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Why CrossFit is so much more that just a “Workout!”


I remember the first time I stepped into a CrossFit gym, I was terrified. I had been a long time member of a traditional fitness club. You know, the kind with spa locker rooms & childcare centers. My mind was made up that I was going to feel awkward and completely out of place and trying something new. I walked in and was stretching before class when a woman sat down next to me and said, “Are you new? I haven’t seen you here before.” I had been a member of my previous fitness club for over four years and never had anyone approach me and strike up a conversation. I immediately felt the difference in culture and knew I was in love with it.

That instant feeling of belonging, despite being a total beginner, is very rare in today’s society. The overall welcoming nature of all the members, from other beginners to superstar athletes, was shocking. I was confident I had found my new home.

This is the striking difference between a gym where you go workout and CrossFit. The connection you gain with those you ‘go into battle with,’ is deep. They become your family. We cheer for each other, celebrate each others success, pick each other up when we’re down, and high five after a workout. There is never any judgment! The bonds you create come naturally and those feelings-of-family touches even those not looking to find it.

One reason Crossfit builds such strong community is that we train in such close proximity no matter the difference in ability. It’s like a ripple effect where every athlete pushes the others around them. Those badass elites at the gym feel the drive and see the hard work of those striving to get better, and that, in turn, pushes them to work harder. We are all doing the same workout, some modifying up or down depending on level, but in the end, we are all participating together in the same WOD. We all battle together to be the best versions of ourselves. We are inspired by each other and keep setting & hitting bigger and bigger goals.

It’s like this; if one person in the gym has a goal, then everyone has a goal. When you see someone working to develop a new skill, you offer help. It’s not about staying ahead, but instead about helping others reach their goal. We then celebrate a collective win. This is the reason that people come to one CrossFit class and never leave. This feeling of being lifted up, as well as that great feeling of lifting others up, is why we get better results than when they just go workout alone. Those amazing results make us never want to stop talking about our CrossFit family and the workouts we do together.

A common scene in every box is when the last person completing the workout has the support and encouragement of the entire group. It doesn’t matter how long ago the first finisher ended. It simply feels good to cheer and be cheered for, encourage and be encouraged, and to pour belief in others while they pour their belief into you. It’s something most of us don’t receive in the other places of life. It’s this encouragement that breeds success! I’ve carried that over in so many other areas of life.

The community is key and no community is stronger than a CrossFit community.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite CrossFitter

Need to shop for the CrossFitter in your life? Look no further than Turkey Challenge weekend! It’s one stop shopping!!!  We have the following vendors and sponsors on site ready to attend to your holiday needs:
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MBS Coaches & Members

Pat, Jeremy & Heather completed the CrossFit Master’s Course held at MBS

Coach Kristin finished in 3rd place at Battle Of The Barbells in Murfreesboro Tennessee

MBS Athlete Scott Sneller crushed the NYC Marathon

Coach Michael took 1st place at Scots on the Rocks Heavy Games in Mohab

Athlete Randy Martinez completed his Level One CrossFit Certification

We are always so amazed and impressed by our amazing community. Keep up the good work!

Ankle mobility hurting your squat? Yeah me neither…

The enemy to everyone’s poor squat, your ankles must be tight, or you cannot squat below parallel because you lack ankle flexion.

To say the body is fascinating is an obvious understatement.

What I find especially amazing is how the body will alter it’s movement mechanics to reduce threat or insult to the body, whether conscious or unconscious.

Let us profile the squat movement with an illustration.

We see 3 major joints of the lower extremity that involved with squatting. These joints will work together in a system to achieve the task at hand, and our body will do what it needs to in order to make that happen.For many of us, this is getting hips below parallel, but goals may vary for others.

How do the hips get below the knees during a squat?

  1. Knee flexion
  2. Ankle flexion
  3. Hip flexion

If all of these must work together, and let’s say, for instance, one of these joints are compromised due to pain or tissue restrictions, what could we assume would happen?

Clearly, if we follow the chain of reactions, where one joint is dependent on the proper functioning of another, then we can determine if the hip or the knee is compromised the ankle range of motion will clearly be altered to reduce the threat.  Whether you know it or not.

So perhaps your ankles are not what they are all cracked up to be…


By: Dr. Antonio Gurule DC, CSCS, CrossFit Lv-1

Dr. Antonio focuses on movement based principles to help his athletes and patient’s recovery from injuries and improve performance.  As a sports chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist, he applies the latest findings and principles to challenge his athletes to be better.

Gain Mobility – Get Stronger – Move Better



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Why We Lift


Squatting again?
Over the last few weeks we’ve been having more conversations with members about why we lift weights at MBS CrossFit. These conversations go beyond the traditional complaints of “I don’t want to look bulky with all those muscles,” and “I don’t feel like I get a good workout on squat days. Can’t I just do some cardio in the corner?”. We want to make sure that all of our athletes know why we lift, and why getting stronger can be one of the best things you can do for overall health, weight loss, body composition, and getting better at all of the other CrossFit moves!

Look Good Naked
We aren’t going to dip our toes into the debate of Cardio-vs-Strength as the science is always evolving. At its core, any amount of cardio or strength is better than none, and there are varying opinions and studies on how much additional caloric burn is achieved via weight training vs. cardio, with many articles discussing how weight training causes your metabolism to burn at a higher rate, for longer, than cardio. Anecdotal evidence seemingly supports this theory, but every person is different. There are three universal truths that we want to instill in you:

UNIVERSAL TRUTH #1 – The single most important factor to weight loss is your diet! No amount of ‘extra cardio’ makes up for the entire box of cookies, or the Venti S’mores Frappuccino Blended Coffee. Abs are made in the kitchen, NOT the gym. You cannot out-train a bad diet!

UNIVERSAL TRUTH #2 – “The single best predictor of the need to go into a nursing home is how strong your legs are.” – Dr. Walter M. Bortz, geriatrician; professor of medicine, Stanford University. (http://yuno.fit/2sTjj48)  Lack of strength puts people in nursing homes, not “just getting old”. Lifting weights keeps your bones strong, your mind sharp, and helps protect your joints. Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.

UNIVERSAL TRUTH #3 – As long as you have proper form, strength days should be extremely tiring. A 5×5 back squat day is exhausting if performed with intensity. If you don’t feel you got enough of a workout on days when we lift, talk to a coach, because you didn’t lift heavy enough.

The CrossFit methodology is summed up as “Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement”.  The CrossFit Journal states that Functional Movements “are natural, effective, and efficient locomotors of body and external objects. But no aspect of functional movements is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly.” Phew, that’s a lot to unpack! But basically, we want you to be able to live your life well! That means something different to everyone, but we’re pretty sure everyone wants to be able to get off the toilet on their own, pick up their children/grandchildren, and carry their own groceries. And the best way to guarantee that you can do that, for as long as possible, is to incorporate strength training into your regular routine. While cardio training is important for lowering your risk of heart disease, resistance and strength training will help you stay strong, active, and mobile as you age. For women, strength training is especially important with age in order to maintain strong bones (National Library of Medicine).

Brain Gainz
We also incorporate Olympic lifts such as the clean-and-jerk and the snatch to challenge our ability to adapt and learn. These technical lifts are especially frustrating at times for the exact reason that they are important: They require mastery of a complex movement. The new skills feel awkward because we are triggering a growth process in our brains (Science of Learning A New Skill). See, we exercise our brains in CrossFit too!

Everything in Moderation
So, we lift, squat, press, clean, AND we run, row, bike, jump, burpee, etc. in order to have a well rounded strategy for achieving our goal of a lifetime of fitness. Squat days are every bit as important as 30 min chipper days. We encourage you to give the CrossFit methodology a full effort, follow the programming and see where it takes you. If you have questions or concerns, let’s talk about them! Any coach will be happy to chat with you and will be better equipped to help you achieve your goals if they know what they are. We are a community and we work best with understanding and communication. So to paraphrase the Terminator, “Come with me if you want to lift!”

-The Coaches of MBS CrossFit


photo cred: Samantha Conley


18814096_10154811650168720_3855794463269558035_nAll gave some. Some gave all. Today, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the Nation. Over 100 MBSers got together for “Murph” &  to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day.

Share Your Why-#whyimbscrossfit

What’s your WHY?

For the next 31 days, we want to know why you CrossFit.
Please post a pic of your why and use the hashtag #whyimbscrossfit

Some examples: • to get strong
• to climb ropes
• to throw my kids in the air
• to climb mountains
• to run marathons • to hang out with my friends

We can’t wait to see what keeps y’all motivated day after day.
Post on IG or FB and tag us too!


32nd Fittest Teenage Female Worldwide-Kaylee Jackson!!!



I was 12 years old when I first walked into a CrossFit gym – at the time I was going on 8 years of what would be 10 years of competitive gymnastics, as well as I had just moved from Florida to San Francisco, California. My dad, who had been attending CrossFit classes for a couple of months encouraged me to start the on-ramp program at our local box. Throughout the years of training up to 5 days a week for gymnastics, being an student, and traveling significantly for gymnastics competitions I had found a deep drive for competitive athletics and balancing my athletics and academics.

CrossFit didn’t really catch on with me until about 2 years later, when I moved for the third time in so many years to Broomfield. I started CrossFit again at a small gym in Lafayette, Colorado with the intention of using CrossFit to fill my competitive void while I looked for a new sport and transitioned into my freshman year of high school.  After a couple months of attending the group classes and being regularly humbled by the mainsite workouts CrossFit.com programmed, I found my new passion and wanted to take a competitive approach to CrossFit. I started showing up at the gym 6-7 times a week, dialing my nutrition, logging my PRs, rx-ing workouts, completing benchmarks, etc. Soon after that, I decided I wanted a gym with members and staff just as competitive as I was – and a great coach – that’s when I gave MBS a ring and dropped into the hangar that day in November of 2015. I had first heard of MBS through the excitement of the upcoming Turkey Challenge, and suspected MBS had the competitive atmosphere I was looking for –  not to mention one of the best locations in the country. After only one or two group classes, I knew MBS was the best atmosphere in which I could best strive towards whatever goal I had set for myself.

Nearly a year and half later, one of my favorite memories are competing in the 2017 Open and Age Group Online qualifier. I loved completing the open workouts during Friday Night Lights and receiving kind words and support from the MBS community, as well as continuing to the Online Qualifier towards qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit has affected my life so many positive ways – although I likely prioritize differently a lot of people my age I don’t perceive I have made many sacrifices simply because CrossFit is what I love to do.   I enjoy the things any other 17 year-old would enjoy – being outdoors, off roading, shooting, camping, diving, and fishing. I love the toggle between being a full time college student and CrossFit, and CrossFit has had nothing but positive impact on my student life. Day-to-day I am able to transition from studying to training while still being focused on nutrition and recovery. On top of closing out my first year of college classes, I was able to establish myself as the in this year’s Open and Age Group Online Qualifier. The year previous, I had placed 199th worldwide.

In terms of next steps, as I work towards graduation from high school next month (May of 2017) my next goal includes becoming an officer in the US Army through ROTC.  The discipline and physical toughness I have gained through Crossfit continues to drive me towards this next goal with confidence –  I plan on continuing my competitive CrossFit career as a student at the University of South Florida this upcoming fall semester with a major in Mechanical Engineering as an Army ROTC Cadet. I have confidence that walking through those doors of that very first CrossFit gym five years ago was the best thing I could have done to set myself up for whatever aspirations I have, especially officership.

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Concert on the Tarmac with Shelly Rollison

The time is finally HERE!!!! We are thrilled to announce that the ever so talented  Shelly Rollison will be performing a private concert for us on May 5th at 6:30pm at the Hangar.  As always, your friends and family are welcome to join us.  The more the merrier!!! We are asking for a $5 donation to cover the cost of the concert.  17425826_10210460785729228_3048581433851895793_nClick Here To Listen Check out her music here!

2017 New You 6 Week Challenge



We’re looking for 15 women to undergo a 6-week total body transformation! Our program is designed to change your life, but this is not a “magic pill”. Expect to work hard. We don’t care where you’re starting from, only that you try your hardest and finish the 6 weeks!  ****This challenge is for people new to working out.**** Starts January 16th.

People send anyone you know that might be interested our way.

Broomfield Sign Up: https://www.newyou6weekchallenge.com/referral/lead/landing/?mode=1&g=MBSBroomfield&Adv=USA

Arvada Sign Up:  https://www.newyou6weekchallenge.com/referral/lead/landing/?mode=1&g=MBSArvada&Adv=UNKNOWN

or e-mail frontdesk@mbscrossfit.com for more information