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May 28th – Memorial Day Murph (both locations heats at 8 and 9:30am )

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1. WORKOUT (18:00 – 58:00)
Every 2:00 for 40:00
0:00-2:00: Run 400 meters
2:00-4:00: 30 Burpees
4:00-6:00: 450/375m row
6:00-8:00: 20 Box step ups (24″/20″) + 15 V-ups

*Time each movement on the first round and attempt to increase the speed for all movements on subsequent rounds. This may involve moving at a slow and deliberate pace on the 1st round. Good luck.

L3 – 400, 30, 450/375, 20+15 V-ups
L2 – 300, 20, 400/300, 15+10 abmat situps
L1 – 200, 15, 300/200, 10+10 abmat situps

Each section should be completed in less than 1:50 per round, so scale accordingly! This WOD is long and focused on your stamina. You have to manage your scaling choices on reps and distance to your ability level. If the 400m run will take you 1:58, you need to scale the distance a little. Take the first round to judge pace and try to get a little quicker with every round. You MUST have at least 10 seconds of rest every round!

Basic Training Starting in Broomfield

Your fitness starts when you’re ready!


New Introductory Course for CrossFit!

Each month we run one 2-week introductory course for beginner CrossFitters, called Basic Training. Basic Training covers the basic barbell, gymnastics, and cardio elements that we do in our Workout of the Day (W.O.D). The course is included with your first month of CrossFit (always $135 for your 1st month!). To get started at the best CrossFit gym in Denver, email!

Here are the Basic Training dates/times:

May 21-31st (M, T, Th) 11AM & 5:30PM

June 4-15th (M, T, Th) times TBD*

July 2-13th (M, T, Th) times TBD*

*Time and days are built according to interest level. Please email if you’d like to be put on the list.

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It’s the weekend, let’s party!

1. Workout
With a partner for time, 100 push jerks. Only one partner works at a time. Every time the bar is switched between partners, split a 10 strict pull up penalty.

Rx – 135/95 lb.
L2 – 115/75 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.


With a running clock for 25 minutes…

Part 1:
Knees to elbows
Double kettlebell front squats (53lbs/35lbs)
*Do 30 double unders after each round.

**Substitute a 135lbs/95lbs barbell or 50-55lbs/35lbs dumbbells if needed.

Part 2:
Use all remaining time to find a 4RM Front Squat

L3 – K2E, 2x (53/35), 30 Dubs
L2 – Knee-Raises, 2x (35/25), 30 SS.
L1 – Toes-to-KB, 2x (25/15), 15 SS.

Our goal is to test your strength when fatigued. Part 1 should take no more than 15 minutes, and you should target around 10, as you will need to the rest and remaining time to hit the front squats. Scale the weight so you can always do the set unbroken. If 210 double unders seems like a lot, sub speed steps today, only counting the left foot. NO SINGLES. Coaches will stop you at 15 minutes no matter where you are.


1. WORKOUT (25:00 – 45:00)
EMOM 20:00
Minute 1- Push press (115lbs/75lbs)
Minute 2- Dumbbell bear crawl (35lbs/20lbs, every 5 feet counts as 5 reps)
Minute 3- Row calories
Minute 4- Rest

L3 – (115/75), (35/20)
L2 – (75/55), (25/15)
L1 – (45/35), No weight

Parallettes (or boxes, or plates)
2 x 10 Heel taps (both legs)
2 x 0:05 Tuck-sit hold
2 x 0:05 Single leg l-sit
2 x 0:05 L-sit

*Increase timeframe by 0:10 if needed to make each drill more challenging.

You are going to get rest, and only 5 rounds to work, so choose weights on the Push Press that let you get at least 10 reps every minute. If you can get more than 30, you might have gone too light. The bear crawl weight should be challenging to get more than 50-feet in a minute.


1. WOD (23:00-43:00)
Deadlift 2″ Block Pull (weight on 2″ blocks) – 1RM (20:00)

*Reach your 1RM in no more than 8 attempts. Allow 20:00 to reach your 1RM, and allow 2-5:00 between final 3 attempts.

2. ACCESSORY WORK (48:00-60:00)
2 x 1:00
GHD PVC-Pipe “Paddling”
Or – Russian Twists from the ground
2 x 6-8
Banded Good Mornings

Today we try a new version of the Deadlift. This will feel strange, being higher than normal, but focus on the same techniques that you use from the floor. If you peak early, back off to 80-90% and finish out a few more reps.


1. WORKOUT (35:00 – 47:00)
For time:
21 Squat snatch (95lbs/65lbs)
7 Muscle ups
15 Squat snatch (95lbs/65lbs)
5 Muscle ups
9 Squat snatch (95lbs/65lbs)
3 Muscle ups

L3 – Squat Snatch (95/65), MU
L2 – Power Snatch (95/65), C2B x2
L1 – OHS (light weight), ring rows x2

2. ACCESSORY WORK (52:00-60:00)
E2M (every 2:00) for 6:00: (3 sets)
10/10 One arm dumbbells rows

This one requires a lot of skill, but don’t miss the intent of this workout – it should be QUICK! Faster Athletes with good endurance should target 6-7 minutes, and that should be the goal for the work. Choose a load on the bar that allows you to get through a set with no more than 1 break. Push the pace!


AMRAP 35 minutes
Run 400 meters
3 Rope climbs
Run 400 meters
15 Clapping push-ups

L3 – 400, 3, 15 clappers
L2 – 400, 2, 15 regular
L1 – 200, 1, 10 knees

2. COOL DOWN (57:00-60:00)
1:00/1:00 Standing calf stretch

Ok, so it’s going to be a loooong WOD. That means you can’t go hot out of the gate. Rounds 1 and 2 should be very sub-maximal, and you should make sure you consider the volume over the full 35 minutes. If Rope Climbs are a challenge, consider this 35 minutes of practice, interrupted by running and pushups.


Growing together.

May 20th – Smiles for Miles 5k (sign up)
May 28th – Memorial Day Murph (both locations heats at 8 and 9:30am )

1. WOD, part 1 (19:00-40:00)
Every 3:00 for 7 sets
1 Push press

*The goal is to find a 1 rep max push press. Attempt to have all sets above 80% of anticipated max for the day.

2. WOD, part 2 (45:00-60:00)
3 Rounds NOT for time:
15 Side plank dips + 0:15 side plank hold (L/R)
20 Dumbbell rollback extensions
25 Abmat sit-ups
60 Single unders

The starting weight should allow for a gradual build up where you peak at the 4th-5th set. If you fail, for the remaining sets reduce the load to approximately 90% of the 1RM for the day. If you are newer to the Push Press, do 3 reps every 3 minutes to work on technique.