Kasey McCurdy’s Incredible Transformation Through CrossFit and Nutrition!!!

I’ve always been the fat kid and have struggled with my weight my entire life. It wasnt until i started to get really serious with Crossfit and a lower-carbohydrate existence that I started to actually transform not just my body, but my mindset as well. I remember in 2007, I stepped on the scale at nearly 260lbs.

I remember talking with my wife about joining some cardio-kickboxing class that was going to cost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for 10 weeks (that seemed like a lot to pre-Crossfit me¬†ūüôā). I did some work on my own prior to starting to actually start to get the weight down, and entered the “program” at 234 pounds, with a nearly 40-inch waist. Cardio-kickboxing was my life for a couple of years, and I even ended up instructing. At a certain point, I got tired of using resistance bands for strength-training, and found a more functional place that used kettlebells, pullup bars, and other pieces of equipment that seemed more “real” to me.

My goal was to run and complete a Tough Mudder (a 13-mile obstacle course race). While at this new place, one of the coaches said “Tough Mudder, huh? Have you ever heard of a GORUCK Challenge?” No, I hadn’t. He told me about it…it’s a 12-14 hour endurance challenge led by current and former Special Forces to give you a taste of their training. You get the hell beat out of you for at least 14 hours, and oh yeah, you have a backpack full of 40lbs of bricks the entire time. Who the hell would do that? Me…6 months later, that’s who. And I’m still actively doing these events…even completing a few of them back to back (in consecutive nights with about 3 hours of sleep). It’s amazing how much your outlook on life and “hardship” changes when you put yourself through something as difficult and soul-crushing as a GORUCK Challenge…it’s honestly been one of the biggest change agents in my life.

Well, it was around this time that another friend told me about “Crossfit,” which I could only assume was one of those cheesy “Lift weights for Jesus” type gyms. I did some YouTube searching and saw people dragging sleds, flipping tires, and using real barbells. I saw thrusters, squats, and…”wait…what the hell kind of pullups are those!?” Within weeks I was hooked. I couldn’t do a single pullup. Power cleaning 135 off the ground was a milestone for me. Double-unders were basically an exercise in self-flagellation. But, it brought out this competitive spirit in me that I had NEVER felt before. I felt…awoken…alive…better.

It’s been 5 years doing Crossfit now, and it’s transformed my life and helped me to be a great role model for my children so that they never have to go through the bullshit of being the fat kid…because it sucks a lot.

Doing the Lurong challenge at MBS Crossfit was an amazing experience that helped to catalyze some physical changes that had been just out of reach for the better part of a year. My body hovered around 195-200 pretty much all the time, but one number I’ve wanted to see for YEARS was “185.” This 6 weeks gave me a short timeframe in which I knew, if I dialed everything in correctly, I could have the thing I’d wanted for so long.

The Ketogenic diet has been what I’ve found to allow me to perform and feel the best, so I stuck with it. This time around, for this challenge, I counted each and every macro, calorie and molecule going into my body. No more “lazy keto” for me…this was “lazer keto”. I followed the protocols from the “KetoGains” community (Google: ketogains), set up my trusty Excel spreadsheet for my weekly meals, and got to cooking.

I’ll never forget the day I hit 185…5 weeks in. Let’s just say this was a very good day. I woke up, hopped on the scale and almost wept at the number staring back at me. I did it. My son heard me yell something in the bathroom and came and looked…”MOM!! DAD DID IT!!” Having him see that I had a goal and I worked hard to achieve it is a lesson I continually try to reinforce upon him. “You’ve gotta work for it, son” is something I probably say too much to an 8-year old. In addition to hitting my goal weight, we found out our house back in Iowa sold for well above asking price, and my wife got news of a bonus at work. This was a “holy shit, we’re celebrating with wine” type-of-night.

So…was the Lurong Challenge completely life-changing? No. Was it a great time period to allow me to focus on a goal and attack it with everyhting I had? Hell yes. Here I sit…at 184lbs…where I’m going to stay for awhile. I did it, and the support of my team and the love of some friendly competition made it fun the entire time.

If you’re curious to see some photos of a shirtless fat dude transforming into a shirtless less-fat dude posing in the mirror…knock yourself out:


Way to go Kasey. We are so proud of you!

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Spreading The Holiday Cheer

Once again we will be supporting the Santa Cops program through the Westminster Police Department.  Trees are up and adorned with ornaments at both MBS CrossFit locations.

Each ornament contains a gift item for a specific child. Please buy the item on the ornament and return it to the tree with the ornament attached. Please bring the new and unwrapped items back by next Thursday, 12/14. ¬†You are welcome to take as many ornaments as you’d like.


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Making it happen!

Ankie visualizing before the lift.


Make Things

Life is all about making things. As soon as you could wrap your hands around a crayon as a child, you were making your own masterpieces. Continuing through childhood you made forts with blankets and chairs,¬† skyscrapers with Popsicle sticks, and imagined magical lands and times as princesses and knights. That’s what kids do. They make stuff!


Stop Making Things

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we stop making things. Color between the lines. Get good grades. Sit in your chair. Stop goofing around. We begin to hear these rules and restrictions and are discouraged from imagining, exploring, and creating.


The Difference

Kids scribble, make Popsicle stick projects, and imagine far off lands that aren’t reality. That is good and natural and it should be considered practice for what we will do when we become adults. Instead, rather than maturing the practice of creation from unrealistic or unhelpful things as children, we altogether just stop making things.¬† We follow the crowd and believe in what other people believe and lose the ability to make things on our own.


Your Oppurtunity

As adults, we still have the opportunity to imagine OUR HEALTH, OUR RELATIONSHIPS, OUR CAREER, and OUR LIVES as empty slates that can be created exactly the way we would like them to be. All that is needed is imagination and belief in ourselves…And, application of time and effort to the cause. What do you want YOUR health to be like and what steps do you need to take to get there? What do you want your relationships to look like and what do you need to change to make it happen? What do you want your career to be and what actions do you need to take to start making it happen? All of these things can be changed and decided and MADE BY YOU!!! Holy shit, that is why we are so damn blessed to be living in AMERICA – the land of the free!


How to Do It

Have you ever watched a kid try to watch a Disney movie and do art at the same time? It doesn’t work. They are completely distracted watching Bambi on the screen and they get absolutely nowhere with their art project. Similarly, adults cannot be plugged into other people’s lives and business (Facebook, IG, TV shows) if they want to make their own life. You need to unplug and focus on what you are doing. It’s that simple. Carry a daily planner and/or journal, set goals, take rest days and reflect, ask yourself questions, and plan and prepare for the future.


It Won’t Happen Overnight

Just like working out, results won’t happen overnight. If have not been writing in a journal, setting goals, and in the practice of planning, it will take some time to learn what works best for you. Maybe you like electronic journals over the paper and pen version. Maybe you like having BIG and challenging goals because that motivates you. Or, maybe you like smaller incremental steps and celebrating every small milestone. We are all different and have different preferences on how we do things…Again, just like children…Some prefer crayons and paper and to work on art indoors, while some prefer sticks and the outdoors to carry out their fantasies. Practice makes perfect and it will take 10,000 hours to become a master…Or, maybe 5,000 will make you at least a semi-master. Either way, do more than what you are doing now and you will see results!


Decide Now

Is 2018 going to be ‘just another year?’ Or, will it be THE year that you turn things around? Will this be the year that you stop listening to (and watching on social media) everyone else’s lives and opinions and start deciding what you want your health, relationships, and career to look like? It all starts with just one step and there’s no time better than right now to start. Don’t wait until January…Literally, grab a pen right now and start making a list…What will your health look like? What will your relationships look like? What will your career look like? What will your life legacy be? What things can you do today, this week, this month, and this next year to make it start happening?



MBS Welcomes Coach Sam!

Please help us in welcoming Coach Sam to the MBS coaching team. She’s pumped to be part of the team and we are thrilled to have her. Sam will mainly be at the deuce (Arvada) but you may see her at the hangar (Broomfield) from time to time.

Sam grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been involved in sports from a very young age.  She played Division 1 volleyball at Villanova University.  Sam started CrossFit in 2012 after a couple years of endurance running and hasn’t looked back since! She has been coaching full-time since 2015 and loves helping people live a healthier life in and out of the gym!

When she’s not playing with a barbell you can find Sam spending time outside with her husband, Scott, and her puppies, Harley and Tucker.  When she’s not outside she probably cooking up some healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) meals in the kitchen.

Qualifications- CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 1

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Drum Roll Please….The Results Are In!!!

The final results are in and it’s time to announce our winners. It was a great 6 weeks and it ended up being a super close race between the two teams. Hats off to both teams. All we can say is wow, wow, wow! The results were amazing. Many lot weight, gained muscle,lost body fat and made gains in the gym. Keep an eye on the blog and our social medial pages for testimonials and success stories. And a huge congratulations to all of your for participating in our 2017 Fall Nutrition Challenge.  You are all winners! 
Dumb Roll Please….

Top Team Score- $500  Prize
-The Purple Reign
21st Place Over All- Purple Reign  Total Points 1,919.3878
28th Place Over All- Steel Panthers  Total Points 1,776.1694
1st Place Individual – $150 Cash Prize
-Heather Johnson on Team Purple Reign 6th Place Over All-Total Points 2989   
         2nd Place Individual Р$100 Cash Prize
         -JD White on Team Steel Panthers 11st Place Place Over All Total Points 2925 
         3rd Place Individual- $50 Cash 
         -Erin Schafer on Team Steel Panther 24th Place Over AllTotal Points 2850 

          Sprit Award- MBS T-Shirt
          -Kasey McCurdy on Team Purple Reign
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The case for getting STRONG!

Fuller bringing down the house with some heavy weights at FNL.


The Case for Getting STRONG

By Pat B


I want you to get strong. You should want to be strong.

The word strong has so many connotations. To lift heavy weights. To perform a specified action very well and efficiently. To posess the skills and qualities that create the likelihood of success. And, there is so much more.

The way I’m using strong is to lift heavy weights.

To lift heavy weights means two things. First, you have a good amount of muscle. This is a good thing. More muscle means more health. It also means you won’t die as easily…Seriously. Second, you move efficiently. Well, it is possible that you are just a brute and move like shit but can still lift a lot of weight. But, I’d still take that over dying easily any day.

I really do want people to respect lifting weights more.

People should be measuring themselves on their back squat, deadlift, and press instead of the scale. The scale only says how much you weigh. What does ‘life’ care that you weigh 150 vs. 135? The only place I can think of where it matters how much you weigh is a child’s car seat (you need to weigh __ lbs. or more), and some carnival rides (weight limit cannot exceed ___ lbs.) where your weight really matters. But, those are extremes. However, I can think of tons of instances where it would matter how much you could back squat, deadlift, or press.

Let’s go through the list of benefits one would have if they improved their back squat, deadlift, and press, each by 25%.

– Increased muscle density
– Improved metabolic rate (burn more calories in resting)
– Improved bone density
– Improved hormone function
– Improved posture and reduction of back pain
– Improved ability and efficiency in other physical activities outside of the gym
– Improved quality of life!!!

I could go on and on with tons of specific examples. And, with making the assumption that one could pretty easily see this improvement while eating healthy, they would see a huge improvement in body composition. So, clothes would fit better and they would have the aesthetic benefits as well.

Greg Glassman had it correct when he said “Form follows function.” Meaning, focus on your functional capacity – the squat, the deadlift, the press, and all the other stuff we train in the gym. Improve those things and your body will follow suit. I promise, you won’t be dissapointed!

So, get a logbook and start tracking your lifts!!! Back squat, front squat, overhead squat, deadlift, clean, snatch, press, push press, jerk, pullups, Fran, Diane, Filthy 50, Grace, Jackie, Murph…You need to know this stuff! These measurements are going to give you the life (and body) that you’ve always wanted.

Remember though, we follow a rule – Mechanics (proper and safe technique), Consistency (1st rep looks like 100th rep), and then (relative) Intensity. Rome wasn’t built in a day and changes aren’t going to happen overnight. So, take your time and practice good form and play the long game. It isn’t helpful to the big picture if you push too fast and get injured right away!

Good luck. We’ll see you on the strong side!


Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite CrossFitter

Need to shop for the CrossFitter in your life? Look no further than Turkey Challenge weekend! It’s one stop shopping!!!¬† We have the following vendors and sponsors on site ready to attend to your holiday needs:
Title Sponsor: Paleoethics
Event Sponsors: Brute Force, Crossover Symmetry, False Grips, Kill Cliff, Rep Fitness, Resolute Clothing and Accessories, & OSO Barbell Collars
‚ÄčVendor Alley: ‚ÄčAthleta of Boulder, Boulder Running Company, Dr. Brew Kombucha, Lifting the Dream Clothing, Livesore Clothing, Nuun Hydration, Odin Designs, Rooster & Lark, RX Bar, and Zen Planner
Recovery Vendors:
Enhanced Movement Chiropractic, Lotke Method, My Better Water, and Onus IV
Food Providers- Caveman Chefs, The Butcher and the Blonde

MBS Coaches & Members

Pat, Jeremy & Heather completed the CrossFit Master’s Course held at MBS

Coach Kristin finished in 3rd place at Battle Of The Barbells in Murfreesboro Tennessee

MBS Athlete Scott Sneller crushed the NYC Marathon

Coach Michael took 1st place at Scots on the Rocks Heavy Games in Mohab

Athlete Randy Martinez completed his Level One CrossFit Certification

We are always so amazed and impressed by our amazing community. Keep up the good work!

Reebok Honoring Veterans

PB trying his best to look intimidating. Photo courtesy @trappephoto.


Reebok recently did a story on our very own Pat Burke and his experience coming across CrossFit for his first time in 2004 while in the Marines and then eventually opening MBS CrossFit in 2008. Reebok just launched their new CrossFit Nano Weave in military green for Veteran’s Day along with promoting the CrossFit Hero Pack, which¬†includes the¬†Nano 7 Weave,¬†Speed TR¬†and¬†Legacy Lifter, all of which are currently available on and proceeds go toward One More Wave, and organization that equips wounded veterans with surf boards.

Read the full article here.

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Ankle mobility hurting your squat? Yeah me neither…

The enemy to everyone’s poor squat, your ankles must be tight, or you cannot squat below parallel because you lack ankle flexion.

To say the body is fascinating is an obvious understatement.

What I find especially amazing is how the body will alter it’s movement mechanics to¬†reduce threat¬†or insult to the body, whether conscious or unconscious.

Let us profile the squat movement with an illustration.

We see 3 major joints of the lower extremity that involved with squatting. These joints will work together in a system to achieve the task at hand, and our body will do what it needs to in order to make that happen.For many of us, this is getting hips below parallel, but goals may vary for others.

How do the hips get below the knees during a squat?

  1. Knee flexion
  2. Ankle flexion
  3. Hip flexion

If all of these must work together, and let’s say, for instance, one of these joints are compromised due to pain or tissue restrictions, what could we assume would happen?

Clearly, if we follow the chain of reactions, where one joint is dependent on the proper functioning of another, then we can determine if the hip or the knee is compromised the ankle range of motion will clearly be altered to reduce the threat.  Whether you know it or not.

So perhaps your ankles are not what they are all cracked up to be…


By: Dr. Antonio Gurule DC, CSCS, CrossFit Lv-1

Dr. Antonio focuses on movement based principles to help his athletes and patient’s recovery from injuries and improve performance.  As a sports chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist, he applies the latest findings and principles to challenge his athletes to be better.

Gain Mobility ‚Äď Get Stronger ‚Äď Move Better


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