Gabby is an OG!

Video inspiration for today’s WOD: Rebeka Koha CJ Warm up

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Feb 10: MBS’s 10-year Anniversary and Chili Cookoff
Feb 23-Mar 23: MBS Friday Night Lights

Workout of the Day
1. Workout, pt. 1 12-min cap (31:00-43:00)
Clean and Jerk (205/145)
Ring Muscle Up
L3 – 205 / 145
L2 – 155 / 105 w/False Grip MU Transitions
L1 – 95 / 65 w/False Grip MU Transitions

2. Workout, part 2: (43:00-53:00)
After completion of part 1 you have 10 minutes to find a:
1 RM Power Clean and Push Jerk

3. Cool Down (53:00-60:00)
1) Band Pec and Shoulder Stretch
2 sets each side and 45 seconds per stretch
2) Upper back roll, 60-90 seconds

Complex movements and opposing forces are the name of the game today. The goal is to finish sub-12 on this, and faster athletes might go sub-7. Proper scaling is critical today. Few people will go RX on the weights, so pick something that you can manage heavy fast singles for 21 total reps. IF Ring muscle-ups are in your wheelhouse, try Bar MUs, or equal number pull-ups and ring-dips. This is a very “Open” combination of movements that is very different from yesterday’s long burner.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.