Our early group in last Wednesday’s Hero workout.


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
AMRAP 5:00
Double unders, 20-20-20-20…
Strict Pull-ups/chins, 2-4-6-8…
Continue adding 2 reps after each round of pull ups/chins.

*Continue until the clock hits 5:00.

5:00 Rest

AMRAP 5:00
Cal Bike or row, 2-4-6-8…
Strict Handstand push-ups, 2-4-6-8…
Continue adding 2 to each until 5:00

2. Cash out
Banded shoulder stretch sequence
2 Sets each side of:
0:30 Lat stretch
0:30 Hand up and over stretch
0:30 Elbow in band

*Go through all 3 movements on the right side and then do the left side.

“Rx” today is just taking the time to do YOUR best movement form. Use bands, Abmats, negatives, boxes or whatever devices you think will allow better ‘understanding’. 🙂 Or, challenge YOURself and do without any assistance at all!