Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, we understand life and travel happens. We charge a $30 hold fee and all holds must be a minimum of 30-days.

How often should I CrossFit?

We believe that you should move your body and get a little sweat going daily. Some enjoy CrossFit so much that they will attend as many as 5 or 6 days per week. For some that’s too much and they will CrossFit 3-4 days per week. This really comes down to: 1) What are your goals (3x week fitness vs 5x week fitness)? and 2) How much can you commit to?

No matter your experience or skill level, the more you do something, the better you will become!

How much does it cost to add a spouse or child?

We provide discounts for couples, children, etc. Please email [email protected] for more info.

Can I bring my friend to a workout?

Yes! We regularly schedule “Bring a Friend” days for our WODs. This would be a great opportunity to ask your friend to come check out CrossFit. Email [email protected] to find out when BAF day is.

What do these CrossFit abbreviations stand for?

Starting CrossFit can be confusing because there is a whole new language to learn. We created this blog post to explain some of our most common abbreviations.

How can I get more assistance with my diet, movements and/or goals?

We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your current goals, diet, or set up private training to improve one of your ‘nemesis’ CrossFit movements. Email [email protected] for more info.

Do you have places to change and showers at your gym?

Yes, we do! There are 3 bathrooms, each with a shower.

What should I bring to class?

Clothing that you feel comfortable getting sweaty in and a water bottle.

What diet do you recommend for CrossFit?

We believe that everyone’s nutrition habits will be different based on their goals, body type and size, current relationship with food, and so much more. The best thing to do is schedule a time to talk with us and make a personal plan. Email [email protected] for more info.

What are the common movements used in CrossFit?

The most commonly used weightlifting movements in CrossFit are referred to as the 9 Foundational Movements. We also incorporate gymnastics with running, rowing, and jumping rope. You can see the full list here.

Do I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?

This is the biggest misconception with CrossFit. Yes, it can be difficult and you can really push it, but truthfully, most of us didn’t consider ourselves athletes before CrossFit. We are regular people with common goals just looking to live healthier and stronger lives.