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Article: It all boils down to these two questions: Discipline or Regret

Upcoming Events:
Feb 10: MBS’s 10-year Anniversary and Chili Cookoff
Feb 23-Mar 23: MBS Friday Night Lights

***Reminder – There is NO 6:30pm class at the hangar tonight due to our FB Live discussion. Listen in by visiting the MBS FB page at 7pm!***

Workout of the Day
1. Workout (31:00-51:00)
5 Rounds
200 meter Run with Medicine Ball
50 feet Medicine Ball Crabwalk
20 Medicine Ball Cleans
10 Medicine Ball to Bar
(20/14 lb Medicine ball)

L3 – 20/14#
L2 – 14/10#
L1 – 10/6# – 25ft / 10 / 10

2. Cool Down (51:00-60:00)
3 X 15 each NFT
Partner leg press downs

Today you get to pick a object that will move with you through the entire workout. You will be holding, supporting, or otherwise ‘in contact’ with your object for the entire WOD. Odd object movements are great for rounding out muscles that don’t often get used. MedBall-to-bar will be extremely challenging, so consider scaling to MedBall situps.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.