Workout of the Day

1. Partner Workout (40:00-55:00)
As a team of two:
15min AMRAP
250 meters row (Or 25 SDHP 45/35)
Burpees Over Rower/Bar x 10 reps
*Partner 1 Completes a full round, then partner 2 completes a full round, etc. Score is total combined rounds completed.*
** Sub empty-barbell SDHP for rowing, 45/35, Every rep is 10m**

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

This WOD looks much easier than it is. You are only going to get 3-4 rounds each, so you have to sprint 100% on each round – there is NO holding back today. You get plenty of rest, so push your partner! If the SDHP weights are too heavy, you can always to them with KBs and just do normal burpees to a 6-inch target. For all SDHPs, remember to keep your back positioned properly, and treat it like a row, and not like a seizure.