The Brute Force Mile this Saturday 9am!

Reminder to come join us this Saturday for the Brute Force Mile. It will be a challenging sandbag workout. We have plenty of different sizes of sandbags for all skill levels. Friends and family welcome.


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
“Run from the snatch”
For time:
Run 200 meters
10 Squat snatch @ 60%
Run 200 meters
8 Squat snatch @ 70%
Run 200 meters
6 Squat snatch @ 80%
Run 200 meters
4 Squat snatch @ 90%
Run 200 meters
2 Squat snatch @ 95-110%

Cap at 15 min

*Maintain +/- 5% of these percentages. Just a guideline for best results.

3. Cooldown
2 x 5 Spotted strict toes to bar
2 x 3 Spotted top half strict toes to bar
3 x 1 Spotted strict toes to bar + super slow eccentric

The focus is to push ourselves in the snatch today. The ‘runs’ can be ‘jogs’ and just to shake off and reset for the next set. Record a final heavy single in the snatch today. BTW, these are all singles..no touch and go on any reps.