Back vs Legs

Check out these side by side comparisons of Coach Ben and Olympian Chad Vaughn in the snatch. What do you see? In the top row both guys are just about to hit triple extension, right as the bar meets the hip (and yes, yes there should be contact). Now look at Ben’s feet vs Chad’s and look at the differences in back angle. Ben’s currently using a lot more back (and smaller muscles) to give his bar momentum up, which Chad’s whole food is still rooted into the ground which will allow him to get a strong drive through his legs (big muscles). Because Ben has shifted his weight forward early to make up for the weight pulling forward he really has to lean back. While Chad’s torso is much more vertical. What’s going to happen next is triple extension, here they look really similar, both leaned back so the bar can stay in close making it easier to catch, but because of what happened in the pictures before, Ben’s going to have to work a little harder to keep is bar in close, resulting in either hopping forward, having to chase or step forward in the stand up or missing. Not to mention sometimes catching it out front doesn’t always feel great on the shoulders. Luckily Ben is super fast and strong and was able to make this lift, however if this habit continues it will limit the amount of weight he’ll be able to do and consistently.The good news is it’s an easy fix, it just requires a little patience. Take the weights down, and focus on doing it right. Pause snatches (at the knee), block snatches and high hang or hip snatch are all great drills that can help. Be sure to keep your shoulders over the bar in the first two drills (see my earlier blog post). When in doubt video yourself so you can SEE what your are doing and relate it to how it feels, also then your videos are easily sendable to your coach for some extra help. Stay tuned for more information on another intro to Olympic Weightlifting at our Arvada location later this month with me, Coach Meriah!  Be sure to join our MBS Strength group on FaceBook for the next update!