Somewhere over the rainbow.

Workout of the Day
1. WOD (30:00 – 45:00)
5 Rounds for time:
40 ft. Handstand walk
20 Medicine ball cleans
20 Abmat sit-ups with medicine ball

L3 – 20lbs/14lbs Med Ball, 40’ HS Walk
L2 – 20lbs/14lbs, 2 Pike HS “walk” around a box
L1 – 14lbs/10lbs MedBall, 3 Wall Walks or wall walk pike ups on box variation

2. SKILL AND STRENGTH WORK (45:00 – 60:00)
3 x 5 Ring swings
3 x 5 Ring rows (with 0:02 pause)
3 x 3 Ring rows (Feet on box)
5 x1 Straight body strict muscle up drill

This workout a light load and high reps with a challenging skill in the handstand walk. Move fast when you can and focus on your positioning and skills at a slower speed.