Frog Stance

kayleefroggerKaylee rocking the Frog Stance in weightlifting class (6:15am & 5:15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays) at our Broomfield location.

After getting tired of yelling (lovingly) at Kaylee to move her feet in her lifts, I decided to take a new approach. Since my gentle reminder wasn’t working I recommended the Frog Stance leg technique. Which brings your heels in and you point your toes out. This position helps you get your knees out of the way, and is almost a guarantee you’ll move your feet! The inventor, Yoshinobu Miyake, was the first man to snatch double body weight 118k/260# at 59k/130# in 1962. You might say he’s pretty good.

I first learned about this from my coach back in Montana, Mike Karchut (8x national champion and 2x Olympian), and in my experience I didn’t care for it for me.  However when I feel like my feet are glued to the floor, I’ll warm up with a less extreme version of this stance. Once I feel like my feet are back in the game I go back to my normal stance.  So is this stance for you?  Well, you’ll never know until you give it a try, but generally this frog stance is good for long torsos, and short femurs. My recommendation, give it a shot, if it works great (Kaylee is loving it!)! Happy lifting! If not, no problem, it may not be for you! When learning remember to start light and high (high hang) and work your way down to the floor. I would also recommend using this for weightlifting sessions or max out days, and not as much for your lighter weights for high reps, like you find often in CrossFit workouts.

For a little more on the history of the Frog Stance click the link to an article from 1969 Strength & Health magazine and if you really want to geek out on weightlifting talk check out this Podcast by My Weightlifting Coach interviewing Jim Schmitz (former US Olympic team coach). If you don’t have time to listen it all be sure to listen to 8:26-about 15:15 to the about the frog stance and it’s history. They’ll also talk the upcoming Olympics, did you know the ENTIRE Russian Weightlifting team has been banned for drug use, so this year will be very exciting to watch as it is anyone’s game!