17.1 Is In The Books!!!


17.1 brought more than enough dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump overs. Our athletes showed up and gave it their all.   We had over 250 athletes complete this workout and we even had a handful of people that took it on twice!  That was a whole lot of snatches and burpees box jump overs.  Hope everyone spent some time to relax and recover over the weekend.

Thanks to our awesome community for showing up to FNL to workout, judge, support etc.  Time and time again you guys exemplify what CrossFit is all about. Our MBS community rocks! And a HUGE thank you to Lil’ Nick’s Pizza and Kill Cliff for coming out support our athletes.

FNL photos are up on the MBS flickr page at

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Remember it is your responsibility to submit your 17.1 score by Monday February 27th, 5:00pm Pacific Time. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


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Beyond Impressed and Truly Inspired!!!

MBS coupled with 40 women who committed to 6 weeks of working out, eating healthy, and changing their lives! This week marked the end of this 6 Week Challenge and all we can say is WOW have these ladies made us proud. They showed up to class with positive attitudes and the will to give it their all!!!
As a group, inches were lost, pounds were shed, we had lots of laughs, and SO many gains were made. On day one, we had participants that couldn’t do a sit up, a burpee, a box jump, a push up, and had never used a barbell. Fast forward to day 18 and PR’s abound. Most of these gals are joining us for another six weeks, signed up to participate in the Open, and joined our MBS community. Make sure to welcome them with open arms into our awesome community.
The pleasure has been ours ladies! We are excited to help you continue on your fitness journey!
Here’s a little snap shot of our fun journey together! More pics to come on our FB page!!!
DSC_0069 IMG_6831 IMG_6829 IMG_6828 IMG_6838  IMG_8173 DSC_0074 DSC_0061 DSC_0068
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Schedule Changes during the Open

FNL 16.4_03 18 16_8376_edited-1

The Open is literally next week! I hate being pushy about something, but you really need to get signed up! Do it right now and get it out of the way!

Here’s the link, it costs $20:

And, remember to join our affiliate and teams…

If you workout at the hangar…
Affiliate: MBS CrossFit
Team: MBS CrossFit – Broomfield

If you workout at the deuce…
Affiliate: MBS CrossFit II
Team: MBS CrossFit – Arvada

Next, here’s a list of schedule changes and other details. Please hollar if you have any questions. We want you guys to have a blast over the next 5 weeks!

No 5:30pm WOD classes at the Deuce starting Friday, February 24th and for the following 5 weeks. We’re hoping you’ll come up to the hangar for FNL!

No Thursday 5:15pm Strength class at the Hangar. Weight room will still be open, but no coached class.

No Sunday gymnastics at the hangar. We will have Open gym from 9-11am at the Hangar and 9:30-11:30 at the Deuce each Sunday for people to come in and make up their workout if needed.

Friday Night Lights is seriously legit! We’d love for the heats to be filled up each week so we can cheer everyone on under the lights. Here’s the sign up sheet: FNL Heat Sign Up

Each Friday night we will have local sponsors that will make the FNL experience more comfortable/fun. We will post the weekly sponsor on our closed Facebook group page. Please say hello and check out our sponsors!

Antonio from Enhanced Movement Chiropractic and Cobi from Stress Logic massage will be onsite each night for FNL. Antonio is offering a recovery package for athletes and Cobi will be offering massages. This is a great way to get recovered for your 2nd attempt on Sunday!

Sam will be our official photographer at FNL capturing all the awesome-ness! We’ll post the pics to our FB group page each week. Make sure to throw up the peace sign (do ppl still do that?).

Ok, that’s basically it.

If you need to refresh on the weekly timeline, this post explains how the week will run during the open.

Thanks guys. Let’s have a blast!


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MBS Athletes at Work

Congrats to these MBS Athletes for putting their fitness and training to the test this past weekend. We are super proud of you!

Randy and Melissa at the Tuff Love Competition

Randy and Melissa at the Tuff Love Competition

Scott and Doreen at the Tuff Love competition.

Scott and Doreen at the Tuff Love competition.

Ankie crushing her 1st weight lifting meet.

Ankie crushing her 1st weight lifting meet.

Matt is the new 85kg Weightlifting State Champion.

Matt is the new 85kg Weightlifting State Champion.

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Bring A Friend Valentines Day- Show Some Love!

16601752_10154500160728720_3601542948390622846_oShow some LOVE and BRING A FRIEND! ALL DAY Tuesday February 14th
This is the perfect time to drag your co-worker, friend, or family member into the gym and show them why you love it soo much.
Both locations- Broomfield/Arvada All day-All classes!
Do my friends have to be “in shape”, or have CrossFit experience to participate? Absolutely not!
We have 8 years of experience in helping all levels of athletes participate in CrossFit, regardless of current fitness level.
How many friends can I bring in? As many as you’d like.

Do I need to do anything? To make this experience the best possible, please fill out a contact form for what class time, and how many friends you’ll be bringing in. We’ll take care of the rest!

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Latest MBS CrossFit Arvada Happenings


We have some EXCITING events planned for 2017!

For starters, we have over 50 women who are committed to our six-week Women Only New You Challenge. These ladies are ready to change their lives by working out, eating right, losing weight and gaining muscle. We are thrilled to guide them on this journey. If you missed your chance to get in on the New You Challenge, don’t worry! We will still offer On-Ramp beginner classes for those of you who are ready to jump into the sport of CrossFit. Additionally, we will be offering mini-nutritional challenges throughout the year to help maintain peak performance and great health.

At MBS CrossFit, we strive to make your whole family healthy. We also have Teen CrossFit classes in Arvada two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00 pm. For our little ones, we have CrossFit Kids on Tuesdays in Broomfield and on Thursdays in Arvada. Check out our class schedules for more information.

Continuing the excitement, February and March brings the CrossFit Games Open! Every Friday night at our Broomfield location we will be hosting Friday Night Lights. Our Arvada and Broomfield athletes will have the opportunity to throw down the Open WODs under the lights in a fun setting. We will have music, food, sponsors and beer!

Finally, in the upcoming months look for a Jump N’ Rope double under clinic along with handstand, pull-up and muscle up clinics!

2017 is looking to shape up to be the BEST year yet at MBS CrossFit Arvada!

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Handstand workshop success!


Thanks to Coach Ben and everyone that came out to the handstand workshop. We covered 1)Why gymnastics, 2) Body positions for handstands, 3) and a ton of drills that progressed toward handstand pushups and handstand walking…Or, should I say “walking on hands” for CrossFitters!

We are doing another workshop this weekend to help you get prepared for the Open. The advanced pullup and bar muscle up workshop will be held 8-9:30am this Saturday in Broomfield. You can sign up here for $10: Pullup/BMU workshop. We hope to see some Arvada folks coming up too!

Check out some of the other pics Sam took on Saturday here on our MBS Flickr page.

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Congrats MBS CrossFit Teens &Kids

16252288_10154437074978720_3740959451908051831_oCongrats to our teen and kid athletes that competed in the CrossFit Frontier competition in Cheyenne! You guys ROCKED it and we are super proud of you!

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Gymnastics Skill Clinics and More at MBS

WOD_05 22 16_0492_edited-2

I hope you guys are getting signed up for the CrossFit Open!

The CrossFit Open is a 5-week competition where will post workouts for Rx and Scaled level athletes every Thursday night, and we will get a chance to do them at the gym every Friday-Sunday at our gym and submit our scores and compete in teen, open, and masters divisions across the whole wide world!

It’s just over 30 days away. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll start taking your training seriously – eating better, getting more sleep,  and hitting your workouts with more intensity…Basically, kicking some ass!

This is the one time per year that we bring the Broomfield and Arvada gym communities together to celebrate our fitness and accomplishments in the gym. Really, it’s just a rad party every Friday night for our Friday Night Lights (FNL)!

And, the best part…ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOMED! You do not have to have pullups or heavy weights to compete. We will be counting your reps and cheering you on the same way!

We put a post up regarding what the week will look like during the Open, including FNL details and how to register under the correct team (Broomfield vs Arvada)…It will run a lot like last year, for those that were here. If you weren’t here last year, you’re in for a treat!

Get signed up for the OPEN now!!! 

To help get you ready, we lined up some gymnastic workshops…The survey you filled out on our private MBS Facebook Group Page gave us a pretty good idea of what was most needed, so we put together these options.


Weekend Series Workshops

Hosted by Coach Ben and Pat. Cost is $10 for MBS members.

Week 1:
Saturday, January 28th – 90-min L1-L2 Handstand/walking workshop from 8-9:30am. 
This workshop will cover body shapes, shoulder prep and position prior to doing HSPU’s and walking. We will also cover progressions and drills for all levels. This is a must for ANYONE wanting to improve their overhead positions (Oly lifts as well!).  Sign up HERE.

Week 2:
Saturday, February 4th – 90-min L2 Pullup and bar muscle up workshop from 8-9:30am. 

This workshop is aimed at folks that have their pullups and would like to improve their efficiency (ie, doing more). We will cover gymnastic and butterfly kip and progress to the bar muscle up. Sign up HERE.

Sunday, February 5th – 2-hour JumpNrope Double Under workshop. Held at both locations. 
Molly and her crew at JumpNrope have traveled the world and still hold several world records on the jumprope. We are fortunate to have them as a resource here. I have done several of their clinics and LOVE them! Great for all levels of jump ropers.

Broomfield from 10-12pm, sign up HERE.
Arvada from 2-4pm, sign up HERE.

Week 3:
Saturday, February 11th – Open Prep workshop from 8-9:30am. 

We will finish up our weekend workshop series with an Open Prep workshop covering how to improve efficiency and technique in clean and snatch “touch and go” cycling, burpees, box jumps, toes to bar, and wall balls. These “little” tips and tricks are what the pro’s do and can be used by anyone. Sign up HERE.

But wait, there’s more!

Coach Ben just got back from a weekend at the CrossFit Gymnastics certification and wants to share some of what he learned. For the next 3 weeks, at our Thursday 6:30pm WOD class at the hangar will do a gymnastics workout instead of the normal WOD. This class will be open to BOTH Arvada and Broomfield MBS members for the cost of a visit or free for Unlimited members. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday,  January 26th – Basic Pullup strength

Thursday, February 2nd – Basic Ring Muscle up strength

Thursday, February 9th – Pistol strength

OMG, so much gymnastics…And, we’re still not done!

Finally, you can still get more gymnastics every Sunday at our 9-10am all-levels gymnastics class where Coach Ben mixes drills together into a great Sunday sweat!

Ok…Let us know if you think we’re missing something. Also, you can always let a coach know if you need help on a movement during class…We’re always happy to help!