Workout of the Day

1. WOD (30:00-48:00)
400 meter run
40 Box Jumps / Step-ups (20/16″)
400 meter run
30 Box Jumps / Step-ups (24/20″)
400 meter run
20 Box Jumps / Step-ups (30/24″)
400 meter run

2. Gymnastics Skill (48:00-60:00)
1) 2×30′ Wheelbarrow Walk
2) 2×30′ Pike Wheelbarrow Walk
3) Bonus: Attempt 2×30′ unbroken Handstand Walk

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Only very seasoned athletes should attempt the box-jumps today, as we want to keep everyone’s achilles tendons healthy. Faster athletes can have a goal for 10 minutes in this workout to challenge them. All athletes should attempt to finish this workout in under 15 minutes. The first height of box jumps should allow for reps to be done very fast and rebounding consistently should not be a problem. The second set of jumps will be a slower pace and the third round should allow for consistency but still challenge the athlete.
Also, don’t forget when you are tired that it starts *and* ends with a run.