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Workout of the Day

1. Strength
Every 4:00 for 3 sets
3 Front squats + 3 back squats

*Perform a heavy set of 3 front squats, rack the bar then immediately perform 3 back squats.
*Leaderboard only the heaviest set completed.
*The goal is to build to near max loads on the front squat and then finish off the squatting with a strong movement in the back squat.

2. Workout
For time:
45 Jumping air squats

21-15-9 for time:
Front squat
Back squat

45 Jumping air squats

L3 – 95/65 lb. (if back squat over 315/205)
L2 – 75/55 lb. (if back squat over 255/165)
L1 – 45/35 lb.

3. Cashout/Cooldown
3:00-5:00 Row, bike, run, or jump rope easy