be supporting the actions of the others. To help cultivate this community we have decided to give the whole group a “prize” should they meet established goals collectively. We are all in this one together.

Well then, where does our money go? Your dollar a day goes towards paying staff, administration fees, as well as the collective group’s prize.

Do I need to be present? Quick answer is no. While being in the gym and sharing your experiences is valued, the use of social media is also effective. This means that if you are planning a trip in the near future you will have the ability to continue the detox remotely.

What will I receive? You will receive direction to eliminate sugar from your life, recipes to use during the challenge, community based support, a system to keep you on track, as well as more quality sleep, a better functioning brain and body, and a stronger immune system.

What will I have to give up? Ok, this is the real question everyone seems to be worried about. I just want to remind everyone that it is only 25 days, which could alter your health. We will always have excuses, don’t let them stop you. Your health is too important.

Refined Carbohydrates: Bagels, Bread, Cookies, Chips, Cupcakes, Oats, Pasta, Pizza, Popcorn, Tortillas, etc.
Vegetables & Starches: Corn, Plantains, Soybeans, Sweet Potatoes, Tapioca, etc.
Fruits: Fruits will be limited. I will give you good food and limited food lists.
Grains/Legumes: Wheat, Flours made from grains or beans, Soybeans, Rye, Barley, etc.
Nuts/Nut Butters: Cashew, Peanut
No Sweeteners!
Anything “Diet”, Sugar Free, or Artificially Sweetened: This includes chewing gum.
Supplements: Anything that includes sugar, sweeteners, or sugar alcohols as well as soy, corn, or wheat.
Beverages: All Alcohol, Coffee “drinks” (pre-sweetened), low fat milk, soy/rice/oat milk, Soda, etc.
Condiments containing sugar or sweeteners

You will receive a full list of good foods, foods we want to limit, and foods that are off limits once you have signed up.

*Some of you may be training for an event and will need the additional carbohydrates, which can be obtained by eating rice after your workouts. Rice is on the limit list.

I hope I have given you the information you need to take the first step in resetting your health and nutrition. Please post additional questions in the MBS Crossfit Nutrition Page. I will post a Q&A if necessary.

Right now you may be giving yourself excuses why you shouldn’t do this challenge with me. Stop and ask yourself what you truly want. Give me 25 days. I promise you will feel better, sleep better and perform better.

Coach Jeremy