Testimonial Tuesday~Daniel Black

My first experience of MBS was on Memorial Day of 2017. I was invited to participate in one of CrossFit’s most anticipated workouts, Murph. At first step into the gym, I was welcomed into the family and then quickly joined the MBS community as a member after that day.

I have had experience with two CrossFit gyms other than MBS. Both of these gyms’ focus was on packing weight and being “stronger” individuals. As a result, I injured my shoulder during a power clean. I was very discouraged and disappointed that I was pressured into packing an unreasonable amount of weight onto the bar without proper technique.

My time at MBS was filled with excellent coaching and community support. MBS is not about hitting the “RX” or “getting jacked”. MBS CrossFit is about quality coaching and instruction on how to move efficiently and safely. With these factors into play, I was able to touch up my technique and grow in strength. Within three months, my backsquat PR grew by 40lbs and my clean PR grew by 60lbs.

What I learned from the MBS community is that our bodies are able to push, pull, jump, run, lift, throw, and squat in any possible combination. I learned that quality is superior to quantity. I learned that muscle-ups aren’t hard with the assistance of False Grip technology. I learned that fitness is easy to achieve with the right approach. I am grateful to the coaching staff for pushing me to be a highly functional individual. I feel much stronger and a more holistic athlete after a short time.

If you’re looking for a place to help you get to the CrossFit Games, a place to help you be a better athlete, a place to help you recover from an injury, a place to help you be healthier, a place to help you push your twins in the stroller, or a place to enhance your community experience, MBS is the place for you. MBS is a place of community, safety, nutrition, and strength. We are made to move, go to MBS, and get MOVING!

Thank you, Jeremy, Rich, Heather, and Kyle for everything you have done for me and the community!

Forever, Mind. Body. Soul.

Daniel B.