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CrossFit Be Your Own Bodyguard Course


Coming to MBS February 10th!

“Learning self-defense is like learning first-aid and CPR; life-saving skills you can learn in a day, the only difference is the life you might be saving is yours.” – Tony Blauer


What: Be Your Own Bodyguard Course

When: Sunday, February 10th from 9-4pm

Where: MBS CrossFit. 10900 W. 120th Ave. Broomfield CO 80021

Cost: $249 (Register here. Note – You must create CrossFit.com account if you don’t already have one.)

Course description:

The CrossFit Workshop: Be Your Own Bodyguard™ is a single-day, immersive course designed to improve physical self-defense, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation skills and fear management. Through a mixture of classroom discussion and innovative partner drills, participants leave the workshop with simple, practical but effective self-defense skills.

Created by Coach Tony Blauer—a pioneer of modern self-defense and champion of the CrossFit community—the workshop leverages the SPEAR™ concept, which is based on human physiology and natural biomechanics. The “startle-flinch response” is part of the human survival reflex, and attendees learn to harness it as a catalyst for protective movement.


21-Day Sugar Sucks Challenge


The core tenants for nutrition of CrossFit include the phrase “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.” Our nutrition challenge this fall aims to focus on eliminating sugar for the duration of the challenge, but ultimately lowering the amount of sugar consumed overall in your daily life.

Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, has been working diligently in a war against sugar and its effects on health through his campaign Sugar Kills against soda industries for their exorbitant amount of sugar content. As health rates continue to decline all over the world, sugar is the number one cause for diseases like diabetes and obesity in both adults and children.

You’ve probably heard how addictive sugar can be. You might even know first hand how hard it can be to crave sugar or how it can effect your mood. The truth is sugar has similar effects on the brain as drugs through behavioral and neuro-chemical effects. A study on rats showed that between cocaine and sugar, sugar was more addicting and stated that “the stimulation of sweet receptors by sugar-rich diets, such as those now widely available in modern societies, would generate an enhanced reward signal in the brain, with the potential to override self-control mechanisms and thus lead to addiction.”

Whether you currently experience a sugar addiction or not, here are a few ways sugar might be effecting your health without you realizing it:

• Sugar changes how your hormones work. In a negative way!

• Sugar can cause headaches and even seizures.

• Sugar speeds up the aging process.

• Sugar weakens your immune system.

• Sugar can lead to circulatory dysfunction.

• Sugar is a leading faction for weight gain.

Who is the Challenge for?

There’s a good chance you already know if sugar is an issue in your daily routine. So who is this challenge for?

This is for you if:

You experience regular headaches.

You have an energy crash in the afternoons or early evenings.

You crave sugary sweets after a meal.

You would like to lose a few pounds.

You get sick regularly.

You feel run down and fatigued often.

You have a history of diabetes or high blood pressure personally or in your family.

You would like a reset from the summer.

Challenge Rules:

It’s simple – no sugar for three weeks. Here are the rules:

1. No added sugar in food products.
Many processed foods are filled with hidden sugars. You’ll be responsible for checking the label of your food to ensure that no added sugars are included. This will include things that are processed in any way (aka anything that is not fresh produce). Sugar goes by many names, so you’ll need to look for any of them in the ingredients section of the nutrition label.
Some common alternative names for sugar include: Corn syrup (including high fructose) Evaporate cane sugar Corn sweeteners Malt Malt syrup Fructose Sucrose Dextrose Maltodextrin Maltose Barley malt syrup Maple syrup Brown rice syrup Beet juice Sucanat Turbinado sugar Invert sugar
Here’s an example of traditional Barilla pasta sauce. The ingredients include sugar, listed as the fourth primary ingredient.

2. Limited fruit intake.
Fruit is great for you. It contains vitamins, fiber, and can be beneficial to a well-rounded diet. However, fruit also naturally contains fructose, which gives it its sweetness. To ensure that you are not getting too much sugar, we’ll be limited fruit into to 3 servings per day maximum. This means that you are getting 2/3 cup (such as berries) or 1 medium sized fruit (such as an apple) for one serving.


Starting Monday, September 3rd, we’ll all be removing sugar from our food sources and being aware of the food we eat and the sugar it contains. The challenge will last 21 days, ending on Sunday, September 23rd.

How do you join us?

Join our MBS CrossFit Nutrition group HERE to not only get started, but get your tracking calendar to mark off the days of the calendar as a success. In the group, you’ll not only receive recipes, helpful tips from Coach Deidre, but support from everyone else participating.

MBS CrossFit Saved by the Barbell

Saved by the Barbell workout for our kids.


What: Saved by the Barbell is an annual, world-wide CrossFit community Labor Day workout and fundraising effort to bring CrossFit to more kids everywhere.

When: Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Where: MBS CrossFit. 10900 W. 120th Ave. Broomfield CO 80021

Cost: You can sign up for the event here and get an event t-shirt. Proceeds will go toward programs that get fitness to our kids.

9:00-9:15am: Group warm up
9:20-9:35am: Kids heat
9:40-10:00am: Adults/teens heat 1
10:05-10:25am: Adults/teens heat 2


“Saved by the Barbell”
3 rounds for max reps of:
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of wall-ball shots
1 minute of deadlifts
1 minute of med-ball sit-ups
1 minute of hang power cleans
Rest 1 minute

Adults: 20/14 lb. ball, 115/75 lb. deadlifts and cleans
Teens: 14/10 lb. ball, 75/55 lb. deadlifts and cleans
Kids: 2 Rounds 8/6 lb. ball, trainer bar/PVC deadlifts and cleans (or something they can do!)

Powerlifting and Strength Seminar

There’s still time to sign up!

What: Powerlifting and Strength Clinic

When: Saturday, August 25th from 8-4pm

Where: MBS CrossFit. 10900 W. 120th Ave. Broomfield CO 80021

Who: Lifters, CrossFitters, barbell enthusiasts to beginners, and anyone wanting to learn from one of the top lifters in the country. There will be lifting theory and plenty of practical application.

Cost: $60 if paid in advance at www.americanstrengthclub.com, or $80 at the door.

MBS’ers and outside guests are welcome to join us for this single day seminar. Come get strong!

It’s CrossFit Games Week!

MBS Guide to watching the 2018 CrossFit Games

Can 4-Time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning lead his team (CF Mayhem) to another team victory this year?


In case you were wondering why your social media feed is buzzing with posts from your friends checking into Madison, WI, it’s because the 2018 CrossFit Games begins this week. Below, I have compiled a guide for all you newbies to CrossFit.

What are the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit Games are the world wide test to find the fittest Man, Woman, Team, Masters, and Teen athletes on earth. The Games begin this Wednesday and finish on Sunday (8/1-8/5) and are happening in Madison, Wisconsin.


Why should I care?

Well, you don’t have to. But, I’d bet you’d be pretty impressed/inspired to watch these athletes that do similar workout routines and exercises that you do, BUT ON A WHOLE NOTHER’ LEVEL! These men and women have worked very hard to get where they are at and it’s absolutely impressive to see what they can do.

Examples of what you might see…

Dave Castro already announced a couple of the individual workouts. 30 muscle ups for time and 1-rep max snatch are two of my favorites…Will anyone go ‘unbroken’ for 30 reps of muscle ups? How many men will snatch over 300 lbs? Women over 200 lbs.? Want to watch a 14-year old female snatch more than you can?? Me too (not!).


Here are the important links and ways to get the most out of Games Week:


#1. Download the 2018 CrossFit Games App

This is where you will be able to find all the links to the schedule, the events, the leaderboard, how to watch, etc. You can download it from your app store for free.


#2. Pick Your Winners for a chance at cash and prizes

Think you can pick the Top 10 men, women, and 5 teams? Reebok has a $2 million purse of prizes. I already picked mine! Register a FREE account and you can give it a shot here.


#3. The Events (aka ‘workouts’)

Want to see what events are being used to test the Fittest Man, Woman, Team, and Master and Teen athletes on Earth? Check them out here.


#4. Local CF Athletes/Teams to watch

This year we have a ton of Colorado athletes to watch. I did my best to put this together, but I may have missed someone…

Jared Enderton  Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Logan Ewing (16-17 Teen division) Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Jason Kelly (40-44 Masters division) Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Jason Grubb (40-44 Masters division) Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Brent Maier (45-49 Masters division)
Craig Eisman (50-54 Masters divison) Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Mike Egan (50-54 Masters division) Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Steve Parsoneault (55-59 Masters division)
Cal Cherrington (60+ Masters division)

Camile Leblanc Bazinet

CrossFit Omnia Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!
Backcountry Turkey Challenge Athletes!!!

You can check in on them on the leaderboard starting Wednesday.


#5. Leaderboard, schedule, media, and how to watch the events

You can probably find everything you’ll need on the app. But, just in case, check these out as well:
CF Games website: www.games.crossfit.com
Follow CrossFit Games on Facebook

The Games are also playing on CBS Sports Network. You can see their schedule here.

Bare Knuckles Weightlifting Meet Recap

A badass pic of our girls before they started lifting.

On June 29th, 2018 we held a weightlifting meet. It was meant to be about lifting weights, on the tarmac, in the sunset, and with some good people. Mission accomplished! Among all that, there were lessons learned about how the sport of weightlifting works, including how judges expect the athlete to lift the weight. Also, we learned how to warm up for a max lift and recover in between sessions. Thanks and excellent job to all our athletes that came out. Thank you Brandon, Nicole, and Dave for judging. Thank you Sam for all the awesome pictures!

Here are some highlight pics:

You can see the full album here.

Yoga on the Tarmac


A huge thank you to everyone that came out to Yoga on the Tarmac on June 21st. We had over 120 people in the soft sunset getting flexy with us. The VIBES were amazing! Thanks to John, Brittany, and Cat from CorePower Yoga North Denver for putting it on. Thanks also to Sam Conley for the amazing pictures. You can see the rest of the album here.

The final Yoga on the Tarmac session is on Thursday, July 19th 7:30-8:30pm. RSVP here.

All the Summer Stuff at MBS

Olympic weightlifting clinic.

Post “Murph” family pic.

Spartan training.

Photos courtesy of Sam Conley.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff going on lately at the gym. We’ve had a busy May and June filled with beginner programs, Spartan training, Murph workout, weightlifting programs, and lots of fun workouts. Here’s a few more things we have lined up in the next couple months.

CorePower Yoga on the Tarmac – June 21st & July 14th

MBS does Manitou Incline – June 24th

Bare Knuckles Weightlifting Meet – June 29th

Brute Force Mile – July 14th

MBS Social Event – July 28th

Rocky Mountain Airshow – August 4th

Breckenridge Spartan Race – August 18th


Then, we’ll be planning and preparing for the Turkey Challenge soon after that.


Want to keep up with MBS? Subscribe to our blog/newsletter here, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!!!



Basic Training Starting in Broomfield

Your fitness starts when you’re ready!


New Introductory Course for CrossFit!

Each month we run one 2-week introductory course for beginner CrossFitters, called Basic Training. Basic Training covers the basic barbell, gymnastics, and cardio elements that we do in our Workout of the Day (W.O.D). The course is included with your first month of CrossFit (always $135 for your 1st month!). To get started at the best CrossFit gym in Denver, email patrick@mbscrossfit.com!

Here are the Basic Training dates/times:

May 21-31st (M, T, Th) 11AM & 5:30PM

June 18-28th (M, T, Th) times TBD*

*Time and days are built according to interest level. Please email patrick@mbscrossfit.com if you’d like to be put on the list.

MBS Spring 6-Week Boot Camp Challenge

Start now and make this summer your BEST summer yet!


What is the MBS 6 Week Challenge?

We want to show you what’s possible with 6 weeks of commitment, consistency, and focus on both fitness and nutrition. We truly believe that these go hand in hand and when you combine your effort with our support and accountability that anything is possible! Over the 6 weeks you will receive instructor led workouts 3 times per week(tailored to all fitness levels) as well as personalized nutritional guidance, recipes, check-ins from our leaders, and a community to support and motivate you to your goals. What can you achieve in 6 weeks??

Challenge begins April 23rd

Class times:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6:15AM, 11:15AM, 4:30PM, and 5:30PM

You will be given access to closed Facebook group page and nutritional and recipe packet upon sign up.

We are capping this at no more than 15 people, so sign up or email us if you’re interested ASAP!!!



Questions? Email Broomfield@mbscrossfit.com for more info.