Reminder to keep your back flat when doing box jumps..Not only is it safer, but you’ll be able to breathe better during your workout. Adjust height of the box accordingly.

1. WOD (35:00 – 50:00)
5 Rounds
10 Double Kettlebell Front Squats (53lbs/35lbs)
15 Kettlebell Swings (53lbs/35lbs)
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

L3 – 53/35, 24/20
L2 – 35/25, 20/12
L1 – 25/15, Plates

2. Handstand Skills and Drills (50:00 – 60:00)
Pike handstand around the box
Complete 2 rotations around the box in each direction

*Rest as needed between rotations
*Scale with a 1/4 or 1/2 rotation.

This workout is designed for quick consecutive movement. You should plan to move from squats to the swings with almost no transition, so choose a weight that actually allows you to do that. Today will tax your back and posterior chain, so the coaches will be watching your back and midline positions like hawks!