Shari Murray-Posada Shares Her Story

I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and attended high school there.  I am definitely not an athlete.  In fact I was always one of the last people chosen for teams during high school gym class.  After high school I moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida and gained the infamous freshman pounds.  I took up running as a way to manage my weight and stress. I met my husband in Optometry school and we moved to Colorado in 2000.  Here I added hiking to my exercise routine of cardio at the gym and running.

My husband and I got divorced after 13 years of marriage and so I set out on a journey of self discovery.  I decided that in order to grow as an individual I had to step outside of my comfort zone and with that came the decision to see what crossfit was all about.  I attended an intro class at MBS in Arvada where I met Pat.  His enthusiasm was contagious and he said one thing that resonated with me – crossfit was about function and exercise.  Living alone brought with it some difficulties like having to lift and move heavy things with no help. When Pat emphasized that crossfit translated into everyday life, to help with things like lifting heavy objects efficiently without hurting yourself, I was hooked.

That was one year ago and I have LOVED it!  I knew I would get great workouts but what I didn’t expect was the amazing community.  I have made friends for life and observed people whose grit and determination inspire me everyday.  I always read the WOD the night before and I am always apprehensive about doing it.  To quote Coach Meriah “consistency is the most important thing.”  I show up and every single time I leave feeling accomplished.  Facing that uncertainty every time and leaving more confident has allowed me to become the most physically fit I have ever been.  My experience with crossfit has translated into other areas of my life.  I have raced in a mud run, tried indoor rock climbing, joined hiking meet up groups – I could go on and on…

Words cannot express how grateful I am that I joined MBS.  Thank you Pat and Janelle, the coaches, the people I see at the WODs who always encourage me and every single person at MBS for the inspiration!