3 Upcoming Weightlifting Clinics!


Join me, Coach Meriah, for a my last three clinics at MBS before joining my coach and team in Arizona. In pursuit of lifting bigger and heavier weights as a national level weightlifter.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and coach you all over the last two years, I hope you join me one last time (ok well three times) and come learn more about the Olympic lifts.  All three clinics will be at MBS II in Arvada.  Below are the dates, and descriptions of each clinic. Working out immediately before hand is not encouraged.  There will be a lot of holding postures, and if you are too beat up from your workout to hold a PVC (or lightweights) in the correct positions, may thwart efforts towards your technique improving.

Clinic #1:  Intro to Olympic Weightlifting
Sunday, September 25th at MBS II from 9:30am-11:30am for an intro to Olympic Weightlifting.  This 2 hour session will cover the snatch and then the clean and jerk.  This a great for beginners for even as a refresher to the more intermediate athlete.  There will be a ton of dills with PVC and minimal weights.  You can RSVP with Meriah at meriah@mbscrossfit.com or sign up and pay at this link here.  $20 for the session.

Clinic #2:  Clean & Jerk
Tuesday, September 27th 6:30pm-8pm at MBS II.  This clinic will build off of Sunday’s clinic a quick review of positions and then more work with drills with light to medium weights.  This clinic will be slightly more advanced than Sundays, but will be great reinforcement from Sunday’s work.  You can RSVP with Meriah at meriah@mbscrossfit.com, cost is $20

Clinic #2:  Snatch
Thursday, September 29th 6:30-8pm at MBS II.  Like tuesday’s C & J clinic days earlier, this too will be a continuation off of Sunday’s work.  More drills and more practice with weights. You can RSVP with Meriah at meriah@mbscrossfit.com, cost is $20