Jay’s Clean

In the video is comparing a few of Jay’s cleans (squat cleans) in a work out from last week.  In the first repetition you’ll see him getting pulled forward by his weight especially right about the knee.  If the first still you’ll see he is getting pulled forward, then as he transitions to his second pull to give the bar momentum with his legs, he was to use more of his back.  He throws his hips and hops forward. In the second rep I gave him the cue jump UP and move his feet OUT. You’ll see at the knee he is no longer getting pulled forward, and he has a solid connection between his feet and the ground. Because of this he is able to shift his weight, pull his knees more under the bar for a strong more powerful leg drive, and much less of a hop forward. While it’s hard to tell if this made the lift easier or faster for this workout. Making these changes to his technique will reward him in the long run with heavier weights. Jay will be a lot more efficient in his metcons that require a heavier % of his 1 rep max, and when it comes to a max effort he’ll be ready for big weight!