Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite CrossFitter

Need to shop for the CrossFitter in your life? Look no further than Turkey Challenge weekend! It’s one stop shopping!!!  We have the following vendors and sponsors on site ready to attend to your holiday needs:
Title Sponsor: Paleoethics
Event Sponsors: Brute Force, Crossover Symmetry, False Grips, Kill Cliff, Rep Fitness, Resolute Clothing and Accessories, & OSO Barbell Collars
Vendor Alley: ​Athleta of Boulder, Boulder Running Company, Dr. Brew Kombucha, Lifting the Dream Clothing, Livesore Clothing, Nuun Hydration, Odin Designs, Rooster & Lark, RX Bar, and Zen Planner
Recovery Vendors:
Enhanced Movement Chiropractic, Lotke Method, My Better Water, and Onus IV
Food Providers- Caveman Chefs, The Butcher and the Blonde

MBS Coaches & Members

Pat, Jeremy & Heather completed the CrossFit Master’s Course held at MBS

Coach Kristin finished in 3rd place at Battle Of The Barbells in Murfreesboro Tennessee

MBS Athlete Scott Sneller crushed the NYC Marathon

Coach Michael took 1st place at Scots on the Rocks Heavy Games in Mohab

Athlete Randy Martinez completed his Level One CrossFit Certification

We are always so amazed and impressed by our amazing community. Keep up the good work!

Reebok Honoring Veterans

PB trying his best to look intimidating. Photo courtesy @trappephoto.


Reebok recently did a story on our very own Pat Burke and his experience coming across CrossFit for his first time in 2004 while in the Marines and then eventually opening MBS CrossFit in 2008. Reebok just launched their new CrossFit Nano Weave in military green for Veteran’s Day along with promoting the CrossFit Hero Pack, which includes the Nano 7 WeaveSpeed TR and Legacy Lifter, all of which are currently available on and proceeds go toward One More Wave, and organization that equips wounded veterans with surf boards.

Read the full article here.

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Ankle mobility hurting your squat? Yeah me neither…

The enemy to everyone’s poor squat, your ankles must be tight, or you cannot squat below parallel because you lack ankle flexion.

To say the body is fascinating is an obvious understatement.

What I find especially amazing is how the body will alter it’s movement mechanics to reduce threat or insult to the body, whether conscious or unconscious.

Let us profile the squat movement with an illustration.

We see 3 major joints of the lower extremity that involved with squatting. These joints will work together in a system to achieve the task at hand, and our body will do what it needs to in order to make that happen.For many of us, this is getting hips below parallel, but goals may vary for others.

How do the hips get below the knees during a squat?

  1. Knee flexion
  2. Ankle flexion
  3. Hip flexion

If all of these must work together, and let’s say, for instance, one of these joints are compromised due to pain or tissue restrictions, what could we assume would happen?

Clearly, if we follow the chain of reactions, where one joint is dependent on the proper functioning of another, then we can determine if the hip or the knee is compromised the ankle range of motion will clearly be altered to reduce the threat.  Whether you know it or not.

So perhaps your ankles are not what they are all cracked up to be…


By: Dr. Antonio Gurule DC, CSCS, CrossFit Lv-1

Dr. Antonio focuses on movement based principles to help his athletes and patient’s recovery from injuries and improve performance.  As a sports chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist, he applies the latest findings and principles to challenge his athletes to be better.

Gain Mobility – Get Stronger – Move Better


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Weekly preview Oct 9-14th

Week 41 of 2017.


Here’s a peek into our 2nd week of October. Snow is likely going to make it’s first showing here on the front range so please drive safe if you’re in those early morning classes. And, for future notice to newcomers of the gym, it’s good policy to keep your eyes here on the blog or on our Facebook Group Page during incliment weather to be aware of class cancellations. Remember to wear PINK this Tuesday, as we will be taking pictures for social media for breast cancer awareness!!!

2 BIG things we’d love you to consider :

–>>First, the Turkey Challenge is quickly approaching and we need judges!!! You can sign up HERE. You do not have to be a certified coach or be the fastest or strongest person in class. The only requirement is the desire to help others complete the workouts according to standard.

–>>Second, we have the honor of hosting the CrossFit Masters Course at the hangar on Nov 4-5th. We are looking forward to sending several of our coaches and any of you that are interested in learning more about programming, modifying movement, and getting some knowledge bombs from CF Hq staff, are invited to join. Sign up HERE.

Thanks. Have a great week!

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Big Hearts, Big Muscles, Big Money!!!

Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed in the 3rd annual Do More Charity Challenge at Front Range CrossFit over the weekend.  Together our athletes raised and won over $30,000.00 for some very important local charities, Judi’s House, Tennyson Center, Steve’s Club and T3.  We couldn’t be more proud of this great group of people!

Big Hearts, Big Muscles, Big Money! 

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Annual Breast Cancer Awareness WOD-Tuesday Oct 10th

Bring a Friend & Breast Cancer Awareness WOD, Tuesday October 10th, during all classes in Broomfield and Arvada. You can knock out two cool things in a single 60 minute session – you can share “what you love” about MBS with someone that hasn’t done CrossFit before, AND you can show your support for those that fight against breast cancer. Grab your friends and pull out your pink. We’re gonna have a good time! Shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions.

Let’s get PINK- All Day…All Classes…Both Locations!!!! 


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Looking for good help at the Turkey Challenge!

Our 8th annual Turkey Challenge sold out in under a week!


What do you get when you mix 400 CrossFitters across the state of Colorado, a community that loves putting on a fun event, and a cool weekend in November before the Thanksgiving holiday? Answer = the MBS Turkey Challenge! It’s honestly pretty simple, but it couldn’t be done without your help.

Please follow the links below to enter your name, contact info, availability, and shirt size. We will be contacting and confirming 2-3 weeks before the event. All judges and volunteer will be provided with event shirt, food, and gift bags. Thank you in advance for your help!



We need about 30 judges all day Saturday and Sunday and even a handful on Friday evening. Judges do what you’d expect at a CrossFit competition – ensure movement standards are met, and score the athletes time/reps on workouts. You do NOT need to be a coach to be a judge, but it is very helpful to have experience with all the common CF movements. We have AM and PM shifts available on either one or all of the days. Our Head Judges are Coach Jeremy and Coach Kyle and you can reach out to them with any questions you have. Sign up HERE for judging availability.



We’ll need about 30 volunteers beginning Friday afternoon and through Sunday. Volunteer responsibilities include helping set up/tear down, assisting registration, score card running, heat check in, and more. We have AM and PM shifts available on either one or all of the days. Our Volunteer coordinator is Coach Heather and she can answer any questions you have. Sign up HERE for volunteering availability.


Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this crew for a weekend??!


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MBS welcomes coach Kristin!

Kristin with her dog Bo J.


Welcoming Kristin to the coaching staff at MBS

We would like to officially introduce Kristin Reffett as a coach at MBS. You may have seen her at the In-House Comp and/or shadowing classes the past few weeks. She is new to Colorado, joining us after the last few years competing on a team with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (home of my man crush Rich Froning). She has been CrossFitting since 2011, a trainer since 2012, and ran cross country and track in college.  Aside from obviously a ton of CrossFit and fitness experience to share, she is really looking forward to making the MBS community her home and experiencing all that the Colorado outdoors has to offer. We hope you introduce yourself and get a chance to meet Kristin soon!

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