Scott pushing the sled at Spartan training.

1. WOD (33:00-38:00)
For time:
Front squat
Rope climb
Box jump for 2x the reps

Flow is: 5 Front Squats, 5 Rope Climbs, 10 Box Jumps, 4 Front Squats, 4 Rope Climbs, 8 Box Jumps, etc.

L3 – 225/155, Rope-Climb, 36/30
L2 – 175/115, Rope-Holds, 30/24
L1 – 135/95, Rope-pulls, 24/20

2. Cool Down (53:00-60:00)
1) 2:00 Row, bike, jog, or jump rope easy
2) 1:00/side Couch stretch, elbow to foot

This is intended to be a very heavy conditioning workout where the front squat load can be done unbroken but may be near a 5 rep max. The box jump height is very high, athletes should find a height the can be done with no more than 5-10 seconds rest between reps. The rope climbs may be the most time demanding element of the workout today, athletes should scale the volume of reps if rest periods get excessive. This workout should not exceed 15 minutes.