Drum Roll Please!!!

The results of the MBS 15 Day Shred Nutrition Challenge are in, and WOW!!

In just 15 days we were able to lose over 115 lbs and 114 inches!

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Greg and Tami Campbell! They are the BIG winners of the MBS 15 day Shred Nutrition Challenge! Together, this power couple lost nearly 20 pounds and more than 25 inches!!!

On average our females lost 3.8 pounds and 6.6 inches!! Our male participants also kicked butt with a loss of 6.8 pounds and 6 inches!!!

The WINNERS are as follows:

1st Place Tami Campbell
2nd Place Emily Willkom
3rd Place (tie) Tatum Moorer and Caryn Farino

1st Place Greg Campbell
2nd Place Christian Noyes
3rd Place Bob Krone

Way to go guys!! Thanks for trusting me!

Your prizes will be available for pick up Saturday!

Janelle Burke