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MBS Arvada CrossFit: Randy Martinez Shares His Story!

DSC_0990A regular at our MBS Arvada CrossFit location, Randy shares his journey to fitness. Here’s his story:

My actual journey of “getting into shape” started almost 4 years ago, but it was really predicated by a doctor visit a month earlier. It was at that appointment that my doctor prescribed medication to help control my high cholesterol. After taking the medication for a few months, I realized what I really needed to do was not rely on medicine to help me, but make some lifestyle changes. I needed to start eating better, exercising and getting more sleep.

My wife hired a personal trainer for me at a local gym because although I kind of knew how to lift and exercise from my high school athletic days, I had no clue where an overweight 45 year old should start.

At my first appointment, the trainer put me on a scale as well as measured my body fat: 236 lbs. and approximately 34% body fat. I was embarrassed and angry with myself, but I was committed. I started seeing some results after setting some achievable goals and meeting once a week for 6 weeks in addition to 1 or 2 additional days on my own. I also eliminated fast food, sugary drinks including alcohol and made sure I was getting enough sleep. As my endurance improved, I gradually started to increase the number of days I was working out. After about 6 or 7 months of interval training and weight training, I lost 60 lbs. and 17% body fat.

I continued that routine until I joined MBS approximately 9 months ago, and I will say, it has been one of the best decisions I have made. My strength, mobility and cardio have improved far beyond my expectations and I’m now in better shape at 49 years old than I ever have been.

I absolutely love going to the MBS Arvada CrossFit location and putting in the work with all the wonderful people that I have become friends with; knowing that we are all not only going to encourage each other, but also push each other to be better than we were the day before.


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Jacob Galley Shares His Story

958f0805-ad67-41f5-b8b0-9f3cf1804c7dMind. Body. Soul. Remember those three things as you continue to read. After all, it is all three of these aspects that make us more human.

This week I was approached to write a little bit about my life and about the success at MBS so far. Over the last few months I have gotten to know many of you at the box. You have all been amazing and encouraging, and you have all noticed some drastic changes in me. I had taken the time to write a story this weekend about those changes, and had included in it my old body weight and where I was at currently. Late Saturday night I felt restless about what I had written though. At church service Sunday morning, it dawned on me why I felt restless.

Often at MBS we see only one facet of success and measure it the best way we know how–physical results. We don’t get to see into people’s lives very often. Physical results are not a bad way to measure success. It is what we are their for when we show up. We show up to work, physically, and to give all of our effort. But this is not the only result that there is. It is stated that you reap what you sow. When we work at MBS though, we sow so much more beyond physical labor. And it is for that reason, that I do not want to focus on the physical success for this story. Yes, I am thankful beyond words for the physical success that the coaches have helped push me to; but that is not what I am most thankful for. I am most thankful for balance. For everyone to understand what I mean by balance though, we must all understand what chaos looks like.

Growing up I was always a people-pleaser. I exhausted all of my resources (time, money, and emotions) daily to try to make people happy. It got to a point that I would even sacrifice my own physical, mental, and spiritual health for it. By the time I was in my first year of college I had the confidence level and emotional disposition of Eeyore–yes, the old grey donkey from the beloved Winnie the Pooh series. I would cave to the emotional, physical, and mental needs to those around me. By the time I was out of college this left me with no real career path, no desire to use my degree, a long list of bad relationships, and very few true friends. I also had a very destructive habit of allowing my self to be emotionally used by women until they “found the right guy” to move on to. I became very good at finding excuses and blaming others for my incredible self-neglect. I refused to take care of myself. I had it in my mind that if I emptied myself enough, and berated myself enough I would find peace and holiness. This left me frustrated, angry at God, and jaded as to what “healthy” really was. I was a mess–physically, mentally, and spiritually. Worst of all though this left me with a very unstable anxiety disorder that I thought I could never beat me.

This downward spiral got to its worst point last July in 2014. I was working a dead-end job, frustrated at my boss, and it was starting to take a toll on the rest of my life. I hadn’t set foot in church for over 2 years, and had yet to say a good word to God in over 3. On top of all of this, my latest relationship was about to go down in flames, with what I thought was the “perfect woman” and the first person I really loved. In the midst of being another emotional stepping stone for a woman, I broke. In the past I would shrug off the bad relationships after the woman would break the news to me she had found another man. This time was different. She had found a new man, my best friend. I had nothing left. My anxiety overtook me, and my self-neglect hit its worst point.

I tried driving back to my best friend’s place to try to patch things up and beg for them to “take me back” like things were before. I hated myself at this point. I hated my life and everything I had become. In a moment of both incredible weakness and grace, in tears, I screamed that if God was really there that He better step in now. I tried to drive my car into a street light two times going 65 MPH. After the second attempt, and coming within inches of the pole, I knew I needed help immediately. By nothing short of God’s grace, I made it to the hospital alive and uninjured physically. On July 27th 2014, I knew my life would never be the same again. I spent the next 48 hours without a second of sleep wrestling with God and my emotions. I had no idea why He had helped me.

The next few months were characterized as a hard-reset on my life. I moved from south Denver, cut all ties to social media, and all contact with everyone I knew but one friend and my family. I quit my dead-end job, got a seasonal job doing aerations for a landscape company, and made some new friends. Slowly and steadily I got my feet entirely back under me and moved back down to Broomfield with my only friend Andrew, and his girlfriend Kelly. I continued to get help for my anxiety, and began to feel like I had a chance at having a life I could be proud of. And for the first time in over 27 years of being alive, I began to finally accept myself. I was making new friends, started running, and was losing a lot of weight with my new job.

In December of 2015 after living in Broomfield for a few months, I had began to work a new (less psychically demanding) job. After gaining back some weight over the next 2 months, and losing some more friends again, I saw myself going into old patterns. My emotions and anxiety were still in check thankfully. After having another woman use me as a stepping stone in late January, I decided something had to change for good. I spent 2 months trying to run indoors and stay as active as I could. I remembered some friends of mine talking about CrossFit the year before, and one of them finding immense peace in the midst of her divorce. I figured what I have I got to lose?!

I started looking around for gyms, and mentioned to my friend Kelly that I wanted to start doing CrossFit. She lit up and said she had a classmate, Lisa, that went to a gym just up the road called MBS. I got the contact info from her, looked at the site, and just decided why not. I was terrified though. I showed up in late March on a Thursday night. Emilee greeted me warmly, happily showed me around, and I even stayed to watch Coach Ben and Grant face off for one of the CrossFit Open workouts. If I had any idea that this night would have been the beginning of the rest of my life, I would have stopped in for that tour year ago.

When I showed up for my first workout, I was nervous. Pat gave us the low down, had us work through some basic movements, and showed us a small workout. He approached me after class and said I had good form, and encouraged me to get plugged in right away with the free week. I came into my first CF1 class, hopped on a rower, and never looked back. The most amazing thing for me that first night though, was the fact that for the first time in my 28 years of life I had finally found silence. My mind was quite. My body was screaming after having just done an AMRAP of air squats and row for calories, my face was smiling, but my mind was silent. It was in that silence that I was truly hooked.

We all do CrossFit for various reasons. We all love it. But most of all, we have all grown to appreciate and desire it to balance an aspect of our life that would otherwise be chaotic. For some of us it is a physical chaos. For me it was mental and spiritual chaos. The physical benefits are just a byproduct. Many of you have noticed a physical change in me, and I want to thank you for the congratulations and encouragement. But I also want to let it be known that for many of us, we are working on shedding emotional weight and baggage–years upon years of it. It is in this shedding of baggage that I have began to finally find balance in my life again. Many of you have heard or seen me give out some grunts, or run out that last 100m as a full sprint. At this moment I truly find peace in life. At the end of a workout when you are in those last few reps, and when your body is broken, this is where my mind gets truly quite and I can just exist–happy and content. If we reap what we sow, I have finally began to sow peace, balance, self-acceptance, faith, and hope into my life again. Every day at MBS, I am less like an old grey donkey and more like a lion.

To MBS staff, coaches, and the community I have this to say: thank you. Everyone shows up to your gym for completely different reasons. But remember that even though most of us have a smile on our face when we do, some of us aren’t smiling on the inside. When I walked through that door the first day, the last thing I expected to find was the acceptance, love, and community that I did. Encourage each other daily, and remember that we are all their for our Mind, Body, and Soul. After all, we reap what we sow!

Wil and Pam Nation Share Their Story

ab8386e2-1adf-4111-b4f7-1838ae18ed7fWil and I were approached by our niece, Andrea, to attend her Cardio-Flex class this last November. I was very hesitant (scared) because we have been to enough of her competitions to know how hard she works. We had gotten away from going to the gym several years ago and were mainly riding bikes and walking the dog as daily activities. Andrea assured me this class was perfect for us rookies. We decided to attend as way to support her and to have more time with her. Little did we know we would get hooked. We now LOVE Cross Fit and the improvements to our life that have come as a result of attending many of the classes at MBS.

Wil and I have both benefited from the increase in energy, better flexibility and agility. We feel like the hands of time have moved backwards 15+ years. We are both feeling great and actually have grown to like the sore muscles because it means progress. Ok maybe not “like” but understand the benefits of it all. We really had no idea how fun it would be. We both spent many years in the gym. We actually met at Bally’s about 25 years ago. We have really enjoyed being part of the MBS family, are now also attending some CF1 classes. Everyone, instructors as well as other members have been so very encouraging and helpful and we are blessed to be part of the family

Kevin Stephenson Shares His Story

Four years ago I was in bad shape. I was over 300 lbs, hadn’t exercised in 20 years, and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I’d been ignoring warnings for a while, but some of the symptoms I experienced with full-blown uncontrolled diabetes convinced me that I needed to change.

Fortunately, I found a good doctor (Ali Nickell at Tri-County Medical in Erie) who gave me good advice. She convinced me to make some basic diet changes, and she told me to start going to MBS CrossFit. She was also doing CrossFit at MBS at the time, and knew I needed a supportive group environment, a structured workout, and coaches who could help me along the way.

Being obese and trying to do CrossFit is hard. When I started 3 years ago, I couldn’t do a single pushup the right way. I’d need a break after attempting 5 of anything. I was sometimes so sore after a workout that it would take me a full week to recover. There were days I needed crutches just to get around. However, I made it my goal to walk back into MBS as soon as I could walk again. I didn’t care what moves we were doing, how many reps I could do, or how much weight I could lift. My goal was just to walk through the door. I knew the rest would come in time. I stayed in the CF1 / Skills class for about 6 months before trying a regular class with the big kids, and I’ve drifted in and out of the CF1 / Skills classes several times since then.

The coaches at MBS have been invaluable to me. I continually rely on their expertise for helping me modify workouts to fit my ability. My lack of experience and ability also makes me prone to do something the wrong way and get hurt, so I rely on their critique of my form. In 3 years, I’ve made significant improvements and have had no injuries from CrossFit, and I credit this to excellent coaches. The encouragement I’ve received from my fellow athletes has been very motivating to me as well. I love the community at MBS – people pushing each other, cheering each other, usually mixed in with some hilariously inappropriate sexual context. It’s the people at MBS that have changed my attitude toward exercising from something I dread to something I actually look forward to.

My goal in all of this has been to get rid of my diabetes. About a year ago, one of the athletes at MBS challenged me to take another step toward this goal and try a 30 day diet called Whole30. I figured I was ready for another step and needed the structure and 100% commitment of something like Whole30 to make it happen. I didn’t cheat for 30 days and had incredible results. I lost 24 lbs even though I ate well, and actually felt good and full of energy in the last couple of weeks of the challenge. This was a huge turning point for my diabetes, and brought my sugars down to the point where I didn’t need to take meds any more. I’ve since repeated this challenge once every 3 months.

In June of this year I passed a huge milestone. I had my 3rd consecutive normal A1C measurement without any medication. This was my doctor’s criteria for removing diabetes from my current diagnoses. Different doctors have different opinions of whether diabetes is “cured”, put in remission, or just treated through diet and exercise, but this is a huge milestone for me either way! I’m now down 75 lbs from my peak, am having fun doing things I never thought I’d do again (handstands, playing on the rings, climbing ropes), and am able to enjoy my life much better than I could before. I still have a ways to go for my health, but it’s fun to celebrate successes, and this has been a big one for me.

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Claiming your Successes

James killing it at the Deuce.

James killing it at the Deuce.


We are just about at our 3 month mark since opening MBS CrossFit in Arvada. We’ve been having a great time meeting new faces and introducing more folks to CrossFit. One new face in the evening is James. He has been a regular for the past 7 weeks and has seen some very awesome results. Thanks to hitting the workouts consistently 3-4 times a week and making some important diet changes, James has just about lost 20 lbs. since starting CrossFit. Getting rid of 20 lbs that just “sits” on you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, is a dramatic CHANGE! Can you imagine.

Awesome work James. Keep up the good work.

This is what we are here for. These are the stories I love to see and want to keep on seeing! Changing our lives through CrossFITNESS!!


November AOTM Erin C.

Mount Bierstadt

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 120lbs
Career: Mechanical Engineer
Favorite CF movement: Deadlifts and rope climbs. I can lift the heaviest weight with deadlifts, and rope climbs are something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do with injuries. I recently got those and am stoked!
Most hated CF movement:Snatches – any overhead weight is difficult for me
How long have you been CrossFitting? Since January 2013

What were your athletic endeavors prior to CF?
I have always been the athletic/competitive type and grew up playing tennis, soccer, field hockey, basketball, and golf.  Soccer was my primary sport and I played competitively in indoor and outdoor city leagues. When I was 14, my doctor noted I had developed slight Scoliosis (curvature of the spinal column). In December of 2001, only four months later, the curvature increased so quickly I had no choice but to have surgery. Over Christmas break I had a spinal fusion and 14″ long titanium rods put in. Recovery was a year of PT, doctors visits, and laying extremely low.  I was able to get back into sports, but it was much harder due to the limited mobility the rods gave me.  Due to complications, the rods were removed three years later (my spine is still fused), and I went back to sports again after 6 months of PT.  Eventually, the constant overuse of my back ended up getting me a  “no impact/no sport” exercise restriction as the discs above and below the fusion started degenerating. Major pain!!  That prompted the next four years of pathetically boring sessions on an elliptical until the pain went away.   


What got you into CF? 
Tina from one of my favorite blogs, Carrots N’ Cake, does CF and frequently mentions how competitive it is and that it can be modified to any physical level.  The workouts seemed crazy and I was dying to have that kind of intensity back!  After explaining my situation in a few emails, I went to a free CF workout and was instantly hooked. No more boring elliptical!

Any goals or goats, athletic or otherwise you’re working on right now? 

CF has improved my back pain more than anything else I’ve tried in the past. The focus on controlled movement and core strength have given me back the ability to run, jump, and has increased my flexibility. My only goal is to continue what I’m doing and keep seeing positive results.

Give us some insight into your life outside the gym. 
Random facts I guess..

  • I met my husband Scott our senior year in high school and we’ve been married for almost 4 years now
  • I’ve been going to Flatirons Community Church since 2007 and have noticed that MBS is like the unofficial CF hub of FCC’ers
  • Outside the gym I’m a complete nerd (hence my job): video games, books, board games, computers… I’m a techie
  • There are way too many food blogs bookmarked on my internet browser…

Paleo, Gluten free, Whole 30 or do you eat whatever you want?
I don’t follow any particular diet, but I do eat pretty clean: lean meats, fruits/veggies, nuts, and somewhat limit breads/pastas/desserts/starchy carbs. I’m never one to pass up frozen yogurt or dark chocolate, especially the 90-100% stuff that everyone says is too bitter.

Dog person or Cat person?
Both! I never had a pet growing up, so any animal in the house is fine by me! Scott and I currently have a cat named Salami, but we’ve been talking about getting a Golden Retriever puppy once our jobs are closer to home.


October Athlete of the Month Mandy S.

Congratulations October AOTM: Mandy S. 

A regular go-getter in the Women’s Only class, Mandy has made extraordinary gains in her short time at MBS. Her attitude and perseverance are contagious. Plus she’s just a badass.


Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 127
Career: Operations Manager for Software Consulting Company
Favorite CF movement:  Hand stand pushups, front squats, back squats
Most hated CF movement:  Wall Balls & Burpees
How long have you been CrossFitting? Almost 9 months

What got you into CF?
My husband, Ryan.  He doesn’t do CF, but we have friends who CF in other states who have been telling me for years, I would absolutely love CF.  I was getting very bored with the ordinary gym routine, but I was a bit intimidated by CF…after watching the games on youtube and all. Despite my intimidation, my husband researched the various local boxes and decided that MBS was the best!  He even drove me to MBS to check it out.  I started onramp the next week.
What were your athletic endeavors prior to CF?
I’ve never really been the “athletic” girl.  A few years of soccer as a kid, and cheerleading in high school, but that’s about as athletic as I got.   Until I saw my 35th bday on the horizon…  I was the heaviest I’d ever been, felt terrible and very depressed about it all.  That’s when I went on a search for my inner athlete.  I started running, cycling, and lifting.  After one year, I had lost 60 lbs!  But I can honestly say that I never “felt” like an athlete until now!  Crossfit has helped me feel capable and strong.
Any goals or goats, athletic or otherwise you’re working on right now? Endurance, because I Suck!
Give us some insight into your life outside the gym.
Very happily married to my HS sweetheart, Ryan. He is my greatest supporter in everything I do!  We have three very busy kids.  Tori (16) is very active in the HS Drama dept.  Jacob (14) is an international Judo competitor.  Ethan (10) plays football and soccer.  And of course we love the Broncos!
Paleo, Gluten free, Whole 30 or do you eat whatever you want?
Paleo 80/20 + chocolate & wine 🙂
Dog person or Cat person?
Both – we have a house full!

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
Yeah, no.

September Athlete of the Month: Michael K.


Michael K

You’ve seen in mostly in the lunch time classes.  He’s the guy who unceremoniously rips through the WOD boasting some of the best times and scores on the white board.  He’s Michael K. and he’s MBS September AOTM.

Height:5′ 11″
Weight:  175
Career: I am the Chief Financial Officer for the coolest church on the planet, Flatirons Community Church.
Favorite CF movement:  Pistols
Most hated CF movement:  Muscle Ups until I get my first one and then it will revert back to Overhead Squats which were invented by the Devil.

How long have you been CrossFitting?  About 9 months at MBS and for a couple of years before that at my Rec Center where I got really weird looks.

What got you into CF?  More like “Who” got me into CrossFit?  That would be my good friend Scott Nickell.  We did a CrossFit workout together up at a church staff retreat in the mountains and I was hooked from Day 1 and never looked back.

What were your athletic endeavors prior to CF?  Typical high school stuff: baseball, football and track.  Although track was not my favorite.  You run all the time.

Any goals or goats, athletic or otherwise you’re working on right now?  Well, I turn 50 in a couple of months so I would like to enter some Masters Competitions.  Pat promised me that this year MBS was going to host the biggest, baddest Masters Competition in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Really, he promised me that…

Give us some insight into your life outside the gym. Well, I have four kids, ages 10,9, 20 months and 5 months and they the biggest joy of my life.  My son Cody is 10 and loves baseball so my summer is consumed by baseball tournaments.  My daughter Ellie Jo is nine and loves gymnastics so we have gymnastic meets in the backyard.  She always wins because she’s bends in ways that are not physically possible for me.  My youngest son Charlie and I are best buddies because, to a toddler, his dad is Superman and I like being Superman.  My little girl is Ruby and she is just so darn cute.  She takes after her Mom.  Before children, my wife and I hiked, mountain biked and snow boarded.  Eventually, I will get back to doing those things or so I tell myself…
Other than my wife and children, I love my job at Flatirons.  I’ve been there 12 years and one of my favorite parts of my job is helping folks with their finances.  So, if any MBS members need some confidential financial help with budgeting, investing, etc. please let me know! (You don’t have to put that in there but I really would like to help other MBS folks.  It’s really one of the few things I’m pretty good at).

What’s your favorite non paleo food?  I eat a bowl of Grape-Nuts every night before bed.  I’ve been doing that for at least the last twenty years.  I’m kind of a creature of habit.  And I love a warm home-made peach cobbler with vanilla Blue Bell ice cream on top.

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?  I haven’t even told my wife that.


MBS August AOTM Gaby L.

Champs May 4th & 5th May Madness 2013 002















Gaby L. is a member of the Stars 99 softball team and has been training at MBS for almost a year now to enhance her softball skills.  Gaby’s dedication recently earned her Athletic of the Year from her school. From Gaby’s Mom:

First of all I wanted to tell you at the beginning of 8th grade Gaby said “Mom at the end of the year at Continuation they give out this award Athletic of the Year I want that award… that award is mine!” I told her you will have to work hard all year…

I wanted to share with you some of the speech that the Athletic teacher Ms. Kendal, gave at Gaby’s school while presenting Gaby with the “Athletic of the Year” award during the Continuation Ceremony. Ms. Kendal does CrossFit so she can relate to Gaby and what Gaby was talking about when they would get together and talk about their WOD, how sore they were, how to stretch and all that other stuff cross fitters talk about! She said Gaby was “rare” and that she thought it to be rare for someone Gaby’s age to be so interested and determined to change. Ms. Kendal said she watched Gaby from the beginning of her CrossFitting, last year. After a month or so she stated to notice the change in Gaby, her weight, her balance, her strength, her endurance and even her speed had improved. She said she had an “edge” and Gaby had soooooo many questions about nutrition. She noticed at the softball, volleyball, and basketball games that Gaby had an “EDGE” over the other players! She said she felt CrossFit had given Gaby that EDGE. She said they talked Cross fit all the time and she knew Gaby was determined. She said Gaby would tell her; jokingly “MBS Cross Fit was better because they had better instructors, they don’t mess around”! She would always invite her to come to MBS. Any way… I think Gaby will be a Cross fitter forever. It is one of the best things that have ever happened to her and she loves it. Thank you both for your support in helping Gaby reach her goal. She did it she got the award she had been working all year long for and Cross Fit played a big part.

Height:5′ 3 1/2″
Weight:160 lbs.
Career: Beginning my freshman year at Wheatridge High School. In the future I want to be a professional athlete and study sports medicine
Favorite CF movement: back squats, squats and wall hand stands
Most hated CF movement: burpees!
How long have you been CrossFitting? since 2012; almost be a year.

What got you into CF?
Some generous, wonderful sponsors paid for a big chunk of our team’s membership. Coach Kale signed up our whole softball team so we could get fit for the up coming softball season.

What were your athletic endeavors prior to CF?
I worked out to Insanity almost everyday, played, softball, volleyball, and basketball at school and I played softball with the CO Stars 99. I also caught for several different pitchers at the Baseball/Softball Academy and I had hitting/practice lessons twice a week.

Any goals or goats, athletic or otherwise you’re working on right now?
Kicking Cancers A$$!  On July 10th I was pre-diagnosed with Leukemia and July 12th I was diagnosed with APML which a rare form of Leukemia. There is treatment and a CURE. The road won’t be easy but…APML has not met Gaby Loya I will fight and I will WIN! I have been powered by MBS CrossFit too, thanks to Coach Kane. The Doctors said doing CrossFit and being an athlete will play in huge role in my fight and recovery. Here I thought Coach Kane was kicking my a$$ and getting me ready to fight for a spot on the varsity softball team little did I know I would be fighting this!

Give us some insight into your life outside the gym.
Before the “cancer curve ball” I went to softball practice, softball tournaments, almost anything softball, school sports, played in the school band, training, family events, hanging with my friends. And now I say “Life threw me a curve ball and….I’m going to knock it out the park!”  I think about my future and I will soon be able to look back on this “curve ball”.

What’s your favorite non paleo food?
Dairy Queen!

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?
By brother Vic makes these spring rolls. They are good but they are weird!

What’s your favorite summertime activity?
Anything softball.

Ski or snowboard?

Cat person or dog person?

What advice would you give to a new CrossFitter?
You are about to get your a$$ kicked!  Don’t quit! At first it will not be that hard. But after you learn the workout movements and start to do WOD’s it will start to get harder. Don’t give up no matter how much you want to.  You don’t want to quit because you want to have that satisfaction you feel when you are done with the workout. If you quit you will regret it! Look at the people around you and see that they are not going to quit so YOU don’t quit. When you don’t quit it brings you up to another level. You feel like you have accomplished your goal. There will be times when you feel like you have gotten your a$$ kicked. Get used to it! Go hard or go home! Motivate yourself, I would listen to my favorite music real loud while my parents drove me to MBS. It helped to motivate me and get my mind set. Hang in there and at the end you will be able to call yourself a proud member of MBS CrossFit. You will get to the point where you will crave working out. It got to the point where I craved working out. I could taste it!

***Visit to learn more about Gaby and to donate to her fight.



July AOTM: Suzanne S. The S should stand for She-Beast.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of getting a WOD in with Suzanne, allow us to describe what a typical encounter would be like.  She bounces into the gym with her blonde locks all tied up on top of her head.  Her laughter is contagious and her smile is as bright as the sun.  She’s a sweetheart in the truest sense of the word, so much so that it’s disarming.  Then… 3, 2, 1 GO!  She’s kicking your ass in the workout.  Working faster and lifting heavier.  Who the heck is this woman???? She’s MBS’ July AOTM.













Height: 5’4″ (I’m a shorty!)
Weight: Wait, what??!! Sorry, but I don’t even have that info right now!
Career: I used to be a Post-Production Supervisor for a production company in NY under the Sony Music umbrella. Now I’m a “taxi-driver” for my kids and the COO of the ‘Steinhauer Empire’.
Favorite CF movement: I love lifting and get really excited – maybe too excited when going for a 1RM, but I’d rather push it too much than not enough! I also like thrusters because they’re a 2-for-1 movement.
Most hated CF movement: L Sits and chest-to-bar, actually, everything ‘bar-related’! The bar is a big goat!
How long have you been CrossFitting? A little over a year.

What got you into CF? More like “Who got me into CF”, why ‘Johnny Mod’ of course! He kept on me for months to try it and said ‘I would love it’ – and, yes, he was right! (Just this one time!)

What were your athletic endeavors prior to CF? Growing up I danced, then out of college started running and worked out in regular gyms.

Any goals or goats, athletic or otherwise you’re working on right now? Always working on goals! CF is great because there is always something else you can strive for or improve upon – I am always finding myself humbled and elated from one day to the next!

Give us some insight into your life outside the gym. As you may or may not know, I am married to ‘Johnny Mod’ or ‘Tall John’, as he is also known. He is a wonderful husband, father and my best friend. He is my biggest supporter! We have 2 beautiful daughters, Juliet & Holly, ages 14 & 12. Juliet has already surpassed me in height by 4″, Holly will pass me any day now! Guess they take after John! I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with the girls as John does a fair amount of traveling for work and we are former East Coasters with all of our family back in NY. The girls keep us busy with their activities, namely basketball, which we very much enjoy watching! We have a new addition to our family now, a crazy french bull dog named Kona.

You and your hubby are always in the gym together. Who is tougher, you or him? LOL, I think there is a photo of us that answers that question! I’m more flexible (and considerably shorter), so certain movements are easier, but he is definitely stronger than I am. Shirley, John did not like this question! 🙂

What’s your favorite non paleo food? WINE! Although technically, not exactly a food. However, I feel as though WINE would be Paleo if the caveman had had a larger brain and could have figured out how to make it! It’s just grapes after all and they’re Paleo, right?

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? Oh, it was weird. John actually woke me out of it as I was making whimpering noises. I’ll keep it short, but I was seriously visited by the spirit/ghost of my best friend’s (from childhood) mom. We had gone separate ways – just life stuff and I had not spoken to her in years. I had this freaky dream where her mom came to my house but appeared to be ‘on the other side’/no longer among the living. I looked up my old friend’s number the next morning and called her after all these years and caught up with each others lives and then asked how her mom was, and she told me that her mom had passed away a few years back. She was convinced her mom visited me to re-connect us and to relay a message

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