Brandon is back to coaching after ACL surgery! Looks like everything is healing up well!

Our next Basic Training course starts next week. Do you know anyone that should try out CrossFit? Let them know to reach out to get on the next beginner’s course!


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
For time:
45 Back squats
45 Deadlifts

12-min cap

Guys, use 50-60% of 1RM back squat and deadlift. Girls, use 60-70% of 1RM back squat and deadlift. Record your weights used in workout notes.

3. Cool down
3:00 Bike, row, or run easy
75 band good mornings (easy band)

This is a heavy conditioning workout that is very intensive on lower body and musculature of the trunk. Ensure proper mechanics are maintained and rest when necessary to achieve quality reps.