Zach deadlifting.

Don’t forget to submit your final CF Open scores due tonight by 6pm MST!


1. Deadlift (5×3 OT3M. No misses. Work on form)

2. Metcon (Time)
For time:
Tuck sits
KB swings
*Run 100 meters after each round.

L3 – 53/35 KB
L2 – 44/26 KB
L1 – 35/15 KB, Abmat Situps

3. Accessory Work:
3 Rounds NOT for time:
15 Dumbbell Bench Press
15 Dumbbell Rows

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Couples workout.

Metcon (Time)

1. Partner WOD (25:00-50:00)
5 Rounds
“Bell-Curve Partner DT”
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Round 1 135/95
Round 2 155/105
Round 3 185/125
Round 4 155/105
Round 5 135/95

*1 person does 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks, then the next person does 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks……that is one round

L3 – As Stated…
L2 – 115+20+20 / 55+20+20
L1 – 95+10+10 / 35+10+10

2. Cool Down (50:00-60:00)
With your partner, accumulate 5 minutes of a Straight Arm Plank (one person works at a time)

This a mixed loaded workout where the loads are on the lighter side of moderate and can be cycled quickly The loads get to a peak that will cause 1-2 short breaks for each movement. This workout should be completed in approximately the 20 minute timeframe.


CrossFit Games Open 18.5 (Ages 16-54) 11.6 and 12.5 (AMRAP – Reps)

Complete AMRAP in 7 minutes of:3 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
3 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
6 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
6 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
9 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
9 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
12 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
12 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
15 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
15 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
18 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
18 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
21 Thrusters, 100#/ 65#
21 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups

This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

Scaled – 65/45 jumping chin over pullups

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The rower.

Video: 4 Basic positions to improve rowing performance

Come celebrate the final week of the Open tomorrow night at the hangar from 4:30-7pm. We have Butcher and the Blonde food truck. BYOB. Sign up for our final Friday Night Lights here.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD (15:00-45:00)
5 x 500 meter Row or 1500/1200 meter Assault Bike

*rest as needed between efforts with a minimum rest being 3 minutes.
**Put total work time (not including rest periods) to the leaderboard.

L3 – 500m, 1500/1200
L2 – 400m, 1200/1000
L1 – 300m, 1000/750

2. Muscle Up Skill (50:00-60:00)
1) 10 x 1 Muscle Up Negatives (toe nail spot on ground)
2) 10 x 1Feet on floor Strict Muscle Up Transition Drill (with spot if needed)

Short and hard intervals are the goal today. Go for a max effort on the first set and try to hold within 10-15 seconds of that number for all the remaining sets. Do NOT try to be a hero and get negative splits! Sell your soul on the first round and know the pain of trying to keep up.



The fatigue from the Open may have set in, but the FUN has just BEGUN!!! Friday March 23rd is the LAST Friday Night Lights of the Open Season. Join us at the Hangar with heats starting at 4:00 p.m. Sign up HERE to throw down the WOD and/or judge.

Bring your fun selves, your family, your kids, your co-workers, your neighbors … BYOB, lawn chairs etc. Don’t worry about cooking, because the Butcher and the Blonde Food Truck will be on site! Wear your camo/military attire. Can’t wait to have the ENTIRE community together to send off the Open season in STYLE!!!


Group fitness.

Power Clean (8 Sets of 1 on the 1:30 interval, building to 1RM)

1. Strength/Power, Part 1 (23:00-29:00)
Muscle Cleans
Every 2 minutes for 3 sets (6:00)
3 Muscle cleans

2. Strength/Power, Part 2 (29:00-43:00)
Rest 2 minutes after the final muscle clean set (minutes 6:00-8:00).

Every 1:30 for 8 sets (12:00):
1 Power clean

2. Accessory Work (48:00-60:00) (optional)
3 Rounds NOT for time:
8 Snatch grip hip extension + row
8 Dumbbell z press
0:20 Accumulate of an L-sit

Form, form, form. No one cares about your weight today; leave your ego at the door. We will focus on quality movements and use loads that challenge each athlete but allow for sets to be done unbroken with quality technique.



Metcon (Time)

1. WOD (32:00-52:00, this includes parts 1 and 2)
4 rounds for time:
Run 200m
10 Thrusters
40 Double unders

*Note the time, but keep the clock running for part 2.

L3 – 115/75 (If 1RM FS is over 275/175)
L2 – 95/65 (If 1RM FS is over 225/155)
L1 – 75/55

Pt. 2: Thruster (3 rep max)

3. Cool Down (52:00-60:00)
Run 400m at an easy pace.

This WOD should feel like an Open workout. You need to stay fast and push the pace throughout the entire duration. Run hard, do the thrusters unbroken, and crank out the double unders. Transition times should be minimal. This workout should feel similar, but perhaps longer, to a 1-mile sprint effort.


Daddy and daughter deadlifts.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD (28:00-48:00)
5 Rounds for time of:
25 Medicine ball cleans (20lbs/14lbs)
10 Burpee pull-ups

L3 – 20/14, BPU
L2 – 14/10, BPU (Jumping)
L1 – 10/6, Burpee+RingRows

Watch this video. This is how the medicine ball clean shoulder look:

2. Gymnastics Skill & Stamina (48:00-60:00)
3 Rounds for quality:
0:10 Low ring plank hold
Immediately into max quality ring push-ups

Couch stretch with the elbow near the foot, 1:00 per leg.

This is a conditioning burner that will sneak up on you. Plan to finish in the 15-20 minute range with a 20 minute cap. If the first round takes more than 3 minutes, scale down the reps to support that timeline. It’s supposed to be SQUAT cleans on the Med-Ball cleans, but scale as needed.


Team work makes the dream work!

This one is all about the grip and your core. Remember to breath and not death-grip the KBs. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!

Metcon (Time)

1. Partner WOD (25:00-35:00)

“Tail Pipe”

3 Rounds

Row 250 meters

*Partner 1 rows while Partner 2 Holds 2 KBs (53/35) in the front rack position with handles touching. When partner 1 finishes the row, the athletes switch. Round 1 is done when athlete 2 finishes the 250 meters. Athletes can only row while their partner is holding the KBs in the front rack position. If the KBs come down from the rack position the person rowing must stop

Metcon (Time)

2. Partner WOD, part 2 (35:00-45:00)

Rest 1 minute after completing “Tailpipe” then do:

400 meter Farmers Walk (53/35 lb KBs)

*Partners can break this up anyway they want to accumulate the 400 meters.

L3 – (53/35)

L2 – (35/25)

L1 – (25/10)

3. Cool Down and Skill (45:00-60:00)

1) Kneeling Forearm Stretch

2) Practice any skill of choice. Suggestions are to practice rope climbs and/or Muscle Ups


Working on our hands today!

Workout of the Day
Workout 18.4
For time:
21 deadlifts, 225 lb.
21 handstand push-ups
15 deadlifts, 225 lb.
15 handstand push-ups
9 deadlifts, 225 lb.
9 handstand push-ups
21 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
15 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
9 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 9 min.

Men – 225/315
Women -155/205

Men – 135/185, bear crawl
Women -95/135, bear crawl

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.