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Testimonial Tuesday~Daniel Black

My first experience of MBS was on Memorial Day of 2017. I was invited to participate in one of CrossFit’s most anticipated workouts, Murph. At first step into the gym, I was welcomed into the family and then quickly joined the MBS community as a member after that day.

I have had experience with two CrossFit gyms other than MBS. Both of these gyms’ focus was on packing weight and being “stronger” individuals. As a result, I injured my shoulder during a power clean. I was very discouraged and disappointed that I was pressured into packing an unreasonable amount of weight onto the bar without proper technique.

My time at MBS was filled with excellent coaching and community support. MBS is not about hitting the “RX” or “getting jacked”. MBS CrossFit is about quality coaching and instruction on how to move efficiently and safely. With these factors into play, I was able to touch up my technique and grow in strength. Within three months, my backsquat PR grew by 40lbs and my clean PR grew by 60lbs.

What I learned from the MBS community is that our bodies are able to push, pull, jump, run, lift, throw, and squat in any possible combination. I learned that quality is superior to quantity. I learned that muscle-ups aren’t hard with the assistance of False Grip technology. I learned that fitness is easy to achieve with the right approach. I am grateful to the coaching staff for pushing me to be a highly functional individual. I feel much stronger and a more holistic athlete after a short time.

If you’re looking for a place to help you get to the CrossFit Games, a place to help you be a better athlete, a place to help you recover from an injury, a place to help you be healthier, a place to help you push your twins in the stroller, or a place to enhance your community experience, MBS is the place for you. MBS is a place of community, safety, nutrition, and strength. We are made to move, go to MBS, and get MOVING!

Thank you, Jeremy, Rich, Heather, and Kyle for everything you have done for me and the community!

Forever, Mind. Body. Soul.

Daniel B.

Clean Nutrition+MBS CrossFit = Results


Jamie Shares Her Success Story!!! Way to go Jamie. We are so proud of you!!! Our In-House Nutrition Challenge begins  September 18th. Sign Up Here if you are looking to clean up your diet and get amazing results.

Howdy All,

I was asked to share the story about the above photo.  Well what can I say…I was in a rut.  I was feeling really stuck.  I had previously been very fit and was a dedicated crossfitter at Crossfit Warrenville outside Chicago.  It was a great place, great coaching, and awesome community.  I was an Ironman and competitive rock climber.  Oddly I moved here, one of the fittest states, and gained a ton of weight.  I just totally stopped doing most of my previous normal activities.  The path of least resistance was winning.  I had a horrible job and it affected me; too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good.  None of my cloths fit and I was feeling miserable.  I have some serious digestive issues and never felt worse.  I was tired all the time, bloated and sick, and I didn’t feel good about myself because I knew I was not taking care of business.  My husband, the comedian, nicknamed my belly Gus!  I would lay in bed at night and think to myself I am 39 years old and taking over 10 pills at night.  While I knew I needed to change something I had not previously committed myself to the process.  I actually joined MBS in March of 2016 but I was not committed to change.  I didn’t correct any of my eating or other bad lifestyle habits and was good at all the excuses to justify why I couldn’t change.  I went to class but I wasn’t present.

Finally in January of 2017 I had enough, I was sick with digestive issues and knew it was time to get back in control.  So I committed, really committed to the journey to get back to a state of health.  My starting weight was 177lbs, the heaviest I’d ever been in my life, and my body fat was 34%.  So in February after getting better from the recent digestive issue I took back control.  I reached out to MBS coach Jeremy and asked for his help and support to get me well.  I was not too worried about numbers on the scale but wanted to focus on body fat and a general feeling of wellness.  It was the BEST decision I’ve ever made.  With his help, the constant support of all MBS II 5am coaches (Jer, Kyle, Stacy, and Pat), and the awesome 5am crew I was ready to do work!  In conjunction with my MD I’ve been able to stop all medications except one a night and I’ve decreased the dosage significantly and hope to phase it out completely.  I’ve committed to a strict paleovedic/primal diet.  Which I hate the word diet, I’m not on a diet it’s just what I do now.  I’ve had ZERO abdominal pain or poop issues (sorry to be gross) since February, my sleep is amazing – like nothing I’ve ever had before, energy level is way up, and let’s just say the hubby is happier too 😉 In addition to looking better I feel AMAZING!  My last weight was 151 and my body fat was 24.5%.  And Gus is almost totally gone!!!!

Like any long journey it takes grit to stick to a plan.  I’m not perfect and I’ve had days where it would be easier just to eat crap or skip a workout.  A fellow 5am posted that you don’t get better on the days when you feel good it’s on the bad or hard days that you make gains.  That’s the truth right there!  Recently on the way home from business trip  I needed to re-up on motivation so I decided to do a comparison of before and current pictures, something I said I would not do until October.  That photo is above and totally reaffirmed I am on a much better path.  I have no goal weight in mind, I want to be lean and feel great so I’m focused on body fat percentage.  I still have work to do so check back with me in October!!  Anyone can change and be successful, you just have to be honest with yourself, accountable to the process and not afraid of hard work!


If you are interested in trying MBS CrossFit and seeing what it can do for you, please e-mail


Meet Mark Jurney!!! 12 Weeks & 20 Pounds Later


May 2, 2017                                       July 18, 2017

I wanted to let you know about my experience since joining MBS 12 weeks ago.

My initial goal was to get a  “Jump Start” because I really didn’t believe I was that far away from where I wanted to be. I thought I just needed a kick in the ass to make it a way of life that I could continue forward with. In reality I needed more than a jump start because I was going down a bad road.

Prior to starting the class I scheduled a doctors appointment to get a baseline of my overall health.  I hadn’t been to a doc in over 10 years and hadn’t done all my “old man” testing for being over 50.  My test results were ugly. 12 weeks later and things are looking good.

Here are my before and after pictures. I’m not sure they show the true transformation but I think there’s a little more definition.

Here is a summary of my amazing results:   I’m a new me!!!!

Starting Cholesterol numbers- 215
Ending Cholesterol numbers- 135

Starting Blood Pressure- 155/94
Ending Blood Pressure- 122/65

Starting Resting Heart Rate – 78
Ending Resting Heart Rate – 54

And the big one:

Starting weight – 192.5
Ending weight – 170.5

I’ve really enjoyed the classes at MBS.  It was refreshing to be in a no judgement type of environment where everyone is working on themselves with the support of a team.  I felt terrible if I had to miss a class because I enjoyed them so much.  I wish the best for all of my teammates!!

You all made it worthwhile and I look forward to continuing to improve!


*** We love sharing your success stories, big or small.  If you have something you would like to share with us please e-mail or chat with a coach. You never know, your story may inspire someone else to take charge of their heath.  We love celebrating YOU!!!!

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Christie Hanson Shares Her Story

I joined MBS Crossfit for my kids.  I have a fireball of a 10 year old with lots of energy and ability.  She keeps me on my toes being a very busy and active child.  I also have a 6 year old who was born with a disorder of the CDKL5 gene  (  She cannot walk or talk, or feed herself and is dependent on me for everything.   Her care is rather extensive with feedings, changings and a full schedule of therapy or school each day.  Despite the struggles, she is a sweetheart who captures the heart of all who meet her.   She loves to be out and be a part of what is going on around her.  She is gaining strength in standing and walking with assistance, but still requires someone to carry her up and down stairs, get her in her wheelchair or stroller and get her in the car. Over the past few years I have felt the wear and tear of balancing family life, personal life and her care.  The stress of it all took its toll on me mentally and physically and left my body just feeling weak overall.   Along with all the stress are the constant reminders that my kids will need me for a long time.   I have had enough of being drained of strength and energy.  It was time to make a change.  A new, different and exciting change to get myself moving, my mind energized and my body strong again.  I decided to try Crossfit and I am so glad I did.  The community at MBS has been so friendly, encouraging and welcoming to my kids and me.  The coaching is amazing, encouraging and helpful.  In 6 months with MBS, I have made incredible gains in strength and love the brief time away from the stress to do something I love to do.  Coming from a background of various sports and fitness activities, I am already stronger than ever before and have confidence I can go further.  My kids need me to be strong for them.  I need to be strong for them as well as for myself.  So here I am at MBS and loving every minute of it!

img_0814 img_9822

Steve Thomas Shares His Story!! 69 Years Young!

Steve Thomas MBS PhotoLet me begin by saying that I’ve never considered myself much of an athlete. Sure, in my younger years, I finished six marathons, 20 triathlons, ran up Pike’s Peak (twice), raced up Mt. Evans and was a pacer for three Leadville 100s. But even as I completed these events to challenge myself and to try to stay in shape, I never truly felt like an athlete. These events kept me busy and in relatively good shape until a string of knee injuries caused me to have three knee surgeries by the time I was 50 years old. As I became older, I could no longer participate in distance running events due to my knee. I wanted to stay in shape, so I did my best to swim and “eat well” (at the time, I was an Optometrist working at a hospital; I ate Subway every day because I thought that was healthy). By the time I was 65, my body weight had grown to 215 pounds, and I had a 42” waist.

In 2012, my son Clark had recently graduated from graduate school at DU. He was 26, and told me that instead of getting a “desk job,” he wanted to open a CrossFit gym. I was surprised he wanted to spend his time (and his Law/MBA degrees) teaching fitness classes, but Rosie and I were happy to see him focus his attention on something he was passionate about. In spring of 2012, Clark opened a CrossFit gym and insisted that his mother Rosie and I come try it. To support Clark’s new business endeavor, Rosie and I reluctantly started attending CrossFit classes. Learning to Olympic Weightlift at age 65 was quite an undertaking, especially for an overweight and un-coordinated former endurance athlete.

Within a few weeks of our first class, my wife Rosie and I had completely fallen in love with the challenge of CrossFit. We had to scale a ton in the beginning (and we still do!), but since 2012, we have been coming to CrossFit classes at least 4 days per week.  After Rosie and I were hooked on CrossFit and attending classes regularly, Clark encouraged us to learn about the Paleo Diet, and after Rosie and I attended a nutrition seminar, we have been living a (mostly) Paleo lifestyle (sorry; I just can’t give up red wine). Since starting CrossFit, my pant size has dropped from 42” to 32”, and my body weight has dropped to 160 pounds. I actually now weigh less at age 69 than I did when I participated in endurance events in my 30’s and 40’s.

A few years ago, Clark sold his gym and went on to pursue his other passion (real estate brokerage).  When Clark left his gym, he encouraged us to join a CrossFit community closer to our home in Arvada. He said he’d only ever heard positive things about the community and coaching at MBS CrossFit, and that we should join the MBS community. Ever since our first class at MBS, we have loved attending classes at both MBS locations. I turn 70 in February, and I now feel like more of an athlete than I ever have before. I plan to continue to do CrossFit for as long as I possibly can.

Rosie and I both want to thank the great coaches and community at MBS CrossFit for welcoming us with open arms into their community. CrossFit has been life changing for us in the most positive way possible. It is never too late to start CrossFit!

See ya soon at “The Hangar” or “The Deuce”!

– Steve (& Rosie!)

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Barry Stamp Experienced the Benefits of CrossFit Outside of the Gym!

Barry Stamp and his wife took on  Ride the Rockies – a 400 mile, 6-day cycling event from Carbondale to Ft. Collins, including 30,000 feet of climbing.  They rode to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s disease.

Here’s what Barry had to say about how CrossFit helped with the ride.
“With a multi-day ride like this, the benefits of CF are really being felt!  I am using the bigger muscles in my legs and glutes, and my core does not become as fatigued after a 70-80 mile day in the saddle – It helps me maintain a decent posture on the bike after several hours, and my overall recovery is better than I thought it would be from day to day.”IMG_1721 (1)

Way to go guys! We love when people are able to experience what CrossFit does outside of the box

Congratulations! We are super proud of you!

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Shari Murray-Posada Shares Her Story

I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and attended high school there.  I am definitely not an athlete.  In fact I was always one of the last people chosen for teams during high school gym class.  After high school I moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida and gained the infamous freshman pounds.  I took up running as a way to manage my weight and stress. I met my husband in Optometry school and we moved to Colorado in 2000.  Here I added hiking to my exercise routine of cardio at the gym and running.

My husband and I got divorced after 13 years of marriage and so I set out on a journey of self discovery.  I decided that in order to grow as an individual I had to step outside of my comfort zone and with that came the decision to see what crossfit was all about.  I attended an intro class at MBS in Arvada where I met Pat.  His enthusiasm was contagious and he said one thing that resonated with me – crossfit was about function and exercise.  Living alone brought with it some difficulties like having to lift and move heavy things with no help. When Pat emphasized that crossfit translated into everyday life, to help with things like lifting heavy objects efficiently without hurting yourself, I was hooked.

That was one year ago and I have LOVED it!  I knew I would get great workouts but what I didn’t expect was the amazing community.  I have made friends for life and observed people whose grit and determination inspire me everyday.  I always read the WOD the night before and I am always apprehensive about doing it.  To quote Coach Meriah “consistency is the most important thing.”  I show up and every single time I leave feeling accomplished.  Facing that uncertainty every time and leaving more confident has allowed me to become the most physically fit I have ever been.  My experience with crossfit has translated into other areas of my life.  I have raced in a mud run, tried indoor rock climbing, joined hiking meet up groups – I could go on and on…

Words cannot express how grateful I am that I joined MBS.  Thank you Pat and Janelle, the coaches, the people I see at the WODs who always encourage me and every single person at MBS for the inspiration!


Linda Ramirez-Eaves Shares Her Story!

I joined MBS in September 2015, along with my husband, Jeremy, and our two boys—Jackson and Jonah.  The boys and I had previously been at a different box, while MBS was Jeremy’s first introduction to CrossFit.

I originally began CrossFit because I had a long-time love of lifting weights, beginning with my early days on the Adams City High School Iron Maidens powerlifting team.  I fell off the lifting wagon for a while as I pursued college, law school, marriage, home ownership, motherhood and a partnership track legal career.  Unexpectedly, both of my boys had very serious heart conditions. Jackson’s required open heart surgery, and Jonah’s very nearly landed him on a heart transplant list. I share this because these challenges reinforced for me the importance of taking care of your health, and forced me to take a long hard look at my priorities.

At MBS I am able to care for my health AND spend time with my family. As soon as our warm up begins all thoughts, whether it be about the big transaction at work, or chores at home, immediately evaporate–I’m in the moment and have lost all self-consciousness.  As a mother, I can’t describe for you how awesome it is to be in the middle of a heavy lift and look over and see my boys doing the same! In the 8 months since joining MBS, I have participated in my first Open, strung together 20ish doubleunders, completed my first kipping pull up, finished a Spartan Race (yeah!), completed a Sugar Detox and Paleo Challenge, and countless other accomplishments. I have done these things while being cheered on by my MBS community (special shout out to the 6:30 pm Hangar class). Today I can say that MBS is more than a box to us—it’s a family. It’s a community that cares about us, encourages us, challenges us, and hopefully helps see Jonah to his first Games (Jonah’s ultimate dream). As for me, I’ll settle on matching my PRs from my Iron Maiden days and completing the 2017 CrossFit Open—RX!


Doreen Hayes Shares Her Story

I read and hear so many interesting stories about our MBS athletes and find my story to be a bit uninspiring.This is how I got to be a part of MBS where I just love the coaches, athletes and all of the camaraderie. We all have a story to share about our lives that make us unique so Val asked me to share mine. I have been a tom boy and athlete my entire life. I played pretty much all of the sports offered until I got to high school. I then went with running track once I got to the high school level. I qualified for state 3 years in row in the 100m hurdles, long jump and 4 X 100m relay. I then joined the Army and served active duty for 3 years. I was stationed at Redstone Arsenal and also deployed to Saudi Arabia for the Desert Storm campaign. I did 5 years in the Army Reserves here in Colorado while going to night school and working full time to get my BSBA. I met Eric the man of my dreams while still in the Army Reserves and we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this June. He and I love our dog children and have two huskies that most of you have met. They are our second generation of dog children. Eric and I never had human children not because we didn’t want them but because it just didn’t work out for us. As an adult I have participated in many different sports leagues such as softball, soccer, roller hockey, and volleyball. I also tried out for the Colorado Valkyries WPFL when I was 29 years old and competed against 2 girls right off the Collegiate level soccer field for the tight end position. Although, I didn’t actually get to play in a game as I only made the practice squad, I had a blast learning how to play and be a part of the WPFL. I also golf a bit, bowl and do yoga but my true love is running. I have completed 3 full marathons, 12 half marathons and too many 5k and 10k’s to count. Unfortunately, due to injuries my body does not love running like it used to so I dabble here and there and do what I can which isn’t much these days. The thing I seem to love now, at the ripe old age of 45 is Crossfit. I started Crossfit at another local box in December of 2014 and didn’t find what I was looking for. I realized that Crossfit could and should be more then what I was getting while I was dropping in to other Crossfit boxes while traveling for work. Speaking of work, I work for the Department Of Interior a major career change just about 8 months ago for me. Then MBS opened and here we are. I love the people at MBS and also what Crossfit has done for my Mind Body and Soul!!! I hope to spend many many more years Crossfitting and making new stories with new friends. Competing and RXing all 5 Open Workouts this year just confirmed what I love about Crossfit. The people and the support! Thanks for reading and see you at the Deuce (MBS CROSSFIT II-Arvada).

We love hearing hearing from you. Please e-mail your success stories (big or small) to so that we can recognize you and share your story with the rest of the MBS Community.

Shari’s New Groove

YouTube Preview Image

Meet Shari, she’s a regular in the later ams classes. She’s only been a member for about a year (+/- a few months) and is consistent at coming to the gym no matter what.  She has made a TON of progress since her start and the more practice she gets the faster she picks up cues.  Check out this workout from earlier this month.  In the first clean she’s pulling early at the knees (& with her arms), and she doesn’t pull her knees under the bar. When she’s at full extension her chest and shoulders are forward and her hips never fully open as shown in the picture. Thus never making contact at the hip/thighs and she leaves the bar out front. I’m also going to bet this lift “felt” pretty heavy to her.  After showing her the video, and giving her the cue to pull her knees under as she sweeps the bar into the hip, she hits the lift again.  At 0:27 you’ll see her execute the cue, resulting in contact at the hip, more vertical extension, and a much cleaner lift! Even though it was the same weight, she was more efficient, and to me that lift looked much easier!  I see big weights in Shari’s future!

Want more weightlifting?  Be sure to join me, Coach Meriah, at our Broomfield location this Saturday at 9am for weightlifting practice!  Also make sure to join our MBS Strength Group on Facebook for the latest in class times, competitions, articles, videos, and more!