Are ring muscle ups going to be announced this week?!

Video: What are CrossFit’s 9 Foundational movements? You should know this! See them here.

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Workout of the Day
1. WOD (23:00 – 43:00)
EMOM 20 minutes:
Minute 1: Row calories
Minute 2: Toes to Bar
Minute 3: Shuttle Runs
Minute 4: Thrusters (95lbs/65lbs)
Minute 5: Rest

*For the shuttle run: Set the distance at 25 feet. Down and back is one rep.
**Score is total reps.

L3 – TTB (95/65)
L2 – Knee-Raise (65/45)
L1 – Abmat Situp (35/15)

2. Flexibility and Core (43:00 – 60:00)
1) 2 sets on each side
Banded Ankle Distraction
0:20 seconds Center (knee tracking in line with foot)
0:10 seconds In (knee tracking over big toe)
0:10 Seconds out (knee tracking over little toe)

2) 2 sets each side
Banded Psoas Distraction
0:20 Upright
0:20 Reach back and across

3) 2 rounds NOT for time, with an abmat:
10 Tuck Crunch pass (optional v-up pass)
20 Russian Twists
30 Flutter Kicks with Pass

Today’s WOD is long, but you’ve had some experience with 20 minute WODs back in 18.1 Stay consistent, avoid redline and try to keep your reps from round 1 the same, or bigger, on round 4.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.