CrossFit Be Your Own Bodyguard Course


Coming to MBS February 10th!

“Learning self-defense is like learning first-aid and CPR; life-saving skills you can learn in a day, the only difference is the life you might be saving is yours.” – Tony Blauer


What: Be Your Own Bodyguard Course

When: Sunday, February 10th from 9-4pm

Where: MBS CrossFit. 10900 W. 120th Ave. Broomfield CO 80021

Cost: $249 (Register here. Note – You must create account if you don’t already have one.)

Course description:

The CrossFit Workshop: Be Your Own Bodyguard™ is a single-day, immersive course designed to improve physical self-defense, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation skills and fear management. Through a mixture of classroom discussion and innovative partner drills, participants leave the workshop with simple, practical but effective self-defense skills.

Created by Coach Tony Blauer—a pioneer of modern self-defense and champion of the CrossFit community—the workshop leverages the SPEAR™ concept, which is based on human physiology and natural biomechanics. The “startle-flinch response” is part of the human survival reflex, and attendees learn to harness it as a catalyst for protective movement.