Views When the Hangar Door is Open in November

Workout of the Day

12 minutes to establish a cluster 1RM

WOD: 3 Rounds for Reps
1:00 Max Reps Strict Pull Ups
1:00 Rest
1:00 Max Shoulder Press 115/75
1:00 Rest
1:00 Max Cals On Bike
1:00 Rest
1:00 Max Tuck Sit on Paralettes
1:00 Rest

*No racks for barbells. All movements besides the tuck-sit can be done in multiple sets. The tuck-sit you get only one attempt. Each second on the tuck-sit counts as a rep.
*Score is total reps + seconds of tuck sit

Kneeling unilateral KB bottoms Up Press 4×8 each arm
*This is a very challenging movement and will be performed with a light KB. Use the same weight for both arms.
*Not Scored