Memorial Day “MURPH”

Copy of Memorial Day-3
Next Monday is Memorial Day &  we will be doing “Murph” in memory of a fallen Navy Seal, Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. This is one of the handful of times that our Broomfield and Arvada gyms get to hang out together.  We will be having a little BYOE bbq after from 11-1 or so.  We are hosting Murph at our Arvada location this year!!! Friends and Family are welcome to join us. The workout can be scaled and modified and partner style is always an option.
          We are planning to take a human American Flag picture at 9:00am and are asking for Hangar members to wear red t-shirts
          are deuce members to wear white t-shirs. Coaches/staff will be in blue.    We will have extra shirts on hand.

Broomfield Body Fat Test



Hydrostatic body fat testing

When: Saturday, May 13th from 8am-noon

Where: MBS CrossFit Broomfield (10900 w. 120th Ave.)



-Bring a swimsuit & towel
-Plan on getting wet (hair too!)Water is warm 90-99 degrees
-Appointments are only 15 minutes long. You’ll receive results immediately following test.
-Cash, Checks and Credit forms of payment are accepted.
-Initial tests run $49/test, retests are $35. Retest day is set at July 15th.
-Tests cannot be done on pregnant women.
-Here is a video, if you would like to see what you will be doing:


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Share Your Why-#whyimbscrossfit

What’s your WHY?

For the next 31 days, we want to know why you CrossFit.
Please post a pic of your why and use the hashtag #whyimbscrossfit

Some examples: • to get strong
• to climb ropes
• to throw my kids in the air
• to climb mountains
• to run marathons • to hang out with my friends

We can’t wait to see what keeps y’all motivated day after day.
Post on IG or FB and tag us too!


32nd Fittest Teenage Female Worldwide-Kaylee Jackson!!!



I was 12 years old when I first walked into a CrossFit gym – at the time I was going on 8 years of what would be 10 years of competitive gymnastics, as well as I had just moved from Florida to San Francisco, California. My dad, who had been attending CrossFit classes for a couple of months encouraged me to start the on-ramp program at our local box. Throughout the years of training up to 5 days a week for gymnastics, being an student, and traveling significantly for gymnastics competitions I had found a deep drive for competitive athletics and balancing my athletics and academics.

CrossFit didn’t really catch on with me until about 2 years later, when I moved for the third time in so many years to Broomfield. I started CrossFit again at a small gym in Lafayette, Colorado with the intention of using CrossFit to fill my competitive void while I looked for a new sport and transitioned into my freshman year of high school.  After a couple months of attending the group classes and being regularly humbled by the mainsite workouts programmed, I found my new passion and wanted to take a competitive approach to CrossFit. I started showing up at the gym 6-7 times a week, dialing my nutrition, logging my PRs, rx-ing workouts, completing benchmarks, etc. Soon after that, I decided I wanted a gym with members and staff just as competitive as I was – and a great coach – that’s when I gave MBS a ring and dropped into the hangar that day in November of 2015. I had first heard of MBS through the excitement of the upcoming Turkey Challenge, and suspected MBS had the competitive atmosphere I was looking for –  not to mention one of the best locations in the country. After only one or two group classes, I knew MBS was the best atmosphere in which I could best strive towards whatever goal I had set for myself.

Nearly a year and half later, one of my favorite memories are competing in the 2017 Open and Age Group Online qualifier. I loved completing the open workouts during Friday Night Lights and receiving kind words and support from the MBS community, as well as continuing to the Online Qualifier towards qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit has affected my life so many positive ways – although I likely prioritize differently a lot of people my age I don’t perceive I have made many sacrifices simply because CrossFit is what I love to do.   I enjoy the things any other 17 year-old would enjoy – being outdoors, off roading, shooting, camping, diving, and fishing. I love the toggle between being a full time college student and CrossFit, and CrossFit has had nothing but positive impact on my student life. Day-to-day I am able to transition from studying to training while still being focused on nutrition and recovery. On top of closing out my first year of college classes, I was able to establish myself as the in this year’s Open and Age Group Online Qualifier. The year previous, I had placed 199th worldwide.

In terms of next steps, as I work towards graduation from high school next month (May of 2017) my next goal includes becoming an officer in the US Army through ROTC.  The discipline and physical toughness I have gained through Crossfit continues to drive me towards this next goal with confidence –  I plan on continuing my competitive CrossFit career as a student at the University of South Florida this upcoming fall semester with a major in Mechanical Engineering as an Army ROTC Cadet. I have confidence that walking through those doors of that very first CrossFit gym five years ago was the best thing I could have done to set myself up for whatever aspirations I have, especially officership.

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New You Challenge Is Back at MBS



Our last New You Challenge was such success that we’ve decided to do it again.

We’re looking for men and women to undergo a 6-week total body transformation! Our program is designed to change your life, but this is not a “magic pill”. Expect to work hard. We don’t care where you’re starting from, only that you try your hardest and finish the 6 weeks!  ****This challenge is for people new to working out.**** Starts May 1st.

People send anyone you know that might be interested our way.

Broomfield Sign Up: Click Here

Arvada Sign Up:  Click Here

or e-mail for more information


There will no gymnastics class today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

There is open gym 9:30 – 11am at the Arvada location.

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Concert on the Tarmac with Shelly Rollison

The time is finally HERE!!!! We are thrilled to announce that the ever so talented  Shelly Rollison will be performing a private concert for us on May 5th at 6:30pm at the Hangar.  As always, your friends and family are welcome to join us.  The more the merrier!!! We are asking for a $5 donation to cover the cost of the concert.  17425826_10210460785729228_3048581433851895793_nClick Here To Listen Check out her music here!

New! Foundations Series at MBS

beginner crossfit

Now is the perfect time for your friends and family to get started on their fitness goals at MBS CrossFit! Our next Group Foundations Class starts Monday, April 17th.

Foundations is a 6 class series over to course of two weeks where you’ll learn the fundamentals of CrossFit while having fun in a group class.

Our coaches will ensure you know proper form, technique and feel comfortable moving on to our regular WODs and specialty classes. Not only will you get a great workout, you’ll also be informed on proper nutrition, sleep, and recovery to make you the most successful athlete you can be. Upon graduation you will receive a free week of group classes.

Cost: $99 (includes free week!)

Dates & Times:
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday – 7:15 am   (Sign Up Now!)
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday – 6:30 pm (Sign Up Now!)
Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday – 9:00 am (Sign Up Now!)
Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday – 12:15 pm (Sign Up Now!)

*All dates & times are at the Broomfield location

Do none of these dates/ times work for you? No worries! Foundations is offered in a private setting as well, scheduled at your convenience.

Private Foundations

3 Private Foundations classes with a coach covering the movements and information for group WODs. Free week upon graduation.

Cost: $180

Foundations with a Friend

Buddy Up! 3 Private Foundations classes with a coach covering the movements and information for group WODs. Free week upon graduation.

$300 ($150 each)

Spots are filling up quickly so sign up now to reserve your spot!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your Foundations classes contact Coach Shelby



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Be Strong Where You Are

17807678_981436616682_9139715004272715465_o     Words of Wisdom from Shelly Rollison

This photo is from exactly one year ago. My body is in a very different place today. After being incredibly active for two years with trail running and CrossFit, this last year I’ve been comparatively inactive and not using my body, and not without consequence.
I’m not in great physical shape like I was a year ago, but more than that, my previous back issues have flared up due to my inactivity. Boo. The good news is, I can get my body and back strong again with hard work and time, but there will be some battles along the way, which brings me to today’s workout.
I knew I could do it, I just needed to be smart about it. As the workout went on, I had to keep going down in weight and making the movements easier to be wise with my back. It was incredibly humbling, and I thought, “Man, this sucks. I used to be so much stronger.” And then it hit me… “BE STRONG WHERE YOU ARE.”
Being strong is not an eventual place to get to, although you can get strong-er. Whether you’re lifting heavy weights or using your body weight, you can be strong wherever you’re at. It’s a subtle mindset shift that can make a huge difference.
So wherever you’re at, be strong. It doesn’t have to be someday, it can be right now.


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