I was once a beginner, too.

Meriah Snatches from Meriah on Vimeo.

Check out this chick. First off, those pants were totally see through and not Lululemon. Second that girl might be 2009 strong, but her technique needs some serious work! Welcome to the days where the snatch was my least favorite lift, I hated coaching it and I hated doing it.  Even though I loved the overhead squat, the snatch was awkward, slow, heavy and just plain HARD! I had been CrossFitting for about a year at this point, and while I didn’t know any other women snatching this weight, I had zero confidence in this lift. However, I kept at it, not everyday at this point, but I didn’t avoid it. I knew I was supposed to make contact at the hip, but I didn’t understand how the heck that was going to happen. It was almost another 2 years later, a lot of classes, a few clinics, and somehow 40 more pounds on the bar before I started to ‘get it’. My point isn’t to brag about my accomplishments or how awesome my technique is now, because I’m still working on bad habits daily both in my physical and between the ears training. My point is that it took A LOT of patience with myself, and several swift kicks to the ego to get where I’m at, even now I’m still learning and improving.  Some days you’ll be far from a PR and some days so dang close, but just not connecting.

Keep practicing, be patient with yourself and keep learning.  Learn how to do it right with sub max weights, and do it! Then do it again, and again and again, until good form is your default! Then add weight (small jumps) until you go back to old habits or it’s too heavy, go back to where you do it correctly and do it over and over and over and over…. Keep in mind new/improve technique does necessarily equate to an immediate PR.  However improving your consistency especially at higher weights will pave the road to success!  Happy Training!  Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Olympic Lifting Clinics happening in September at our Arvada location!