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15-Day Shred Diet

Some common macro outlines. Which are you?

Some common macro outlines. Which are you? Image courtesy www.bodybuilding.com.


MBS 15-Day Shred

Get a kickstart on your metabolism with our macro based (not strictly paleo) diet. Includes meal plans and recipes for different body types/goals. Learn the benefits of carb cycling. Easy for couples/families to do together. Pre/post pics and weigh in’s encouraged, but not mandatory.

Kick off meeting – Monday, October 10th, 6:15pm  @ the hangar.

Challenge first day – Thursday, October 13th

Challenge last day – Thursday, October 27th

Cost – $35


Additional details:

In order to be successful on the 15 day shred you will need the following:
– A digital food scale
– Approx 4# whey protein powder
– A giant water bottle

Also suggested: BCAA’s and fish oil.*

*Shred participants will get 10% off protein sold in MBS store. Email frontdesk@mbscrossfit.com for info.

Upon registering, you will be emailed the 15-day packet with additional details, recipes, and more.




Save A Life

We will be hosting a CPR class at MBS CrossFit II on

Oct 16th 12:00-2:00pm.

$30- Price includes all hands-on training, class instruction, use of manikins, Heimlich maneuver, practice shield and a 2-year certification card printed on site.

Open to all MBS members.

Please e-mail heather@mbscrossfit.Com to reserve your spot.

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness WOD at MBS!!!

Bring a Friend & Breast Cancer Awareness WOD Friday October 7th!

Bring a Friend & breast cancer awareness WOD, October 7th, during all classes in Broomfield and Arvada. You can knock out two cool things in a single 60 minute session – you can share “what you love” about MBS with someone that hasn’t done CrossFit before, AND you can show your support for those that fight against breast cancer. Grab your friends and pull out your pink. We’re gonna have a good time! Shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions. frontdesk@mbscrossfit.com

All Day…All Classes…Both Locations!!!! Last year we were featured on 9 NEWS!!!

dsc_0983Happy October- National Breast Cancer Awareness month!!!

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3 Upcoming Weightlifting Clinics!


Join me, Coach Meriah, for a my last three clinics at MBS before joining my coach and team in Arizona. In pursuit of lifting bigger and heavier weights as a national level weightlifter.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and coach you all over the last two years, I hope you join me one last time (ok well three times) and come learn more about the Olympic lifts.  All three clinics will be at MBS II in Arvada.  Below are the dates, and descriptions of each clinic. Working out immediately before hand is not encouraged.  There will be a lot of holding postures, and if you are too beat up from your workout to hold a PVC (or lightweights) in the correct positions, may thwart efforts towards your technique improving.

Clinic #1:  Intro to Olympic Weightlifting
Sunday, September 25th at MBS II from 9:30am-11:30am for an intro to Olympic Weightlifting.  This 2 hour session will cover the snatch and then the clean and jerk.  This a great for beginners for even as a refresher to the more intermediate athlete.  There will be a ton of dills with PVC and minimal weights.  You can RSVP with Meriah at meriah@mbscrossfit.com or sign up and pay at this link here.  $20 for the session.

Clinic #2:  Clean & Jerk
Tuesday, September 27th 6:30pm-8pm at MBS II.  This clinic will build off of Sunday’s clinic a quick review of positions and then more work with drills with light to medium weights.  This clinic will be slightly more advanced than Sundays, but will be great reinforcement from Sunday’s work.  You can RSVP with Meriah at meriah@mbscrossfit.com, cost is $20

Clinic #2:  Snatch
Thursday, September 29th 6:30-8pm at MBS II.  Like tuesday’s C & J clinic days earlier, this too will be a continuation off of Sunday’s work.  More drills and more practice with weights. You can RSVP with Meriah at meriah@mbscrossfit.com, cost is $20

Turkey Challenge Registration Opens Today!

One of my favorite pics from the Turkey Challenge..It just looks awesome!

One of my favorite pics from the Turkey Challenge..It just looks awesome!


16′ Turkey Challenge Registration Begins Today

Do. Not. Delay. Each year at registration, we have sold out very fast, especially with the team registration. Today at 9am, our team registration will go LIVE.

Tomorrow at 9am our individual registration will go LIVE.

We’re excited to deliver this competition in a new spot at Unser Kart Racing (1-25 and Hwy 36). It’s a large venue and we have a ton of sponsors and partners helping us put together a great event.




Update to In House Comp – Age divisions!

Summer Crush Snowmass_07 09 16_2594_edited-1

Dawn and her team at the Summer Crush at Snowmass.

Hey everyone,

I’ve made some updates to the In House comp on Saturday, September 10th…

After rolling this over in my head numerous times, I felt that something was missing with our previous idea of having a standard “Rx” and “Scaled” competition. What I felt was missing, and that I want to have FUN with, is the celebration, camaraderie, and competition between our various age groups at MBS!

We are not your standard CF gym with tons of college kids running around. We’ve always noticed that our demographic is very broad and we actually have a bit of an ‘older’ (aka cooler) group here at MBS. So, let’s play to that…let’s call each other out and see where we stand within our division…for fun of course!

Ok, so I made this change.

Instead of Rx and Scaled divisions, we are doing the following age divisions and will be awarding the top male and female in each:

0-29 years

30-39 years

40-49 years

50+ years

Maybe in future years when we get a bunch more people signing up, we can break out the teens and 60+ categories, but for now I think this will break our group up quite well and we’ll get to see how everyone stacks and have a good time.

And, the next update is Workout #2 announcement!

So, we have…

WOD 1 – CrossFit Total (please read this article, as it explains the lifts and the rules).  We are using Sinclaire method of scoring, which bases your Total score on bodyweight. So, if you’re strong for your size, you are going to be well off!

WOD 2 –  “LUKE”

4 Power Cleans: 155 lbs.  men/105 lbs. women
24 Double Unders
10 Pull-Ups

Scaled – Do 115/775 lb. power clean, 50 singles, and jumping pullups.

This workout is being done in conjunction with the Lift Up Autism fundraiser that a ton of other CF gyms are doing on the same day. If you want to donate to that cause and get a sweet t-shirt, you can sign up HERE  and say you’re participating at MBS CrossFit. We will also have a donation jar at the gym on the day of the event and be making a group donation.


WOD 3 is still to be announced…stay tuned for that.


Ok, competition is on Saturday, September 10th, 9-1pm…About 4 weeks away. There’s still plenty of time to get yourself tuned up to strut your stuff in your age division…


Cost for our in house comp is $35 and includes shirt and prizes for the winners. If you want to donate to the Lift Up Autism event as well, you can go here to get shirt and/or donate, or you can just bring a donation to the gym on the day of our event.


Here’s our link to sign up on Zen Planner…  REGISTER HERE. You must register by the 26th to get a shirt!





Turkey Challenge 2016

The 20-bar Deadlift Ladder at the 2013 Turkey Challenge.

The 20-bar Deadlift Ladder at the 2013 Turkey Challenge.

Save the date!!!

The 7th annual MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge is drawing near. Registration is planned to open Thursday and Friday, September 19th & 20th for teams and individuals. If you’ve been around, you know it sells out quickly….The competition is on November 18-20th.

As in year’s past, we will have Pro and Open Individuals and Teams. The Pro spots are limited, and it’s generally required that all athletes can do muscle ups, HSPU’s, and heavier weights…including all athletes of the team (see last year’s load list).

Last year we had a master’s team division kick things off for us on Friday night. We are considering doing it again and would love to hear your feedback if that and/or a teens division would be something worth giving a shot??

Possibility of moving the location???

We are considering moving the venue from it’s home of the last 6 years at the hangar, to larger venue that will offer us some protection from the weather and convenience to our MBS family that is left picking up the mess after every year’s competition. Don’t worry though…the TC will never lose that “original grit” sort of feeling that we’ve always had and makes our competition unique. We will still rock some awesome programming that is sure to test the mental and physical limits of our competitors.

New Title Sponsor???

This year, Nutriforce Sports, changed ownership and we lost our commitment with them to the TC in the process. We are currently looking for Title Sponsorship of the event, which helps fund our Pro athletes purse. We hope to have awesome news for any athletes gunning for top spots.

Lots of changes, but same TC

There you have it…first post of 2016 for the TC. Registration is 6 weeks away. Ready your teams and rally your gym for another awesome year.

We will be posting updates about registration, locations, and other details in the following places:




MBS In-House Competition!

FNL 16.5_03 25 16_8738_edited-1

Community spirit at it’s best during our Friday Night Lights in house comp last winter.

MBS CrossFit In-House Competition

What: Individual competition. Age category divisions (see below for further clarification). Competition will test 3 workouts: CrossFit Total, a 5-10 minute traditional CF chipper, and a third workout to round out the testing.

When: Saturday, September 10th from 9-1pm

Where: MBS CrossFit Broomfield at the hangar

Details: The competition is mostly for fun, hanging out, getting cheered on, and cheering on your friends. But, we will still have everything organized and run on time and of course, judges to make sure all our reps are legit. We are keeping this to MBS only, so you don’t need to worry about being embarrassed or anything. No matter your skill or experience level, you are welcome to join us. You are welcome to invite family and friends to come hang out and watch. Bring your own snacks and drinks as you wish.

Registration is $35 and includes a t-shirt.

Register online HERE

Note – At registration, it will ask for your squat starting weight. This is needed for us to group ability levels better for the CrossFit Total. If you read through the rules of the CF Total, you will see that the rules are that you will have 3 attempts on each of squat, press, and deadlift. No more. Your first attempt should be something you know you can do, but still pretty heavy. Your second attempt will be more of a challenge. Your final attempt is usually reserved for a new PR. 



We will be awarding top male/female in the following age categories*:

0-29 years

30-39 years

40-49 years

50+ years

This is for the age you will be on the day of the competition.



Of the 3 workouts, one workout will consist of movements that may require scaling (ie; pullups, double unders). The CF Total and the final workout will NOT require scaling, you just do what you can do. We will have a listed scaling option for the chipper workout, and for anyone that scales a movement, they will be placed behind the last Rx person.

For example:

Person A scores

650 on CF Total, 5 Rounds on the chipper (as Rx’d, no scaling), and 1:24 on the 3rd workout. (Placing in workouts was 15th + 9th + 7th = 31 pts)


Person B scores

700 on CF Total, 6 Rounds on chipper (scaled double unders to 2x singles), and 1:10 on the 3rd workout. (Placing in workouts was 10th +18th + 1st = 29 pts)


Person A has a total of 31 pts. Person B has a total of 29 pts and places ahead of Person A.  Person A did the workout as Rx (no scaling), but didn’t do as well on workouts 1 and 3. Person B did scale the chipper workout and placed behind the last Rx person, but did well enough on workouts 1 and 3 that they still have the lead.



This is only a hypothetical example, but the point is that you can scale the workout and still place high, assuming your other abilities are strong. So, NO EXCUSES!! Sign up and have some fun with us!



Intro To Meditation- How To Train Your Brain-Sunday July 31st

Body Glory wellness meditation seminar crossfit
The first seminar of the Mind Body Series at MBS CrossFit is an Introduction to Meditation. Many people have misconceptions on what it is to meditate, when in fact it is a simple brain training technique we can use to transform our lives. You will learn what exactly meditation is, the many emotional, health and performance benefits, as well as how to apply it to our lives. Shelby brings years of experience in mindfulness meditation as well as many different applications. If you’re looking for emotional stability, stress management, or that extra edge for peak performance and optimal health we invite you to join. There will be a guided meditation so bring something to sit on like a blanket or pillow and wear comfortable, non distracting clothing.

Register Here

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