Strength cycle is coming soon to MBS!

If you’re looking to get stronger, take a look at the Powerlifting and Strength Seminar we will be hosting on Saturday, August 25th with Jeremy Augusta. The seminar will cover the Swing Block Method of training, which has a background in Conjugate Methods used at Westside Barbell (in fact he even trained there) where they produce some of the strongest humans on earth! Sign up at www.americanstrengthclub.com. Cost is $60 in advance.

Workout of the Day

1. Workout
5 Rounds for time of:
20 Wall ball shots
10 Deadlifts

L3 – 20/14 lb., 225/155 lb.
L2 – 16/12 lb., 185/125 lb.
L1 – 12/8 lb., 135/95 lb.

2. Cooldown
Jog/walk 400 meters easy
1:30/1:30 banded hamstring PNF

This is sub 10:00 burner. All sets should be unbroken or with only 1 break on any round. Modify accordingly.