All the Summer Stuff at MBS

Olympic weightlifting clinic.

Post “Murph” family pic.

Spartan training.

Photos courtesy of Sam Conley.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff going on lately at the gym. We’ve had a busy May and June filled with beginner programs, Spartan training, Murph workout, weightlifting programs, and lots of fun workouts. Here’s a few more things we have lined up in the next couple months.

CorePower Yoga on the Tarmac – June 21st & July 14th

MBS does Manitou Incline – June 24th

Bare Knuckles Weightlifting Meet – June 29th

Brute Force Mile – July 14th

MBS Social Event – July 28th

Rocky Mountain Airshow – August 4th

Breckenridge Spartan Race – August 18th


Then, we’ll be planning and preparing for the Turkey Challenge soon after that.


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