Steve Thomas Shares His Story!! 69 Years Young!

Steve Thomas MBS PhotoLet me begin by saying that I’ve never considered myself much of an athlete. Sure, in my younger years, I finished six marathons, 20 triathlons, ran up Pike’s Peak (twice), raced up Mt. Evans and was a pacer for three Leadville 100s. But even as I completed these events to challenge myself and to try to stay in shape, I never truly felt like an athlete. These events kept me busy and in relatively good shape until a string of knee injuries caused me to have three knee surgeries by the time I was 50 years old. As I became older, I could no longer participate in distance running events due to my knee. I wanted to stay in shape, so I did my best to swim and “eat well” (at the time, I was an Optometrist working at a hospital; I ate Subway every day because I thought that was healthy). By the time I was 65, my body weight had grown to 215 pounds, and I had a 42” waist.

In 2012, my son Clark had recently graduated from graduate school at DU. He was 26, and told me that instead of getting a “desk job,” he wanted to open a CrossFit gym. I was surprised he wanted to spend his time (and his Law/MBA degrees) teaching fitness classes, but Rosie and I were happy to see him focus his attention on something he was passionate about. In spring of 2012, Clark opened a CrossFit gym and insisted that his mother Rosie and I come try it. To support Clark’s new business endeavor, Rosie and I reluctantly started attending CrossFit classes. Learning to Olympic Weightlift at age 65 was quite an undertaking, especially for an overweight and un-coordinated former endurance athlete.

Within a few weeks of our first class, my wife Rosie and I had completely fallen in love with the challenge of CrossFit. We had to scale a ton in the beginning (and we still do!), but since 2012, we have been coming to CrossFit classes at least 4 days per week.  After Rosie and I were hooked on CrossFit and attending classes regularly, Clark encouraged us to learn about the Paleo Diet, and after Rosie and I attended a nutrition seminar, we have been living a (mostly) Paleo lifestyle (sorry; I just can’t give up red wine). Since starting CrossFit, my pant size has dropped from 42” to 32”, and my body weight has dropped to 160 pounds. I actually now weigh less at age 69 than I did when I participated in endurance events in my 30’s and 40’s.

A few years ago, Clark sold his gym and went on to pursue his other passion (real estate brokerage).  When Clark left his gym, he encouraged us to join a CrossFit community closer to our home in Arvada. He said he’d only ever heard positive things about the community and coaching at MBS CrossFit, and that we should join the MBS community. Ever since our first class at MBS, we have loved attending classes at both MBS locations. I turn 70 in February, and I now feel like more of an athlete than I ever have before. I plan to continue to do CrossFit for as long as I possibly can.

Rosie and I both want to thank the great coaches and community at MBS CrossFit for welcoming us with open arms into their community. CrossFit has been life changing for us in the most positive way possible. It is never too late to start CrossFit!

See ya soon at “The Hangar” or “The Deuce”!

– Steve (& Rosie!)