Scott getting read for his Spartan race.

Workout of the Day

1. Strength (NFS)
OTM x 10 sets: 3 Push press out of rack. Practice building bar speed with the legs. Use a 50-60% 1RM weight across all sets.

2. Workout
5 Rounds for time:
5 Weighted pull-ups
10 Ring push ups
50 Beaded rope speed steps

L3 – 45/25 lb. DB
L2 – Strict pull ups, :45 of DU attempts
L1 – Negative pull ups, 2x singles

3. Cool down
Perform a max set of Strict pull-ups. For anything under 20 reps, complete the remaining in as few sets as possible (use band for assistance).

The loads on the pull-ups should allow for the first round to be completed unbroken and allow for consistent singles to be completed throughout the duration of the workout.