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High Hang Snatch by Ilian

In this video Ilian demonstrates a couple of snatches from the high hang. First you’ll see him use his back not his leg resulting in him hopping forward and kicking/looping the bar out making it hard to catch. The second lift he has a strong leg drive and vertical finish allowing him to keep the bar in close for an efficient lift. The high hangs are great for learning to drop under the bar, but also teach you to have a strong drive through the legs. If you have a habit of kicking the bar out you’re going to find yourself missing easy weights, and having to chase all your lifts.

Want more weightlifting? Check out the strength classes at 6:15am and 5:15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Broomfeild location. And remember to join Me, coach Meriah, Saturday’s at 9am at the hangar (& often out of the tarmac!) for more technique work and weightlifting practice. Remember to find the MBS Strength group on Facebook for the latest on class updates, videos, articles and more!

June Weightlifting Highlights

Check out June’s training highlights, some good lifts, learnings and a lot of fun!

As you may have noticed programming as changed a bit in our daily WODs along with our 6:15am and 5:15pm strength classes at our Broomfield location. With the incorporation of all extra work and the EMOM/OTMs consider taking a step back on weights to ensure technique is in place before going up in weight. If you are missing more than once in your EMOMs, you’re too heavy. Back off the weight a little bit and focus on each rep having the best technique. Want to work on your technique more join me, coach Meriah, Saturdays at 9am at the hangar. Since this change of programming we’ll be changing these training sessions, as previously we did not get a lot of exposure of the full lifts, now you have a lot of exposure to a lot of reps in the EMOMs. We’ll be taking a step back to work on more drills, complexes and technique work to help improve your lifts. It’ll be a workout for your brain and your muscles! As a reminder the gym is closed this Saturday, but I expect to see you on June 16th at 9am! Be sure to checkout out or MBS Strength Group on FaceBook for more on class updates, videos, articles and more!

Can’t make Saturday sessions? Contact me at about scheduling a private training session or small group session!

Max out Saturday a Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Saturday Max Out Session last weekend! Below are just a few of the awesome pictures Samantha C. took over the morning (more to come via Flickr). We had great weather and some PRs along the way!

If you missed this event don’t worry there will be more in the weeks to come! Be sure to join our MBS strength group in FaceBook for more information! In the mean time join coach Meriah Saturdays at 9am at our Broomfield location for more practice at the Olympic lifts! It’s a great chance to work on technique, as practice makes permanent!

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New HyperFit Programming

Doing work at the deuce.

Doing work at the deuce.


I hosted a couple discussions last week about our new HyperFit programming. I think we aired out most of the questions and people are pretty excited about what we are doing. Here are a few of the questions that came up.


What do all these abbreviations stand for?
AS – air squat
BS – back squat
FS – front squat
OHS – overhead squat
DL – deadlift
RDL – romanian deadlift
CL – clean (usually a squat, but coach will confirm whether squat is required)
HCL – hang clean
SDL – Sumo stance deadlift
SDHP – sumo deadlift high pull
SN – snatch (usually a squat, but coach will confirm whether squat is required)
PS – power snatch
PC – power clean
P – press
PP – push press
PJ/SJ – push jerk/split jerk
BP – bench press
STO – shoulder to overhead (press, push press, or jer)
OTM – on the minute
E3M – every 3 minutes

What is everything being posted?
There are now multiple components being posted to our daily WOD blog post. The components are:
WOD – This is the general physical preparedness (GPP) portion in which you can expect to see constantly varied, functional movements, executed at (relative) high intensity. This is what we believe everyone, regardless of goals, should be doing on a weekly basis.
Strength – Low-skill strength training. Back squat, front squat, press, deadlifts, etc.
Extra credit – Accessory work that may or may not fit within the hour and can be done after class if needed.
Weightlifting – Skill based strength training. Snatch, clean and jerk, and the variations and progressions of the lifts.
Conditioning – Pushing, pulling, dragging, carrying, and sprinting.
Endurance – Interval based workouts to benefit the three metabolic pathways, mechanics, and pacing.
Gymnastics – Primarily gymnastic based workouts that benefit strength, stamina, and skill of body weight movements.

What work will be done in the Workout of the Day classes?
Our 60-minute WOD classes will focus on completing a group warm up, the Strength portion, the WOD, and if time permits, the Extra credit. There is no specific order that it will be completed.

How many days should I train?
We post our WOD programming 6 days per week (gymnastics WOD on Sunday). Best results are going to be in the 4-5 training days per week, done on a consistent basis. A recommended split is M-W, F, and Sa. Rest days on Thur and Sun. Ultimately, it’s up to you on how often you want to train. We feel that these workouts of pushing, pulling, lifting, jumping, running, etc., are movements that are inherent to our human bodies and will be adapted to doing them daily if we choose. The benefits will be a direct result to how consistent we are with our training.

How much of the programming should I be doing?
The full amount is what is recommended for a competitive CrossFit Games athlete. Just as we write our daily programming to accommodate the highest level athlete and the beginner, adjust accordingly to your current skill and experience level and move forward. It is expected that most will find the WOD and Strength portions within the hour to be plenty. However, those that want a little more work can do the extra credit, weightlifting, and other components for additional work towards goals.

Can I split the workouts into different sessions?
Absolutely. Ultimately, it is up to you how you get it done. Whether it’s done in one session, or multiple sessions through out the day. Test and find out what works best for you.

What can I do to get the most out of the programming?
– Maintain a logbook and/or post your scores to the CF Whiteboard (located on the WOD blog post on our website). The CF Whiteboard will track your strength lifts as well as your workout of the day scores.

– Be critical of your technique constantly. Use video, training partners, and your coaches to get feedback on your movement. Be as critical to your basic movements as you are your skill based movements.

– If you are going to increase volume (add weightlifting, endurance, conditioning, etc.), make sure that you do it over 4-6 weeks gradually. You cannot just add 10 workouts a week overnight without giving yourself time to adjust.

– If you are going to increase volume, consider increasing your nutrition, sleep, and other recovery methods, as you will need that as well.

When and where can I do the other workouts at the gym?
So, the Strength, WOD, and Extra credit is offered either within the hour, or right after. However, the weightlifting, conditioning, other accessory, and gymnastics work is for you to do on your own either after class or at Open Gym. Our “Open Gym” is basically whenever there is a coach on site and there is space for you to work out. All that we ask is that people respect the coaches and classes and ask the coach whether or not they are good to use space to do additional workouts.


If you have any questions about programming, please shoot me an email at




Saturday, Sunshine, Snatching and More!

Join me, coach Meriah for a Super Saturday session out on the tarmac! Our Barbell WOD cycle has come to an end, and it’s time to max out our lifts. We’ll start around 9 am with a snatch session (20-40min) work up to a max effort. When we aren’t lifting we’re cheering our friend to hit big weights! You’ll take a short break, maybe eat a snack, stay hydrated, watch some of the big go down, and then be ready to hit a heavy C&J! We’ll be outside so dress accordingly, and as weightlifters you’re probably going to want some sunscreen! I’ll bring a small stash of adult beverages to celebrate victories afterward! Feel free to bring your own, and anything else you’d like! If you have any questions, contact me! Also be sure to checkout our MBS Strength group for updates as well!

When: Saturday, June 25th 9-11am
Where: Broomfield location, out on the tarmac! (weather permitting)
What: Max effort Snatch then max effort Clean & Jerk and a whole lot of fun!
Why: Because it’s fun in the sun!
Who: Anyone who wants to lift!

Origami Post

YouTube Preview Image

I just found this video to be too cool to not share.

Having fun with origami.

In our programming discussion tonight I mentioned the different methods of recovery – nutrition, sleep, mobility, and lastly having fun. I came up with some lame examples of fun activities, but here is a great example of an activity a person might do for fun or to relax the brain and just enjoy their time.

Getting comfortable in the bottom


I wish this picture was an overhead squat, but it does the trick in getting the point across. The point being: Learn to get comfortable in the bottom position! The conversation that lead to this picture was about getting comfortable in the bottom of his overhead squat. Steve was missing snatches that were in his wheel house because he wasn’t used to being in the bottom with heavy weights. With lighter weight he’d hit the bottom easily, but once they started get heavy he’d revert to receiving in the power position or missing. Since he was squatting the light ones, I was pretty confident that he knew how to pull himself under the bar. We could have done some drills from the hang position, but I think this tip from Greg Everett does the trick and really doesn’t take a way from your regular training program.

From now on, until you never drop a snatch or jerk from overhead unintentionally, hold every snatch, power snatch, jerk, power jerk, overhead squat or snatch balance in the receiving position for 2-3 seconds before recovering. And when you do recover, hold onto the bar for a second before you drop it.

Read Greg’s full article here

It’s a really simple way to strengthen that position and miss less weights.  Greg is talking more about losing them at the top of the lift or as you stand, but this drill I think helps with both problems. Also, don’t wait until it gets heavy to go all the way down either, because you won’t. Plus it’s a dynamic movement, do you really want to drop in the deep depths of a squat with max or near max load without warming up?

Try it out and tell me if it makes a difference in your lifts!  Want more weightlifting?  Checkout the Barbell WODs Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:15am and 5:15pm at our Broomfield location. And/or join Me (coach Meriah!) Saturday’s at 9am for more weightlifting practice also at the hanger!

*Per my suggestion (sorta) Steve chose a tea pot with warm water to help his bottom position become a warm and inviting space.  With the steam from water loosening his hip joints….
**No teapots were harmed in the production of this photo. The rest of us may be slightly scarred though.

How To Be A Modern Day Caveman

WOD_05 05 16_0112_edited-1

How to Be a Modern Day Caveman

by Pat Burke

I came up with a fun list of things to do do be more like a modern day caveman or cave woman. As much as I can, I like to integrate these things into my life to keep it interesting. Who knows, maybe it works?? Give it a try and let me know what you think!

#1 First and most importantly, eat like a caveman.

Stay away from food with heavy preservatives or added sweeteners. Look at the label. Just like caveman would likely sniff and nibble food before shoving it down his face, you should look at the label and give a shit about what you are eating…It very well may kill you if not. Also, chew your food…Cavemen didn’t eat their veggies out of a blender!

#2 Drink from different water sources.

Switching from bathroom, shower, outdoor faucets, different bedrooms, and the outdoor hose.

#3 Use less of your furniture.

This one is huge. Start with outdoor furniture. Sit on a rock or porch step. Then, don’t use your living room couch. Then, consider eating while sitting on the floor or grass outside.

#4 Walk more. Walk way more.

Don’t have anything to do? Walk. It doesn’t matter where or why. This is one of my favorites.

#5 Use less creature comforts.

Like silverware. Use your fingers when you can to eat. Don’t heat it up unless you have to. If you do, “build a fire” rather than pushing a button. I don’t mean to literally build a fire, but to actually use a stove top rather than a microwave. But, the next step would be to use your outdoor grill, then actually building a real fire!

#6 Don’t wear your shoes as much.

Get home and take them off. Don’t wear shoes at all on Sundays!

#7 Don’t wear as much clothes!

I really enjoy taking my shirt off. It has nothing to do with showing off my CrossFit bod :). I just love soaking up some morning or evening sun and Vitamin D….It’s good for you!  Sun at mid day should be for much shorter duration.

#8 When the sun goes down, it’s time for camp.

When the sun comes up, the day starts. Obviously this works much better for us in summer months. The point here is that the sun rising and setting is what we should mimic with our sleep pattern.

#9 Minimize electronics usage.

Cavemen didn’t have iPhones, Facebook, and emails to check dozens of times throughout the day. Let it go. Literally, let go of the phone!

#10 Hunt an animal, climb a hill or tree, defend your family, or flee from danger.

These are the “workouts” our caveman ancestors did on a regular basis to stay alive. You can do some of that without alerting your neighbors of the freak next door. But, more than likely you’ll have to mimic these animal behaviors by going to the gym and running, jumping, doing pushups and pullups, and lifting weights. It’s the next best thing and it will keep you in awesome shape.

#11 Be spiritual.

No matter where you get it, it should be something that “fills” you up and gives you hope. Nature is where I suspect our ancestors found their spirituality. Nature is still a great place to go when you need “filled up.”

#12 Be thankful.

I imagine the environment in caveman days being fairly rough at times. There were chances of dying of starvation, disease, exposure, rival tribe, etc. They probably woke up everyday thankful for another day alive. We should do the same.

#13 Play!

There weren’t video games to play or TVs to watch. We made our own games and most of the time with others in the tribe. Play, be silly, and laugh.

#14 Let it be quiet.

Be OK with quiet and nothing. It’s easy for us to get caught up with the speed of “life” and to forget to slow things back down.  Most days should have a pretty easy pace. It’s OK to get busy, but our modern day “busy” can get too constant and chronic, leading to getting over stressed. It’s important to have peace and quite sometimes.

#15 Finally, add variety to your life.

Just because. Drive a different way to work, walk a different way to the bathroom, go in at another time, say hello to a new person. These are all great ways to keep your environment more stimulating for your mind and body.

May weightlifting highlights!

YouTube Preview Image
The secret to getting better at lifting weights is to lift weights!

Want more weightlifting?  Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15am and 5:15pm at our Broomfield location for the Barbell WOD.  And remember Saturday’s at 9am with Coach Meriah for weightlifting practice either in the weight room or weather permitting out on the tarmac!  As a heads up, there will be no weightlifting this Saturday, June 4th but we will see you June 11th!  Remember to check out our MBS Strength Group for the latest class updates, PR videos, articles and more!

Deadlift set up vs Clean set up

Deadlift Setup

Deadlift Setup

Clean Setup

Clean Setup












On the left you’ll see Jay setting up for a deadlift, and on the right he’s setting up for a clean. What’s the difference and why? In the deadlift you’re taking the bar in hand from the ground to full knee and hip extension, in the easiest way possible, to lift greatest load. A clean is getting a less heavy weight (less heavy compared to the amount people can deadlift) from the ground in hand to your shoulders in the easiest way possible.

In the deadlift the hips are above the knees, but still lower than your head. And back is in a neutral spine position. It’s about recruiting ALL the leg muscles and posterior chain muscles to lift ridiculous amounts of weight. Where in the first pull of the clean you want to get into a position to most effectively begin the second pull where the most force can be applied to the barbell. Which looks like a lower hip compared to the deadlift but still above the knees. Where in the clean, we want to load the quads because it’s more of an explosive and jumping movement.

Want more weightlifting? Remember strength classes Tuesday and Thursdays 6:15am and 5:15pm. And weightlifting practice with me, Coach Meriah, Saturdays at our Broomfield location at 9am! For the latest on class times, videos and other weightlifting events for MBS members be sure to join our MBS Strength group on FaceBook.