1. WOD (23:00-43:00)
Deadlift 2″ Block Pull (weight on 2″ blocks) – 1RM (20:00)

*Reach your 1RM in no more than 8 attempts. Allow 20:00 to reach your 1RM, and allow 2-5:00 between final 3 attempts.

2. ACCESSORY WORK (48:00-60:00)
2 x 1:00
GHD PVC-Pipe “Paddling”
Or – Russian Twists from the ground
2 x 6-8
Banded Good Mornings

Today we try a new version of the Deadlift. This will feel strange, being higher than normal, but focus on the same techniques that you use from the floor. If you peak early, back off to 80-90% and finish out a few more reps.