November = Turkey Challenge Month!

Workout of the Day

Push Press 5×5 Performed Every 2:00 on the Clock working to a Heavy Set of 5.
*Record Heaviest set of 5.

For Time:
800 Meter Run
30 Clean and Jerks
800 Meter Run

RX: 135/95
L2: 115/75
L1: 95/65 or Less

Booty/Hamstring Accessory:
Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift 3×10
*Set 1: Light/ Set 2: Medium/ Set 3: Heavy
*Plates do not touch Floor once set starts.
*Record Weight for Heavy Set of 10.


Happy Halloween! Aiden and Dean at the Eerie Erie last weekend

Workout of the Day

Strength: 12 Minutes to Find a Max for Squat Complex
1 Tempo Back Squat+ 1 1&1/4 Back Squat+ 1 Back Squat
*Tempo is 3 Seconds Down, 3 Seconds in Bottom, Fast up.
*1&1/4 Instructional Video Here
*Record Heaviest weight used for complex

King Kong
3 RFT:
1 Deadlift 455/320
2 Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring)
Squat Cleans 250/175
*If Scaled Barbell Weights should be AHAP and Gymnastic movements should be the most challenging variation the athlete can perform.


Coach Scott at the Dallas Ultra Spartan Race this past weekend

Workout of the Day

Tempo Dumbbell Chest Supported Row 4×10
*Tempo is Fast Up, 3 Second Hold and Squeeze at the top, and 3 Seconds Down.
*Record Heaviest Weight for Strength

10 RFT
15 American KBS 53/35
15 Straight Leg Abmat Sit Ups

Barbell Rollouts 5×10 135/95
*Scaling would be using an Ab Roller instead of the Barbell.
*Not Scored


Iron Sharpens Iron Event at the Hangar

Workout of the Day

Strength: 25 Minute Cap
Bench Press 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
*Between each set perform 10 Band Pull Aparts with a light band.
*The goal is to build up to a Heavy Single, while keeping each set before the last challenging but Non-Maximal
*Record weight for Heavy Single

12 Minute EMOM For Burpee Reps
10 Wallballs
Max Effort Burpees for the rest of the Minute

RX+: 30/20
RX: 20/14
L2: 14/10
L1: 10/6

Upper Body Accessory:
Tempo Dumbbell Fly’s 3×10- Light Dumbbells
*Tempo is 3 Seconds Up and 3 Seconds Down
*Not Scored



Workout of the Day

1. Workout
100 American KBS 53/35
100 DB Push Press 50/30
100 Wall balls 20/14

*Score is time.

*1 Partner works on the movements above while the other partner does a plate carry (Anyhow) to the grass and back. Once the trip is made partners rotate. It is 100 Reps at each movement accumulated between partners.

2. Cashout/Cooldown
Group stretch


Walking Lunges

Workout of the Day

1. Strength
5 Rounds
10 Back Squats (Add Weight each round to achieve a 10RM)
100 Meter Sprint (Right away)
3:00 Rest (And add weight)

*Score is 10RM Back Squat, Emphasis on a lot of effort on the 100 Meter Sprints.

2. Workout
200 Total Walking Lunges (bodyweight or weighted athletes choice.)

3. Cashout/Cooldown
Group stretch


Strong Mama

Workout of the Day

1. Workout
8 Round Tabata’s of:
Banded Strict Pull Ups (Everybody is Banded, the strength of band used should reflect proficiency)
1:00 Rest
Dips (Use bar and/or bands if not proficient)
1:00 Rest
Dumbbell Row (Switch Arms each Interval)
1:00 Rest
Med Ball Push Ups (Knees are ok)
*Score Total Reps Completed for all movements.

2. Strength
Part 1:
Reverse Grip BB Row 3×10
*Score Weight

Part 2:
Barbell Row 3×10
*Score Weight


Barbell Strength Class

Workout of the Day

1. Strength
5 Rounds on the 2:30 Clock
10 Bulgarian Split Squats/ Leg
*All Sets unbroken, no break from leg to leg besides needed foot transition.
*May add weight in any way if ROM and technique are proficient.
*Record Heaviest Set for Strength Portion.

2. Workout
Partner Elizabeth(ish)
21 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
21 Ring Dips
15 Hang Squat Cleans
15 Dips
9 Squat Cleans
9 Dips

*Partner 1 Completes all the Cleans, then rests as partner 2 does all the cleans, then partner one does dips while partner 2 rests etc. 1 Partner works at a time. Ideally equipment is shared. Different Barbells may be used if needed.

Cashout: 400 Meter Partner Farmer Carry (Trade as needed) 53/35

*Score for Metcon is total time to complete partner Elizabeth AND the Farmer Carry.

3. Cashout/Cooldown
3 Rounds NFT
15 BB Good Morning 45/35
15 Z-Press 45/35


All the wallballs

Workout of the Day

1. Workout

On a Continuous 18:00 Clock
From 0:00-4:00
5 Minute EMOM 1 Rope Climb
RX+- Legless
RX- With feet
L2- Attempt that is halfway or more
L1- 2-3 Rope Pulls

From 5:00-13:00
8 Minute AMRAP of Wallballs 14#/10#
Every Drop or Stopped Set has a BACKWARDS Jog on Tarmac Penalty (Down and back) before returning to wallballs.

*There is a one minute rest before the Second Rope Climb EMOM

From 14:00-18:00
5 Minute EMOM 1 Rope Climb

RX+- Legless
RX- With feet
L2- Attempt that is halfway or more
L1- 2-3 Rope Pulls

*Score is # of Wallball Reps. Also Record the most difficult Rope Climb Style accomplished in Notes.

2. Cashout/Cooldown
Athletes Choice Tabata Between:
Double Under/ Jump Rope Practice
Handstand Skill (Walking, HSPU, Kicking up etc.)
Sandbag G2O