– Brandon’s BB Strength begins tonight 4-6pm. Show up if you still want to join!
– MBS Turkey Challenge registration will open for MBS’ers this weekend. Stay tuned to Facebook group page for registration link.

Workout of the Day

1. Strength
10 minutes easy pace rounds of Cindy (5 pull/chin ups, 10 pushups, 15 Air squats with strict form). Vary your grip and stance as you go.

2. Workout
Choose from the following exercises in any order and as many times as possible. Each completed exercise counts as a rep:
– 15/12 Cal row or bike
– 50-yard Sled drag (backward) AHAP
– 50-yard Sled drag (forward) AHAP
– 50-yard Sled push, AHAP
– 100-yard shuttle run (2x tarmac)
– 50-yard sandbag suitcase carry (split 25-yard with L/R sides)
– DB carry, any version (farmers, front rack, overhead, or combos). Each 50-yard trip is 1 rep.

*Use tarmac down and back for 50-yard.

3. Cashout/Cooldown
1:30/1:30 Banded shoulder stretch
2:00 Wall Ball T-Spine Mobility

Some easy body weight stuff to warm up. The AMRAP should be done at easy pace and is meant to allow you to explore some functional “Texas Cardio”, aka ‘gettin’ work done!