Clean Nutrition+MBS CrossFit = Results


Jamie Shares Her Success Story!!! Way to go Jamie. We are so proud of you!!! Our In-House Nutrition Challenge begins  September 18th. Sign Up Here if you are looking to clean up your diet and get amazing results.

Howdy All,

I was asked to share the story about the above photo.  Well what can I say…I was in a rut.  I was feeling really stuck.  I had previously been very fit and was a dedicated crossfitter at Crossfit Warrenville outside Chicago.  It was a great place, great coaching, and awesome community.  I was an Ironman and competitive rock climber.  Oddly I moved here, one of the fittest states, and gained a ton of weight.  I just totally stopped doing most of my previous normal activities.  The path of least resistance was winning.  I had a horrible job and it affected me; too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good.  None of my cloths fit and I was feeling miserable.  I have some serious digestive issues and never felt worse.  I was tired all the time, bloated and sick, and I didn’t feel good about myself because I knew I was not taking care of business.  My husband, the comedian, nicknamed my belly Gus!  I would lay in bed at night and think to myself I am 39 years old and taking over 10 pills at night.  While I knew I needed to change something I had not previously committed myself to the process.  I actually joined MBS in March of 2016 but I was not committed to change.  I didn’t correct any of my eating or other bad lifestyle habits and was good at all the excuses to justify why I couldn’t change.  I went to class but I wasn’t present.

Finally in January of 2017 I had enough, I was sick with digestive issues and knew it was time to get back in control.  So I committed, really committed to the journey to get back to a state of health.  My starting weight was 177lbs, the heaviest I’d ever been in my life, and my body fat was 34%.  So in February after getting better from the recent digestive issue I took back control.  I reached out to MBS coach Jeremy and asked for his help and support to get me well.  I was not too worried about numbers on the scale but wanted to focus on body fat and a general feeling of wellness.  It was the BEST decision I’ve ever made.  With his help, the constant support of all MBS II 5am coaches (Jer, Kyle, Stacy, and Pat), and the awesome 5am crew I was ready to do work!  In conjunction with my MD I’ve been able to stop all medications except one a night and I’ve decreased the dosage significantly and hope to phase it out completely.  I’ve committed to a strict paleovedic/primal diet.  Which I hate the word diet, I’m not on a diet it’s just what I do now.  I’ve had ZERO abdominal pain or poop issues (sorry to be gross) since February, my sleep is amazing – like nothing I’ve ever had before, energy level is way up, and let’s just say the hubby is happier too 😉 In addition to looking better I feel AMAZING!  My last weight was 151 and my body fat was 24.5%.  And Gus is almost totally gone!!!!

Like any long journey it takes grit to stick to a plan.  I’m not perfect and I’ve had days where it would be easier just to eat crap or skip a workout.  A fellow 5am posted that you don’t get better on the days when you feel good it’s on the bad or hard days that you make gains.  That’s the truth right there!  Recently on the way home from business trip  I needed to re-up on motivation so I decided to do a comparison of before and current pictures, something I said I would not do until October.  That photo is above and totally reaffirmed I am on a much better path.  I have no goal weight in mind, I want to be lean and feel great so I’m focused on body fat percentage.  I still have work to do so check back with me in October!!  Anyone can change and be successful, you just have to be honest with yourself, accountable to the process and not afraid of hard work!


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