In the zone.


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
EMOM 24:00
Minute 1: 15/12 calorie row or bike
Minute 2: 3 Push press AHAP
Minute 3: 50 Double unders
Minute 4: 3 Push Jerks AHAP

Scale reps before movement. Adjust to be finishing the work within :50 each minute.

2. Cooldown
30 Partner leg press downs
*Each partner.
2 X 1:00 Hanging on bar partner shoulder stretch

Today is an interval pressing workout under respiratory fatigue. Each athlete should have 0:10 – 0:15 rest each minute, modify weight and reps to achieve this.


Getting past hump day.


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3:00 of:
3 Power cleans
6 Push-ups
9 Air squats

Rest 1:00.
Repeat for a total of 5 cycles. Score is total reps completed for each of the 5 cycles.

L3 – 135/95 lb.
L2 – 115/75 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.

2. Cool down
10/10 Banded hamstring PNF
*3 Count contract, 10 count hold
50 Band face pulls

An interval hero workout with complimentary movement functions that are intended to have fast cycle times each round. Top athletes will have 5+ rounds in each interval. Scale to achieve no less than 2 rounds.


Born to run.

Workout of the Day

1. Workout
Run 5k

*Compare to April 23, 2018.

2. Cooldown
1:30/1:30 Banded hamstring stretch
1:30/1:30 Kettlebell calf smash

Long-running session and aerobic test primarily being compared to April 23. This is a day that is commonly skipped.


Ian and Sabrina.

Workout of the Day

1. Workout (21 min cap)
For time:
100 Sit-ups
75 Pull-ups
50 Strict handstand push-ups
25 Box jumps (36″/30″)

*For today use a gymnastic kipping pull-up over a butterfly.

L3 -As Rx
L2 – 75/50/30/20 reps at 1 abmat HSPU, 32/24” box
L1 – Modify as needed to meet time cap

2. Cashout
1:30/1:30 Couch stretch
1:30/1:30 Band shoulder stretching sequence.

This is an upper body and trunk stamina focused workout with an added element of needing to be explosive in a fatigued state with the high box jumps. To assist with modifying this workout use this as a general guideline: *Sit-ups should take no longer than 4:00.*Pull-ups should take no longer than 6:00.*Handstand push-ups should take no longer than 6:00.*Box jumps should take no longer than 5:00.

Bare Knuckles Weightlifting Meet Recap

A badass pic of our girls before they started lifting.

On June 29th, 2018 we held a weightlifting meet. It was meant to be about lifting weights, on the tarmac, in the sunset, and with some good people. Mission accomplished! Among all that, there were lessons learned about how the sport of weightlifting works, including how judges expect the athlete to lift the weight. Also, we learned how to warm up for a max lift and recover in between sessions. Thanks and excellent job to all our athletes that came out. Thank you Brandon, Nicole, and Dave for judging. Thank you Sam for all the awesome pictures!

Here are some highlight pics:

You can see the full album here.


The men of summer.

Normal workouts today at 7:45am, 9am, and 10:15am. Reminder, 10:15am on Saturday’s is always a friendly time to come check out a CrossFit class for free. Invite your friends or family members for a workout!


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
With a partner for time:
Partner 1: 50/40 calorie Row
Partner 2: 50/40 calorie Row
As a team accumulate:
50 Toes to bar
*One person works while the other does a bar hang.
50 Synchronized bar facing burpees
*Synchro is at the bottom of the bar only.

3. Cash out
NOT for time. With your partner accumulate:
400m Kettlebell farmers walk (70lbs/53lbs)
*One person works at a time

This workout will tax the grip significantly. Attempt a hard pace on the row. Break up the toes to bar into short sets and rests to minimize grip fatigue and allow for fast sets to be completed. Attempt to have consistency on the burpees to finish the workout.


It’s Fri-yay!

Workout of the Day

1. Strength
Build to 1RM Back squat using ladder

Back squat ladder
Do 1 tempo back squat OTM every minute, adding 5-10 lbs on every lift for 15 minutes. Then, use an additional 5 minutes to take 2-3 attempts at a heavy single w/no tempo.

2. Cashout
2 Rounds
Fwd/Back sled drag
Side/Side sled drag

Let’s build up to a heavy (clean) single on the back squat today!


Athlete Dev C. cleaning a weight easily.

Reminder, Yoga on the Tarmac tonight at 7:30-8:30pm. Bring your own mat and a friend if you have em’!


Workout of the Day

1. Workout
AMRAP 10:00
10 Sumo deadlift high pulls
10 Box jump overs
10 Front rack reverse lunges

L3 – 95/65 lb., 24/20”
L2 – 75/55 lb., 20/16”
L1 – 65/45 lb., 16/12”

2. Cooldown
Parallettes (or boxes, or plates)
2 x 10 Heel taps (both legs)
2 x 0:05 Tuck-sit hold
2 x 0:05 Single leg L-sit
2 x 0:05 L-sit

This is a light loaded workout with the intent to maintain a fast pace throughout the 10:00. Achieving 7 rounds would be a tough goal and all athletes should strive to achieve 5 rounds or more.


Introducing Deidre as our Nutrition Coach at MBS!

Reminder, Yoga on the Tarmac tomorrow night 7:30-8:30pm. Bring a friend and a mat if you have them! Please RSVP ahead of time here.


Workout of the Day

1. Strength
12:00 to establish a 1 rep max shoulder press. Start at an empty bar and make 5-10 lb. jumps (10-15 sets)

2. Workout
2 Rounds for reps:
2:00 max rep strict pull-ups/chins
1:00 rest
2:00 max rep ring pushups
1:00 rest
2:00 max double KB front rack walk (53/35 lb.)

L3 – As rx
L2 – Use 1-2 band for strict pull ups
L1 – Strict ring rows, elevated ring pushups

3. Cool down
1:30/1:30 Banded shoulder stretch

This is a high rep upper body stamina focused session. Attempt to get a minimum of 20 reps on the pull-ups and push-ups each round.


Our (strong AF) ladies of the Bare Knuckles weightlifting meet.

Reminder, Yoga on the Tarmac Thursday night (with Coach Brittany!) 7:30-8:30pm. Bring a friend and a mat if you have them! Please RSVP ahead of time here.

Workout of the Day

1. Workout
AMRAP 25:00
Run 400 meters
*Rest the same amount of time that you ran.

*Leaderboard is total meters ran, break the 400m up into 100’s for logging if needed. For example, if an athlete gets 5 rounds + ran half of the next round their score is 2200.

2. Cash out
EMOM for 7:00:
Wall Walk + (0:05 – 0:30) Handstand hold based on ability

This is a running stamina workout. Athletes should attempt a hard pace in the first round, 80-85% effort and try to maintain that pace on subsequent rounds.