Barry Stamp Experienced the Benefits of CrossFit Outside of the Gym!

Barry Stamp and his wife took on  Ride the Rockies – a 400 mile, 6-day cycling event from Carbondale to Ft. Collins, including 30,000 feet of climbing.  They rode to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s disease.

Here’s what Barry had to say about how CrossFit helped with the ride.
“With a multi-day ride like this, the benefits of CF are really being felt!  I am using the bigger muscles in my legs and glutes, and my core does not become as fatigued after a 70-80 mile day in the saddle – It helps me maintain a decent posture on the bike after several hours, and my overall recovery is better than I thought it would be from day to day.”IMG_1721 (1)

Way to go guys! We love when people are able to experience what CrossFit does outside of the box

Congratulations! We are super proud of you!