Linda Ramirez-Eaves Shares Her Story!

I joined MBS in September 2015, along with my husband, Jeremy, and our two boys—Jackson and Jonah.  The boys and I had previously been at a different box, while MBS was Jeremy’s first introduction to CrossFit.

I originally began CrossFit because I had a long-time love of lifting weights, beginning with my early days on the Adams City High School Iron Maidens powerlifting team.  I fell off the lifting wagon for a while as I pursued college, law school, marriage, home ownership, motherhood and a partnership track legal career.  Unexpectedly, both of my boys had very serious heart conditions. Jackson’s required open heart surgery, and Jonah’s very nearly landed him on a heart transplant list. I share this because these challenges reinforced for me the importance of taking care of your health, and forced me to take a long hard look at my priorities.

At MBS I am able to care for my health AND spend time with my family. As soon as our warm up begins all thoughts, whether it be about the big transaction at work, or chores at home, immediately evaporate–I’m in the moment and have lost all self-consciousness.  As a mother, I can’t describe for you how awesome it is to be in the middle of a heavy lift and look over and see my boys doing the same! In the 8 months since joining MBS, I have participated in my first Open, strung together 20ish doubleunders, completed my first kipping pull up, finished a Spartan Race (yeah!), completed a Sugar Detox and Paleo Challenge, and countless other accomplishments. I have done these things while being cheered on by my MBS community (special shout out to the 6:30 pm Hangar class). Today I can say that MBS is more than a box to us—it’s a family. It’s a community that cares about us, encourages us, challenges us, and hopefully helps see Jonah to his first Games (Jonah’s ultimate dream). As for me, I’ll settle on matching my PRs from my Iron Maiden days and completing the 2017 CrossFit Open—RX!