Coach Scott

– MBS Turkey Challenge registration will open for MBS’ers this weekend. Stay tuned to Facebook group page for registration link.

Workout of the Day

1. Strength
On the 2:00 interval x 5 sets:
3 reps of 3-Stop Snatch Grip Deadlift*

*2 Count Pause with Bumpers 2” off floor, Below Knee, Power Position. Pause at each position on way up and lowering.

2. Workout
False Grips Session 6
3 sets of:
3 Top-half tempo strict ring pull ups
3 Top and bottom ring support holds.**

*Tempo is 3 seconds held at top, 3 second decent to halfway, and one second pull back to top. Repeat for 3 reps before slowly lowering.
**5 sec hold at each position is one rep

3 sets of:
5 Banded basket transitions (no dip)
:20 wall-facing handstand hold at 45 degree (very active shoulder and hollow body..Squeeze your butt!)

3. Cashout/Cooldown
Coaches choice Crossover Symmetry shoulder recovery. Pick 4 exercises and do 25 reps of each.

MU program – Completing today will put you at the halfway point of the muscle up program. Some more vertical pulling/pushing today. Move slow and focus on holding your hollow body position. Squeeze the butt and the gut!

BB – Start around 80% of 1RM Snatch and build to something over your 1RM.